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    If you could go back would you do plastering again

    We'd all moan if we had to live on minimum wage like a lot get!!!
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    Is this this the most useless corner trowel

    I've got a Lutz one best I've ever used
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    Foil back wallaper

    I found the same on in my kitchen under wallpaper right were the rad was think it was supposed to reflect heat was a nightmare to get off!!!
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    hello from notts

    Welcome along
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    Plaster Dump Pile

    Anything in any bin as long as correct rubbish is on top
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    Plaster Dump Pile

    Anything in any bin as long as correct rubbish is on top
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    Daily coverage

    I'd take some aswell
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    Does this rendering look acceptable?

    Could be worth the drive no matter where it is
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    Van insurance

    I used dial direct they were cheapest for me by far
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    DIY SOS: The Big Build - can you help?

    Maybe there testing there new plaster called can't get a finish!!!
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    What tools

    Deep heat ibuprofen and paracetamol!!!
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    Your worst day at work

    I looked to that's nasty
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    Where is everyone based

    Between Mansfield and worksop
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    Your wife's job....

    Mine works in a office so not quite
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    Your wife's job....

    Cash payments could be a gift after some free of charge work is carried out!!!
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    Keep or sack

    100 sheets a day labouring I started with the wrong bloke !!!
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    Not enough hours

    2 phones is easier my mate has his number on van and underneath it says answered between 8 and 5 mon to Fri and 9 and 4 sats
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    Getting Paid

    350 was a total kn*b
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    Getting Paid

    We priced a job the other day and the bloke asked if he can pay a tenner a week until paid up!!!
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    Welcome along
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    Plaster effect wooden beams

    Id love it on the beam in my living room
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    Welcome along
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    Health and safety test

    Couldn't believe how easy it was for how they are checked my id twice on way out as if id somehow changed into a different person while in room.!!!!
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    Health and safety test

    First one ive had to do a lot easier than expected
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    Health and safety test

    Hi all just took health and safety test for cscs it was like being arrested everything out pockets hoodie off.he didn't laugh when I said do I neef to leave my boxers on! Lol
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    Plasterers clothing

    I got the dunlop ones there good for the price
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    Bad multifinsh

    We did my bedroom with it last week it was ****!
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    Hello I am Lotar

    Welcome mate
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    Advice please

    Its an improvement that head looks 70s pornstar ish:)
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    Advice please

    Depends on how honest your feeling today either just glue it and keep quiet or own up!!!
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    New to site

    Thanks everyone lets see what the future holds!!!
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    New to site

    Hi everyone just thought id introduce myself im new to the forum and the trade so any advice would be welcome thanks
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    New to the forum

    Hi everyone just thought id introduce my self im new to the group and to the trade so any advice would be welcome thanks