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    Looking for spreads in west and east yorkshire

    Could you send me some details please mate.
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    Looking for work Huddersfield west yorkshire

    give me your details mate, ive got work coming out my ears at the moment, and could do with a few more working with me.
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    Back pain & planking

    i have the fluid missing between my bottom two vetebrae....but my back specialist says no one will operate on back pain....dont want to get into the long winded argument i have with them over it though.....pain killers painkillers and more.....yet my 70 year old father in law, had 2 operations...
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    Everyones a plasterer

    i know it does, but he said it before id even put anything on the wall, but i wasnt having him tell me how to do it. Ive come across plenty of problems over the years, which could have been saved by letting proper people board it. He boarded the walls, with my friend ( who just does what he is...
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    Everyones a plasterer

    i also have another story, but its a bit more long winded, and dont want to bore you all....ill try and shorten it down next time.
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    Everyones a plasterer

    thanks...i shall be doing a novel next...
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    Everyones a plasterer

    Few weeks back, my part time labourer got some work with a chippie plasterboarding a big 5 bed house....anyway he rings me and asks if i could get a load of plasterers in to do i go and look and it is split in 2, upstairs and didnt need more than 2 spreads, and it will take...
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    Famous clients...

    Anyone worked for anybody famous? and i mean directly, not as you done a ceiling in a toilet in old trafford, and say you worked for alex ferguson... Ive worked for a few musicians, artful dodger, few old skool rave djs, as i know them personally, and the artful dodger is my brothers friend...
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    how to spead more faster

    keep pushing yourself,...wont be long till your bodys knackered, and you cant work, so more for us! You dont need to do tons in one go, unless your trying to kill yourself. Do you work alone? or with a labourer? On your own, you can only do a certain amount in one go, unless you have 4 arms...
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    Rough work ...

    nothing wrong with that...thats what the 3 day course is for....
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    What's better?

    I do 3 hits a day, ( on jobs where its 2+ days on the job ) , i work mostly on my own, so just knock up a bucket, chuck it on, lay it down, clean up a bit, cup of tea, get the next hit ready, then go again, normally start at 730, and normally done by 3ish. Dont have a lunch break, just eat and...
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    Finally used the magnetic

    £55 +......christ....
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    Finally used the magnetic

    do you need to mix it with mf? Or can you just use it neat and slap it on? Thinking of doing a wall in the kitchen, so the kids and wife can stick stuff to it.
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    Were they Cathedral contracts? I knew a lot of people from there.....H+S was not top of their lists....we done all the t mobile shops
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    impact drivers ?

    ive got the 10.8 dealt driver and impact thing i own. Weighs nothing, and when tacking ceilings, its a god send.
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    Plastering on m2 price

    **** putting so much on in a one needs that much money surely? You'll end up ******! I do 3 hits a day, wether big or small, "normally" they all go the same speed etc, but i do sometimes work later and do 4 hits, and work till 6 or 7, but only if there is a good reason....
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    Where we all working this week then ?

    rendering in theydon bois!
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    why is it tosh? ive just told you what was happening somewhere. wasnt talking about grimsby
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    not long ago i worked at a vegetable packing place near cardiff. they grow tomatoes, box em up and send them to tesco's. My brother new the boss as he installed all his computer network, thats how i got the job. It was skimming a few plasterboard box/office things in side a warehouse....any way...
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    its true mate, wether they are getting £1 a meter wage from a subbie, or they have got the job on a £1 a meter from the site, i dont know, i will find out though. Its not new bulgarians, its current people who live here. But if there work is good, and they are happy to earn that kind of money...
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    a friend of mine told me on a site near him, all the spreads are bulgarian, and its price work...£1 a meter. They dont mind 40, 50 quid a day. What on earth are WE meant to do if they are charging £1 a meter?
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    Near Holmfirth( West Yorks) Detached house requires rendering

    just seen this post, ive emailed you mate.
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    Wanting to break into plastering

    it a board to me. and i still say carlite instead of bonding, and i say unibond, instead of glue, pva etc...
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    Fckin hate site work!!!

    love it when they get punched though......for being jobsworth c@nts......i got thrown off, for pissing myself laughing when a h+s was grabbed round the throat, it was a crap site anyway, and worth getting chucked off, just to see his face.
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    PVA deals

    Been searching around, trying to find a good deal, anyone got any ideas? last time i walked in trade point, they were doing 10l for the price of 5l, the cementone stuff, so i bought a pallet full. but im running low now. just wondering if there are any deals on....
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    New Build Plaster Skim - Gloucestershire

    Nice one.:RpS_thumbsup:
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    Labourer West Yorkshire .

    Im in hudds mate, give me a shout if you need anything.
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    New Build Plaster Skim - Gloucestershire

    Sorry to sound boring, but when you say dissapointed, what do you mean? with there work? the quality with there finish? to many blemishes , trowel marks, board joints etc? or just there attitude or work ethic....... just being nosey sorry....
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    Stretford manchester

    May have a days work coming up as my mate cant do it with me. anyone near stretford, drop me an email with a number, and what you expect, and ill then tell you what ill give Its only a small hallway and stairs, if we do it in a day, then happy days...
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    Labourers !

    When i started i was a labourer, and i earn't nearly the same as the spread, as i was a good labourer. I never put anything on the wall for years. But i grasped the fact, clean buckets, wet the board etc, how to load there hawks while there up a ladder. So i worked hard, as a labourer, and got...
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    Are things getting worse all over?

    5500 to paint a house?kinell im swapping trades
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    Are things getting worse all over?

    lol it want very would have taken 2 of us 4 days.
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    Are things getting worse all over?

    I think customers are thinking the prices are too high too. BUT i wont drop to get the work, maybe a quid or two not 20 or 30%. I know people dont want to discuss prices and rates, but an average room say 1.5 days work i would charge £300 with materials give or take maybe 280 maybe 320...
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    Are things getting worse all over?

    january and febuary, didnt work a single day. Last day of feb, the phone starts ringing. I've probably done 3 days a week for the last 20 weeks overall. Sometimes ive done 9 days non stop, then 8 days with nothing. Thats why i've been looking at site work, few weeks here and there. Haven't taken...
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    What has happened to all the government funded ewi work?

    im from essex, but live in yorkshire, so hopefully that means i speak good english!!!lol Where abouts mate? leave your email or number. bradleigh
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    Ox Tools

    sorry £37 with a new £11 lamp too, so it was £26 for the trowel. Should have gone to the plasterersshop....maybe ill order a midget trowel from him, as mines gone walkies...
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    plastering float and set.

    Give me a shout mate, im in yorkshire, not far away, 07554 425524, kendals only round the corner...we can have a chat. bradleigh.
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    Ox Tools

    457mm long....or 18" in english. I've always used 15", and got this big one for flattening. I think i've become lazy in flattening, by not doing it. So as i said yesterday, as soon as i'd first coating, i left it 5 minutes, and has a go with this big trowel. I think its brilliant. I tried using...
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    Ox Tools

    i got myself the big ox trowel today, and ive never used one like that. Chucked my first coat on, then flattened it with this big trowel. perfect. Laid it up, then gave my first trowel with the new one, and i'm now converted. soon as its sharp enough ill use it all the time.
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    Ox Tools

    not after 5 minutes! corner trowel is spot on though. Theres a hire place in huddersfield that does ox trowels and they have them all there, so i can pick em up and have a feel.
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    Ox Tools

    i bought a carbon steel ox bucket trowel, brown and rusty after 5 minutes. Same for the gauger, but my corner trowel is perfectly silver and shiny stainless. Thinking of getting a big 20" ox trowel, but if they rust, marshaltown it is
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    WTF is going on with multi finish?

    Your not the only one, i had a bag start setting really quick, but i knew what to do. Work faster. I found that if you knocked it up in the tall white hard plastic buckets, it sets quicker in the bucket ( but its on the wall before this happens ) If you want a spot board, go and buy one? or find...
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    Looking for work as Plasterers Labourer for experience in W Yorks area

    send me your number too
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    Rates ?

    A few people have asked me if i will/can do EWI...I am considering learning how to do it, considering that is, but as the original poster put, i have no idea what it costs? how much the stuff is to buy, labour wise etc. So if any one can pm me for a discussion, or email me...
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    some customers just live in a dream world !! lol

    Well maybe he'll call you back when the others have ballsed it up. Then charge him more to fix it. Pisses me right off. I quoted an empty house, all in materials etc was £1400 ( i know people moan about prices but that's what i charged ) Was about 4 or 5 days for 2 plasterers. When i told him...
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    Looking for work as Plasterers Labourer for experience in W Yorks area

    im in huddersfield mate, what can/cant you do?
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    Multi finish problems.

    I've been reading this thread and thought i'd dive in.....Marshall, if your for real, then id ask for your money back from your course at college. Everyday can be different using multifinish. Depends where the plaster was from, how old, one from wickes, one from b&q etc. How you mix it, how hot...
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    Are things getting worse all over?

    i was walking along and saw a friend i hadnt seen for talking to him and he said he lost my number, and not long back he needed a bedroom skimmed.....he got a guy from his work to do it, who plasters at the weekend. Charged him £40 a day, and £30 for the materials. He said he took...