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    Quote wanted

    board and 2 coat.
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    The big launch (2)

    If it sticks first time, easy to cut, and a dream to coat. Forget it. Some of these boys only use 151 or black spur.
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    Plastering Cost for a 3 Bed Semi-Detached

    £40m² after you do.the paper removal as a base coat. Will flucuaye either way.
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    Best way to build up s/c render thickness?

    Once dried, pva and 4:1 up to 12/15mm and leave a scratch.
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    Hello all. What to buy next.

    Good to know onr of you of you of the forum so far does not souns like a knob. Simply a few questions ro.keep me busy at home during the lockdown
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    What would you do here

    To me, the window.was bought too small. Either a mis measurement or special deal on someone elses mis measure. Everyrhing is sitting behind.the window line, i wouls foam and clad qith some 70mm pvc facing. I assume its weather right buy simply looks bad?
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    Hello all. What to buy next.

    Hello. Complete novice. Over the years have used a few 11inch trowels for patching roughcast, floating concreting etc But when it came to some drywall amd plaster l would say they have too small for me. I had a go at plastering a wall im puting french doors in this week as needed the bead to...