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    Plasterers/ renderers needed.

    Hello mate I'm a plaster looking for work, 30 year experience my number is 07713198699 (phil)
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    Plasterer Required Bexhill-on-sea. Immediate start.

    Hi mate Did you get sorted for somedoing your work ?
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    Anyone worked for r and b from bury st edmunds

    ok mate ,keep my number mate if your ever on the look out cheers
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    Anyone worked for r and b from bury st edmunds

    Fancy some work in Cambridge mate ?
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    Plasterers wanted

    Looking for gangs or singles all work in and around Cambridge PM me for more details or ring me on 07713198699 ,immediate starts cheers
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    2 x 1 gang..looking for a start!!

    hello mate ive got work in Cambridge if your interested good rates bell me on 07713198699 (phil)
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    Plasterer Wanted!

    only got to buy a evening standard,there paying brickies £165.00 a day in london so spreads have got to be looking at £200 plus a day,get with it boy the tide is turning.
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    looking work

    Hello fran, if yer interested in some work cambridge/london way i might be able to help out give me a bell on 07713198699 (phil) and we can chat,im around in the day from 7-8 if i dont get to phone leave a message mate and i will bell u back cheers:RpS_thumbup:
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    labourer/improver for work in cambridge

    labuorer/improver must be able to look after 2 spreads a day and be able to muck in when required.Its a self employed position and would suit someone who wants to learn the real ways to plaster we are not site slashers and we dont have um work for us quality is the name of our game so if you...
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    Ceiling plus two walls req insulated board and plastered NW10 london

    Hello mate are you still looking for someone to do your plastering work,if your interested my number is 07713198699 give me a bell and we can chat prices thanks.
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    plasterers wanted

    im willing to pay upto £4 m2 for the right people, but aint seen many of them for a long time,
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    plasterers wanted

    im looking for good quality plasterers for around Cambridge area.
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    plasterers wanted

    Hi Im looking for plasterers for work coming up in the Cambridge area,ive got in with a few firms and have a lot coming up.Im a spread myself been in the game 30 years and only want quality trowels,and I will pay good rates for good spreads,no tommy tankers need apply.send me a private message...
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    Plasterers wanted with weber render experiance in cambridge

    nice one ,cheers for that spanky ill give yer mate a bell this week
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    Plasterers wanted with weber render experiance in cambridge

    Thanks mate.hopefully someone will be able to help out.ive got this job through a builder, I do all there plastering but never done the weber rendering and don't really fancy it sounds to me like you need to be doing it before.
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    Plasterers wanted with weber render experiance in cambridge

    Hi im looking for a gang of plasterers to do the the outside of a house in Cambridge with weber render. Must have experience in this product,cheers guys if anyone interested call phil on 07713198699