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    Another stolen machine

    the hard sad facts are it happens to us all, we get complacent when on job sites, more so when there a while and always think things are fine !!!!, but others are also watching from afar, security guards on site are often in on the deal,
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    Ritmo start up problem

    yes, winding down for the week, waiting on the beer cooling its been busy, thought I would pop in for a wee hello first tinny due to get popped, so back to whatsapp for me
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    tracker do a non wired unit, with a battery life of 5 years, cast about £250, a small price to pay if you ask me also rem trading 0117-942 3650/0746652087, rewire security tracker plastic waterproofed or can get a magnetic cover, £40, stick it inside the machine job done can use this gadget...
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    Ritmo start up problem

    firstly, what material are you using, if silicone e-grade increase the water on start up and add the powder slower, you might just be too used to the clampable which is more expandable than the f&f secondly, why not whack it back up to les and have him change the wiring to make it go the other...
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    pft g5

    all thought i would pop on for a nosey!!! looks like i should visit more often, might be too late for this posting noticed a few mentions of my name and would if I can comment there is nothing wrong with the machine, the guy who used it before well looked after it, so much so that I wrote on the...
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    not needed my old china, tried that at the weekend and it never helped, if anything maybe jammed up the gear, ran the stuff again this morning, straight through no probs. think there has been some scare mongering going on see below for the trial results
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    thermocromex postin in the lime render section guys, material wizzed through the standard equipment, water demand was low so would want to change the float otherwise no problems, i am going to work with the applicator on this one on site and will upload my findings later
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    thermocromex this material sprayed no problem through the standard G5 with a D6-3 R&S, floor screed shaft worked the best, and also a diesel geni (20kva). would consider changing the float to the alloy one for better control, water was approx 225lts, dont think there should be any issues with...
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    les you or anybody else used this material, got a lad up here looking to start a job with it and need some help here, think he might have sprayed it a few years ago with a utiform. i was trying to get it through over the week end, d6=3 wont touch it, starts okayish, but goes belly up soon...
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    e grade

    all, e- grade just loves the machine, and any of the above formulas will work, (each to thier own) I use the D 7/2.5 (purple) and it wizzes it, and will pump all day long, great to work with, just dont over work it or it will start to slide,(then thats the problem) dont try to spray onto...
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    Spraying hp 12

    well thanks mate, I hear you talk about it, thought lets give it a go
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    Spraying hp 12

    guys i am kinda new to this forum and dont get too much time to help with advice, yes hp12 sprays no problem, just run it a little softer than normal, as steveo says it does pick up quick, better to spray in smaller quants and trowel up, i think k-rend have changed the formula a little as it...