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    No architrave question

    You can also buy a door lining that is to be ‘plastered in’ its a metal frame with perforated edge around, board or float upto then skim over the edge for a seamless finish. We did some on some alteration work for a customer and they came out nice
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    The new P1 - Plastering Superstore website

    Ryan do you stock apu render beads/Window reveal bead? I can’t find any your links? Thanks
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    Getting a bit more on

    you couldn’t afford it bud
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    Getting a bit more on

    I don’t have to work like that either but it’s 6/7 bags a day. Don’t get me wrong I have had days I used a bag and earnt same money. I work for myself tho not some shark so if I want to put abit more on I just make more money. I’m happy with what I earn tho. I’ve never stepped foot on site in my...
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    Getting a bit more on

    I ain’t stupid mate I ain’t site bashing I do private stuff for small builders just sites of few houses at a time. I’m getting very good money thanks and affording to leave a good standard. Just watching these videos makes you realise there are people Turing that out daily can’t be right and I...
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    Getting a bit more on

    These lads doing 290sqm in ‘one hit’ so two gauges a day doing about 580sqm. Nearly 200 each per day. Aint having that. We’re doing 2 bed house which is 280m in 2 days/4gauges. Think if we put some citrate in we could do upstairs on the morning and downstairs on afternoon but would be 2 4/5 hour...
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    Getting a bit more on

    Was just looking through the Instagram page of these ‘3 brothers plastering’ to be fair there work looks bang on, the one video 29 bags one hit, you can see it one hit way it’s setting. I’ve worked with some lads that r quick and can put fair bit on, especially if it’s all plain or big ceilings...
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    First paying Venetian wall

    Jumping on this thread but has anyone used any “tadelakt plaster” seems similar to the Venetian. Thinking of having a go at home in ensuite as looking for other options than tiles, wall panels, for no grout lines. Watched abit of a video and seems easy enough, used plenty of lime products, so...
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    String course/brick slip

    Does anyone know to or used a like brick slip/tile that can be bedded onto the brickwork/blockwork to add some detail? Customer wants top half of a extension rendered and rather than finishing down to a stop bead thought a detail band would look good, only other way is form something I suppose...
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    False floor?

    Got mine racked out on one side with a shelf across that can take out, get about 23 8x4’s under that flat. Most the time leave the shelf out as only carrying skim and tools
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    Finish with speedskim

    I finish ceilings with the pf blade just save getting on hop up and takes 2 mins with pole attachment
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    Looking for advice

    Just a mistype whilst replying to your dribble. At a guess that’s got to be a rental as nobody would live in a house that bad in this day and age. Your damp wall isn’t going to be much good with some bonding over it.- You can have that one for free
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    Looking for advice

    No 9 a to c sorry the 2 shouldn’t have been there
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    Looking for advice

    What’s your profession then may I ask? As we are all thick as f**k maybe your in a highly skilled professional position, therefore afford the services of a decent plasterer that can carry out the much needed work on your s**t hole crack den house you have. May I add I have 9 GCSEs 2 a-c. Went...
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    Sage green windows

    Not keen on the green but I’ve done a few last few years. Johnstones nustone & helium. Against the green cladding was nu stone
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    I’ve found that with this pure finish, I have only flattened the roughing on, kept the laying down really tidy and it hardly takes any work then
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    Sent you direct message mate
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    We had bg come back to us today and the finish that was tested failed to meet there standards and was not acceptable. We have had a compensation agreed. They have been very helpful, paul has been out twice also offering any future problems to just get in touch saying they are here to help. Can’t...
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    We have boarded (tacked and dabbed, 15mm boards). It’s not just one area, that pic was just to show ceiling was pretty flat after speedskim, run internal trowel round and just tidying up round edges about to start troweling. there’s 3 of us and we all got slightly different methods, and varied...
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    No mate it had dried that was plot we did about two weeks ago
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    I did think about getting sponge on it. Have Run the scrub over it
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    We have tried everything, letting it pick up a lot before laying down, going on it wet on wet, flattening it and leaving it abit, keeping ontop of it. It’s just as if you have missed a trowel out and just tears or stripes unless give it some water and lots of pressure. It’s drying nice it it’s...
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    Not at all mate, it was the same temp for the last few weeks, and it’s not a brand new flex, couple of year old medi thanks. Obviously if no help on this one, gypsum coming to site Tuesday to test it, also looking into the supply. They have actually been very helpful
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    That’s what date ours is, we got multi aswell dated 24/12, going to see how this goes
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    I’ve just checked and since 25th June we have ordered 330 bags (200 multi,130 board) and it’s all been crap but this last couple of pallets of board are dreadful. It’s all come from the same merchants, based in midlands, I do think the odd private job I’ve done and picked some up from wickes has...
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    We have had pallets and pallets since lockdown and it’s all been s**t, changed from multi to board, seems to dry better but this batch we got now just tears and stripes. Rough on, lay down fresh Gear, flattened with speedskim, first trowel and it’s ragging uo as if your flattening with the floor...
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    L.E.D. Site lights

    I brought one of these last year, 150w led, cool white so looks like natural daylight, really good light and lights a very big room easily. 16000 lumens. Just have to extend the lead or plug in a extension lead. We got a few of them, don’t give off much heat. Sheds more light than string of...
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    If anyone is midlands based and after multi there is 9 pallets goin on the shelves tonight once they close for grabs in the morning at cannock wickes
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    Garden Wall Rendering

    No excuse for that, just poor workmanship. Mono no good on garden walls, it’s filthy In 12 months anyway so thatl look terrible within 3 months. Silicone personally. Or just ocr but then got the paint to maintain
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    I said that, aparently my mate said it was 10 Per customer. They got over 30 there tho. Non of them c@&ts ever used a trowel in there life. Straight on eBay that
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    Muslim multiskimmers spotted this afternoon at wickes by my mate.
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    Dewalt Cordless mixer

    I got bought one as a gift? Was going to send it back and get the mega mixer as my ibenstock seemed like it was on its way out after 10years. It’s good on domestics Mix outside so no mess in house and more space to work, just put it in back of van so don’t go walking no messing about moving...
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    Sourcing Plaster....

    These selco, b&q, wickes ain’t no good. Got to be using a decent merchants. We have not had any probs getting any this last month, had 120 Delivered today, had to give a week notice tho. To be fair we had 400 15mm, pallet of m.r, 2 pallets of dab so perhaps it’s due to the order size. I...
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    Gyproc skim coat vs thistle multi finish

    I used it last week mate, much the same as multi except it’s grey/white. It slumps abit with any excessive thickness, and we had some blistering on few bits where it was laid down and first coat had gone in abit too much. Timings and finish same as multi tho
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    Carlite finish

    Ye I agree if it was like £10/12 a bag and we were all paying that for it, then all our prices would go up. I would happily pay that aswell if the multi was consistent and nice to use but last 12 months it’s been terrible. Hope this lockdown and restarting the b.g plant changes things
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    Carlite finish

    I’ve heard from two different people at different builders merchants that the gypsum plant closed due to employee that died in a accident, then you also have the coronavirus shutdown. God knows if is true but we definitely need an alternative they got you by the balls if wanted to charge £20 a...
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    Is this a wind up

    You would actually be out of pocket until the end of the financial quarter. tape, finish & bead near enough £1 sqm. To be politically correct, probably an Asian man, trying it on like the rest. think people are desperate so will take advantage of the situation and it’s them selling the plaster...
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    Sourcing Plaster....

    I’ve managed to get 20 bags of this, Customer where I’m working doesn’t want the job to halt over couple of hundred quid extra cost and hold it up for months. £18 a bag, been and collected it they got pallets and pallets of the stuff. Anyone got any idea if it’s like multi, it’s used and sold in...
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    Make good finish

    They just posted this on there instagram page. sounds like the knauf mpf, nice n silky to spread, went for miles but used to peel if had it on abit tight when troweling up. Same colour too
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    Multi finish auctions

    Drywall tools direct are selling carlite finish From 21st May £9 odd a bag +vat tho. Says the Irish have kept stocking and using it since we dropped it for multi? Bit steep but another alternative
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    Everyone back to work ...

    My mates a director at a company and they have had a letter from government today, signed chris Whitty chief medical advisor, for manufacturing and building sites to be open by the 20th April if possible. Surveyor friend of mine aswell said all there sites (do Aldi new builds &refurbs) open...
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    Genuinley confused?????

    The government has said that diy and hardware sector stores fall in the “essential retailers” so wickes, trade point, selco etc be open even if travis, Jewsons etc shut.
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    Genuinley confused?????

    It’s impossible for me to work from home and its “essential” I work to pay bills and purchase food for my kids. So until the government come up with a package for the self employed to sit in the house and get paid for 3 weeks like everyone else then I’ll be working.
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    new tape measure

    I’ve already got an old like one this with lots of nicks in it that slice your fingers to bits when it retracts
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    Ox speedskim

    Has anyone used the new pf blade? Was thinking of trying it for final wipe
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    KNAUF finish

    that peeling you are talking about happened a few times, think its when the first coat has gone in too much thats why we used to lay it down why it was wetter than u would with board or multi. noticed over troweling can peel it aswell, a plastic trowel/float is ideal with that stuff just to...
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    KNAUF finish

    we used a fair bit of it on some council mods. it goes alot further than multi or board finish does, seem to get loads of m2 on per bag. doesnt seem to polish up like you can with board & multi either. dont give it much water and we used to lay it down why it was abit wetter as it went in...
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    ocr s/c

    the weber rep told us to put it over all the joins between block & brick on a recent job we did. had to rendaid all the brick work so just bedded onto that. we always put a square of mesh on corners of windows & doors aswell.
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    Cheers Danny, i did have a go at one long time ago and just basically put my contact info and abit of a introduction but havent ever looked at it since. It was plain & to be honest if i was looking at it i dont think it would be the best advert for myself ha. Ive advertised & not needed to...