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  1. Densel

    5x4 living room ceiling over-board and skim

    Mother in laws know that feeling done for free
  2. Densel

    4 options

    Infact 3 from the start
  3. Densel

    4 options

    3. No come backs if your busy they will have to wait
  4. Densel

    overboard curved ceiling

    Back of not off soz
  5. Densel

    overboard curved ceiling

    Cut the back off the boards and scribe the edge into the wall easy
  6. Densel

    Bloody old houses

    Thats what happens when you skim over old lime and horse hair walls. Hack it off hardwall and set job done
  7. Densel

    f**k**g BOARD FINISH!!!!!

    Same sh#t different colour lol
  8. Densel

    The Vintage Mags

    Lucky the pages arn't stuck together lmao
  9. Densel

    Mixing SBR and PVA together

    Each to their own
  10. Densel

    todays work pics

    Day off
  11. Densel

    9mm boards

    9mm thats all ive really got to say they're sh#t...
  12. Densel

    IT'S HERE!

    Nah you can keep it. If it aint broke dont fix it!!
  13. Densel

    Mixing SBR and PVA together

    2 coats of watered down pva let them soak in. Or 1 coat and get a move on 2nd coat using the same mix. 2nd coat always sorts it out ecen if the first cracks up a little
  14. Densel

    My dog has snorted to much k-render

    Defo btoke my heart feel for u
  15. Densel

    Top Tips

    Sell top quality tools and tried and tested products.
  16. Densel

    How to patch this in?

    It is canterbury spar. Travis perkins stock it its called duralite
  17. Densel

    5x4 living room ceiling over-board and skim

    20m2 board and skim labour only £250 start at 8am in the van on the way home by 1pm happy days easy money..people are too greedy these days
  18. Densel

    What pattern is this

    Hope for your sake your not thinking of matching that?? That looks luck mate Convince them to hack it all off and start again££££ lol
  19. Densel

    My dog has snorted to much k-render

    Same..lurpak Dogs are great Dudley RIP
  20. Densel

    Anyone need a new trowel

    Nah i have 11 misses will kill be i get another lol
  21. Densel

    Shortage of plaster

    Not down south tons of it..
  22. Densel

    Playing with these today

    Lmao!!! Your going to break an ankle
  23. Densel

    Flattening first coat

    If you dont know then just give up. Is it just me or the colleges not doing there jobs these days.??
  24. Densel

    Wallpapering over damp patches

    Wouldnt tell him i ment lol
  25. Densel

    Wallpapering over damp patches

    Sorry but your asking plasterers about wallpapering???????? If you have a damp problem then get a fully damp insured plaster to sort it out first. But i would tell him your planning to wallpaper it lmfao!!
  26. Densel

    Floating methods

    Just lay it all on and rule it off. Knock up in a plastic 45gallon drum 5-7 bags at a time job done
  27. Densel

    2nd render coat not stuck

    I do alot of sand and cement work both externally and internally for damp work. It looks like a number of things are the issue. Your scratch coat looks like it was trowelled up then scratched a big no no, also its not scratched up enough( any flat spot not keyed wil just hang and fall off.). If...
  28. Densel

    Tanking slurry over a painted wall

    Single skin work is always a pain like danny said its prone to condensation. You can add air bricks and vents to help. But to answer your painted brick/blockwork issue you should really scabble them(needle gun). It a horrific tool to use but it will give you a proper key to render over. Failing...
  29. Densel

    Terrible Rendering competition

    Havent got any pics of bad rendering but check outvthis new build extension ive been asked to sort out........looks like the brickie got his qualifications at legoland.. Climbing wall...lmao!!
  30. Densel

    Terrible Rendering competition

    Wtf!!! Talk about the rustic look lmao!
  31. Densel

    Skim Over Joint Filler

    Suck the chrome off a tow bar
  32. Densel

    New product

    Proberly just as sh*t as that defective unifinsh. No need to prime my a*se!! Next it will be a finish for going over woodchip wallpaper for all the have a go heros out there....
  33. Densel

    Tools mixing padle

    Get someone else to do it
  34. Densel

    Oh roger.

    I You dont want a bird like that mate never get in the bathroom.. think of the costs...primani mate thats where you want to meet them lol
  35. Densel


    Id would have had to been restrained.......
  36. Densel


    You can mix any gypsum based product togetherin different ratios just get different results(magic mixes) play have fun lol.... wouldnt advise adding cement in tho to accelerate especially in base coats causes top coat to blister if done same day. And in top coats when dry makes it very soft and...
  37. Densel


    1st coat Lay it flat..flatten it and clean an sort the edges...after that same as you finish...easy
  38. Densel

    s**t gear again

    Wtf ive never seen it do that before....mate you must of been screwing
  39. Densel

    One coat monkeys

    One coating is...end of
  40. Densel

    Oh roger.

    It looks like hes literally throwing sh*t at walls....what a chimp.....i could make a living just putting his work right..
  41. Densel

    Oh roger.

    Learn in 1 day....Roll on the have a go heros
  42. Densel

    Oh roger.

    I couldn't it started to actually hurt...geezers a f*cking melt...
  43. Densel

    I'm depressed

  44. Densel

    whats the best plastering tip/advice youve been giving

    The 6 P's Proper preperation prevents piss poor performance...
  45. Densel

    I lonely

    One of those qustions mate... Just a person...everyones different
  46. Densel

    Wives with stable secure jobs

    Misses teaches disabled kids may not earn what i do.. But is alot more rewarding than ill ever know