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    Plasterers Solutions ltd

    We are supplying but in small qtys, want to make sure its taken seriously as we have confidence in our product or we wouldn't of gone thru all the time, hard work and expense to put a product out there. Watch this space.
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    Plasterers Solutions ltd

    Why would we need make good plaster, if its that good why would you give it to me i don't need it, thank you happy with my own.
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    Plasterers Solutions ltd

    Give it a go, have some confidence that it will do what you need it to do
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    Plasterers Solutions ltd

    Good morning all, if any of you guys would like free samples of our finish plaster to try it out, as feedback will be greatly appreciated, dont hesitate to drop by and pick a few bags up. B33 0td Birmingham.
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    Plasterers Solutions ltd

    To all on this forum, been quiet for a while as been busy supplying our atiskan boards and now our finish plaster in our own brand as promised, so now you can all see its not out of date stock, old make good rebranded, we kept to our word and here it is.
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    Thinking of buying a spray machine to spray multi any advice?

    Try Ryan at P1 plasteters 1 stop, he's got all you'll need
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    I’m a Courior live in Birmingham have been delivering plaster an plaster boards for a company in Birmingham

    So let's get this right, we've spent time and a lot of effort getting a product put in to place to supply the guys on these forums, the one man bands, the people that are getting stitched up by stupid prices on ebay, what happened to giving the small companies abit of recognition for having a...
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    Plasterers Solutions

    We've seen the demand and shortage for multifinish plaster, especially after the polish plaster that gave any other suppliers a bad vote, we, at plasterers Solutions sent multifinish out to our factory, they took it to Thier lab and tore it apart, seen how it was made and replicated it, as to...