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    EcoLime Ac20

    Hiya chaps Has anyone used EcoLime Ac20 I’ve a small job 30 m2 to do with it Any advice much appreciated Cheers Dave DS Plasterers
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    Week work in Hull area

    Bet it's Harkers from Leeds ,there paying £2.00 m 2 for skim so around £100 a day sounds about right
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    M14 threaded paddle extension

    Cheers Pal..Just ordered a300 mm Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    M14 threaded paddle extension

    Where do you buy the extensions
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    Two Coat

    Cheers Pal
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    Two Coat

    Cheers Pal
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    Two Coat

    Hi There Anyone know of any two coat work going ( Hardwall , Tuff coat ) West Yorkshire ,Manchester ,areas .Were a team of three plasterers, utr ,cscs insurance etc Years of site experience Thanks for any help!!
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    Plastering in Leeds

    Yeh you’d think after 35 yrs on site I’d know better .no fool like an old fool!!!
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    Plastering in Leeds

    Did a sales office/garage in Bradford on a David Wilson site,got paid £302.00 one big gauge ,thought hay this ain’t bad so started house for them .Only when finished they gave us price £648 ,rang them to say they’d made a mistake , told us no mistake we’re paying £2.00 m2. Complete piss take Oh...
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    Got Neil ,aka ( Casplas) helping us out for a week, doing 500 m2 ,great bloke ,top notch plasterer. Thanks mate
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    Plaster SOS

    DS Plasterers 07811560787
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    Plaster SOS

    Thanks Greg
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    Plaster SOS

    DS Plasterers,Halifax
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    skimming in bristol

    Rates aren't going up around West Yorkshire , we were offered a start on a new build site in Huddersfield ,three story house ,4bed £ 2.30 m2 skim only Worked out at £ 1,000 .00 per plot . Somebody's making making money certainly isn't the spreads
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    Plasterers required

    Hiya Neil.... It's Jackson Plasterers from Rotherham ,There paying £ 2.30 m2 skim only . Ahhhhh Give us a call ,for a catch up when you get a minute 07811560787
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    Plasterers required

    Hi Pal We're a one and one based in Halifax, 28 yrs exp of site work We're looking for skim only work Halifax Huddersfield ,Bradford areas We're available for start next Monday 2nd Oct We have blue cscs ,insurance, and a Wimpey induction card Thanks Dave DS Plasterers Halifax...
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    Two plasterers from hull

    Hi mate..Ring Jim on 07931728550, he called me a week ago he's a job in Hull ,bit far for us ,sounded like immediate start
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    Webber ocr

    Hi I need a hand on a new build job mid September .plot 1 64m2 Weber Pral Ocr scratch back, plot 2 35 m2 same Weber Ocr scratch back Jobs in West Yorkshire ,loaded out , labourer supplied Please pm me for prices Or call John 07801540649
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    Is it worth going on site?

    How the hell can £3.00 m2 be s**t. Any spread that's any good should be able to bang 3 , three and a bit gauges on a day ,and be off by 2.30pm.that equates to 100m2 a day = £ 1500, When the recession hit ,we were getting £ 1.60 m2 ,and still making a wage If some of you lot were getting £ 6.00...
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    Hi James..see ya at the shithouse on 23 rd April, Keep right on
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    Plasterers needed for immediate start in Halifax

    Hi Gary Give me a call tomorrow, I'm based in Halifax cscs , insurance ,and experience. 07801540649 John
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    We're looking to take on a trainee plasterer.The working area is West Yorkshire Halifax ,Huddersfield ,Keighley areas The work is 85% site work ,so cscs is essential 15% domestic .we have a long run of work ,available to someone who is willing to learn the trade Please contact John on...
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    Needing a 3rd arm for Eze spat!

    We're doing same houses Algeeman , there taking us three days, two of us Miller Homes, £ 1500.00
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    Rising rates !!!

    We ain't working for that Andrew, haven't had less than £ 3.00 m2 skim for past three years,and we're West Yorkshire. If you work for s..t firms expect s..t wages
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    New screwgun

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    Dot and screed System

    Forget Browning,it's crap. If it's medium /High suction ,tight coat of Hardwall,or Tuff Coat ,then straight back on it with box screed, get ceiling line and skirting line straight ,then rule off them
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    Large companies

    We got offered a load of work in Manchester just before Christmas, by the time they'd taken tax off , citb ,and retention it worked out at £ 2.10 m2 for skim Not good !
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    Self locking board lifter

    Just received the board lifter, looks a good bit of kit, well made and worth the money
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    Self locking board lifter

    Gonna get one of them
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    Alpine finish

    Did a hotel ,on sea front in Weston Super Mare about 25 yrs ago ,with Alpine Finish, dead easy to use, just a tight coat and rub a float horizontal down it
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    Question for the domestic lads

    Thanks for the feedback,will give it a try.its not every wall just half a dozen that's hair line cracked.
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    Question for the domestic lads

    Just got a skim only job on a large Grade 11 listed building (every ceiling and wall ). Some of the walls aren't the best ,so was thinking about bedding render mesh into first coat. Have any of you lads tried this ???. Any feedback much appreciated . Dave DS Plasterers
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    Looking for plastering work in the north east

    Try B C Stewart, from Darlington ,main man is Jeff Bunn, cracking firm to work for
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    Decorators forum

    I can remember the late 70s ,every time British Leyland ,at Longbridge went on strike 30,000 painters flooded the sites around Brum
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    looking for work

    Hi Pal...Why don't you give Plaster Plus a call,they have a few spreads on ,who may give you a start, they've loads of flats on the go at Salford
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    Whats it like Plastering onsite?

    Site we were on last year,had us skimming kitchen first, then in the afternoon painter came in gave it a mist coat,following morning kitchen fitters came in to fit kitchen, that went on for 32 houses. Three of us were skimming two 4 bed houses a week..( No Pressure)
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    Some S&C

    These were same, full of damp. It's no wonder, gangs used to go in Saturday morning,start from bottom of gable wall ,work up with scratch coat when they got to top ,start dashing into scratch coat, if they were quick enough only bottom lift had two coats Not saying we did that. ( as if )
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    Some S&C

    Yeh Malc .these were same dashed in Canterbury spa,did loads in Redditch for Wimpeys. I worked with an Irish dashing team from Brum,guy called Bernie Brennan...Good times
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    Some S&C

    Worked on Wimpey No Fines houses years ago ,it was in the spec that you scratched it wavey in vertical lines, so any rain ran off it
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    Never seen an interior wall like this before.

    Looks like a Taylor Wimpey new build
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    Mp finish

    Always leave a bit back off each gauge, to coat your beads ,door frames up ,ready for next set.Always find a rolling gauge works best with Knauf. We prefer it to BG
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    Just to say hello!

    Hi Pal. We're Halifax based, who you been working for ? Loads of student flats going up in Hudds
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    Know then.

    Hiya mate..What part of Bradford? ,were Halifax based
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    Nottingham plasterer looking for work

    Try Tellings,from Mansfield,they do a lot of work Notts area,Adam that runs plastering side is a decent bloke
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    Fixing angle bead

    Dewalt Stapler,and 12 g staples , job done
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    Dark days

    Did he call everyone Kimbusarbee
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    Next day scratch with Weber pral m

    Put 50m2 of Weber Pral on two weeks ago,left it overnight and scratched it back next day, came up a treat..That's in Halifax West Yorkshire
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    the new No Hoodies up rule.

    Went to the Sheffield Wednesday ,Blues match a few years ago over Xmas Two blue noses got man handled and chucked out for wearing Father Christmas outfits ,and refused to take the beards off
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    Any one used jefferson mixing drill

    Get a Collomix ,had ours 10 yrs,never a problem