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    Is this lime plaster?

    That is lime plaster if you have no cavities in your walls then putting gypsum over the top will only cause damp the wall needs to breath
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    2.5 years old lime render crumbling away... advice appreciated

    Finish is awful for a start, definately frost damage has added to the issues but could either be not mixed right in the right ratio in the first place or wasnt sprayed with water enough when each new coat was applied so it hasnt adhered properly, also explains the hollow sound
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    Cork Render

    I have used Eco Cork on a couple of projects was specified by the conservation officer due to its thermal properties, very easy to use and nice stuff first one was done about 9 years ago still looks good now, didnt need to go on a course
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    Plasterer wanted for lime plastering

    Whereabouts in Hampshire? I am in Devon so might be able top help
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    Looking for work in Devon area

    Have emailed you, many thanks
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    Looking for work in Devon area

    Have over 30 years experience lime and cob specialist as well as Eco Cork, been off for 6 months due to shoulder operation but all good now any help or contacts greatly appreciated, thanks
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    Lime rendering

    We are a Devon lime specialist based in Exeter we would be interested in the job please have a look at our website to see our work and give me a call on 07710 057954 if you want to discuss further Thanks Kevin Miles
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    South west based team lime and Eco cork specialists

    I dont mind skimmimg but do get to work on some awesome places doing lime
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    South west based team lime and Eco cork specialists

    Hi Danny used to live in Torquay but now just outside Exeter
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    South west based team lime and Eco cork specialists

    Thanks Danny it is, can do any type of plastering but love lime, seems to be a shortage of inside work at the moment
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    South west based team lime and Eco cork specialists

    very experienced team looking for inside work anywhere in the south west
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    Lime plaster shrinkage

    What was applied before the top coat?
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    Lime botch job?

    if the scratch coats ok I would get another plasterer top coat it shouldnt be a lot doesnt look like a big area, cut your loses with the other guy
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    Lime botch job?

    I am a lime specialist and think thats got to be one of the worst finishes I have ever seen, I doubt he will be back but wouldnt use him even if he did. If I was you would take it back to the scratch coat and if thats ok get another lime specialist to finish it
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    Should all buildings without cavity be lime plastered and rendered?

    Yes they should otherwise they cant breathe and the moisture gets trapped in the walls therefore causing damp. Putting cement in lime is a waste of time most do it to speed up drying time or are inexperienced with lime but it still stops it breathing and defeats the object
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    Seems remarkably quiet in Devon for January

    Cement doesnt breathe so cannot be used on historic, listed buildings or cob buildings or any old property that doesnt have a cavity
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    Seems remarkably quiet in Devon for January

    Thats very true Orangeman normally have inside work dfor this time of year but at the moment have none
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    Seems remarkably quiet in Devon for January

    Anybody experiencing the same thing or got too much and need another team?
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    Lime specialist based in Devon

    We travel allover the South West and can work in London too as am from there originally and still have a place there. Looking to expand so if your looking for a specialist do Eco Cork too and cob drop me a message
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    lime plasters in the South West

    Very experienced team have over 15 years experience looking to expand will take on any lime work in the South West or London wether its a private job or a one off job for a company subcontracting
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    Hi I run a small Devon based lime specialist company just outside Exeter if you still looking message me might be able to help
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    House render - East Devon

    Sorry if you have already had the work done have only just joined I am a lime specialist about 8 miles from Seaton so if you need a quote message me
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    Sevile ecoCork

    I have done four or five jobs with Eco Cork its really good stuff