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    Mf ceilings

    Hi all, whats your lot charging for mf ceilings to take a 15 mm vapour board with a 400mm drop,not area. Thanks in advance
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    What a load of b*ll***s I’ve sent bags and bags of the stuff back and they never get back to you with there findings because if they did and admitted liability it would cost them a small fortune therefore they will continue to be silent on the matter for there own selfish greedy benefit
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    Please sign this petition - for an explanation about BG finishing products!!!

    The standard of finish is getting worse,been a PLASTERER for nearly 30 years and it would appear that nearly every bag is different, how can you adjust how to use it if you don't know how it's going to react,had a lot of problems just lately with tiger stripes that I never used to get,don't do...
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    Going multiple trowel mad!!!!!

    Been plastering 29 years now and only 2 months ago got a s*p*r*lex coz i thought "can't be that much better than the old stainless" oh my days it's like pinching money, i want a bigger one and one of those speedskim thingys now, if it could cook id make love to it and make it my wife :)
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    PFT G5 & generator For Sale !

    Kin bargain that
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    unhappy client,texture finish

    Bit of help if you could chaps,did a job last weekend on front of a house on old brickwork,maite/mesh and texture finish,client not happy with the finish,feedback please
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    Ruling thin coat systems???

    Apply base coat and rule with serrated egde,gently bed mesh in,leave to firm up tight skim coat flaten with spat,easy peasy
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    machine mot

    Been told that some sites now require some sort of mot for machines and pat test,any ideas on prices,pft monojet
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    Cleaning bottom

    Thistle bag lol before all these fancy toilets,bucket and a bag:RpS_crying:
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    K rend help

    Parex,weber much better than k rend
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    joddy for sale

    Worksop mate,you. Interested?
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    joddy for sale

    Brand new never used £700 ovno
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    Hello Plasterers Forum

    #Graceplastering theres quite a few companys round here but not many gangs about that do all aspects of plastering,cheers anyway fella
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    Hello Plasterers Forum

    That sounds bang on mate,how do I apply or does he have to do it,would he do his cscs whilst training or would I have to get him through it? Cheers
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    Hello Plasterers Forum

    That sounds bang on mate,how do I apply or does he have to do it,would he do his cscs whilst training or would I have to get him through it? Cheers
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    Hello Plasterers Forum

    Cheers mate but I want him to learn how to be a plasterer not a skimmer or a boarder or a fixer or a dabber etc etc thats why I want him to do apprenticeship with me
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    Hello Plasterers Forum

    In ilkeston derbyshire,the lad is.19 and willing to learn a trade,can you help us out. Cheers
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    Hello Plasterers Forum

    Got a young lad whos interested and im willing to train him up,all aspects of plastering/mono/ewi whats best way to go about it. Cheers
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    Am I using my refina plazzi right?

    Leebo02 only save a couple of quid if your using the ones from one stop,but your using a proper trowle and not one that looks and feels like a float,forge steel trowle and a plastic fire escape sign works out at about a tenner from screw fix
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    Am I using my refina plazzi right?

    I make my own plastic trowls,get a cheap trowl and stick a plastic fore exit sign on it,works like a.dream for a fraction of the price you would pay for a refina
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    Cassette fireplace

    Can you put any photos on?if the skim has shrunk on the plasterboard sounds like it didnt dry properly before they turned the heating on
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    Hop ups ?

    Company ive done some work for fine you £500 if they find you using beer crates :(
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    how to get on site

    Yes you can mate,its ive got till I send it off for pro one,had green one since they started and never had any issues
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    anyone struggling this week

    Mine only moans when shes supposed to :)
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    Steps between plasterboard

    Dab it right to start with,if walls were shite put thicker dabs on
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    Drywall adhesive pump

    Why would you do that?makes no sense
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    Questions about Dot & Dab.

    Get 2.7m boards,packers under boards to stop them getting damp plus makes it easier to tap back
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    British Gypsum: Bag Update

    About chuffing time they did something,although not so ruff on your arse nowdays if you get caught short :RpS_crying:
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    New I Sections in stock

    Cheers fella,top quality
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    mortar hose

    Cheers fella,sent photos see what you think
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    mortar hose

    .ive sent you my address,not sure ive done it right though,sent it via the link on your post,if I could.figure out how to send picture id pit one on here of bracket and shaft
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    mortar hose

    My name is lee smith,I did e mail you with photos but was something was wrong with my machine,got a new bracket and shaft and they are fine,I had heard you had different I sections now,Will gladly give one a go,thank you
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    mortar hose

    An I section that a threw in the skip,was not fit for purpose it thin and flimsy,hauling bracket and mixing shaft that was knackered before the rotor and stator I fitted at the same time,
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    mortar hose

    Thanks fellas,Lord and downing it is,had some part's from 1stop before and they was poor quality,
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    mortar hose

    Anyone know the best place to buy a 10m mortar hose 25mm,in the Nottingham area,new or a good second hand one will do,or csn do a swap for a 18m 35mm,cheers all.
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    Bonding bubbles.

    Trowel the bonding up like you would skimming and skim it when its still tacky,skims a treat with no blebs
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    EHI rolling down wall

    Tryed doing it in two passes,still rolls,or just rips the first coat when ruling off,had to do 3-4 passes and just flatten it with trowel and hope for the best
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    EHI rolling down wall

    Machine apply onto maite background on weather defence boards,could using to much morter hose cause a problem,using 25 meter
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    EHI rolling down wall

    Rule EHI its rolls down wall,leave it to take in a bit and it rips and then rolls down the wall grrrr any suggestions???
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    Parex EHI next day scrape?

    Ive been using it today, as soon as you touch it it rolls down the wall, leave it for a bit to take in and it rips, crap stuff I hate it