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    Rendering on the coast. OCR?

    I can’t get it all off enough to look great and also it looks old fashioned compared to the rest of the street.
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    Rendering on the coast. OCR?

    Hi there I’m attempting to render the mullions of this house and the Yorkshire stone. I really want to use Weber ocr but am a bit worried it’s not the right product over the stone. I’m going to bead, mesh and bond it too. Do you think it’s the right product to use or would you just use something...
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    Long time no post

    Hi there. Did you use 2 coats of Weber OCR for the mullions or anything under it? I’m about to do a similar job on the mullions and also wanted to use OCR on them and the wall to cover Yorkshire stone but I sure if it’s suitable? I’m new to it so a bit nervous.