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    Silicone sealant

    #me too.
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    The Insulated Plasterboard Debate

    Just got these to stick em to wall
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    Hope you plan on retiring rich before 40 ? :tanguero: Or be the richest dude in the graveyard ! :cool:
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    A first timer on the trowel.. advice for a skim coat

    3 bags skim, 10ltres pva, roll sand paper. Go for it till you get it right ! You'll be fine m8.:coffe:
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    Step Ladders... Yep I fell

    Ouch ! Lucky you didn't break a hip at your age mun :eek: Heal well soon m8.
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    Are painters tradesmen ?

    Michael Angelo was the last one who could claim to be one?
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    Decide early. Go like feck. Shout at the clouds to feck off every 5 mins. If no wind batten polythene to facia and curtain it .think happy thoughts after 2 hours praying and it's still on.
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    Dad dancing !

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    Door-to-door roofing contractor going around saying they can get homowner's ins. to pay for roof?

    If storm damage some roofers offer to cover the homeowners insurance excess to get the work.
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    Dad dancing !

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    Dad dancing !

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    One strike filler

    Used it a lot on wall repairs after cable installations blew plaster, quick n easy flattens well with clean paint scraper.
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    Dry dash going off to quick

    You Jack b*****d too ! :cool:(y)
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    Dry dash going off to quick

    Give first coat a good soaking to slow suction on dash coat , if sucking in sprinkle water with a touch of sbr mixed in with paddle brush as you go along catching it as it srarts to pull in. Add a bit more water proofer in dash coat. Read the wall and weather conditions to suit that comes with...
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    If there are any BBC presenters reading this, I'm happy to send you a picture of my arse for 5 grand. Please message me for bank details......
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    Gary glitter Ponce Andrew Jimmy saville Etc Engpedoland 100+ Wales 1 ish :buitre: :cool:
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    RIP Robbo?

    Didn't the ribbon on here's Mrs come on to say he'd died ?
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    how funerals have changed

    Same here under my Apple trees , money set aside for labourer and digger with big auger bit to drill hole, slide me in standing up so money don't fall out my pockets . N fill it in . Job done ! :buitre::coffe::sisi::p
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    Fire door lining

    Doors can be planed a little bit and cut at bottoms but not by much should have info with them showing max you can take off, plus routed slots in frame for intermittent fire strips to fit flush, 3 hinges and find block position for handles fitted. Job done. I fitted 25 of those heavy b@$+@¥£...
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    Polished concrete floor

    Nice job. I've got to concrete a garage floor next week trowel finish . It'll have garage floor paint on it after . It's a woman cave for her sewing gear n electric buggy n stuff. So be good enough without the polishing malarkey.
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    Water shortage

    Apple cider vinegar gets rid of heart burn, indigestion fast for me ! Shuts valve from gut better than all the chalky stuff they sell.
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    New demolition hammer

    Got 2 x hilt T72 about 30 years ago done a load of hacking off jobs with them till I got 2x Bosch breakers about 20 years ago which are still going strong hacking off and breaking up paths no prob. I only use the T72's now for the powerful drilling functions and core bits , for small easy...
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    Take dogs to local beach Lamb dinner Unload n load van for work tomoz Paper work Rock n roll Sunday's aye ! :descansando:
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    Dad dancing !