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    plasterer / plasterer improve

    As above guildford and surrounding areas local authority work ,occupied and void properties long run of work must be cis registered, have own transport preferably van ,john 07988594189
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    gypsys plastering

    I do an estate in aldershot, all travellers house's, for local authority never have a problem with them even give me a hand hack off and clean up, not a bother
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    Need a bigger van!

    sprinter mwb I have trouble free touch wood so far good on diesel as well, better hp and mpg if you get them remapped and chipped
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    mindset now place bought and an irish passport,
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    what part of irl you from ed ,I'mfrom galway been here as long as you, I'm in same boat but doing another 4 yrs here then moving to spain, don't get me wrong it's been good, but can't stick it anymore
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    Best/most comfortable work trousers

    aldi workwear trousers have about 5 pairs comfortable and wash well
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    Mummy's boy who just cant hack it!

    bless him he's worn out carrying them boots about
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    How Easy is AeroTherm To apply?

    ya they did the ewi in the borough I contract to when it came out 1st, but that was that austerity cuts, lucky now to get them to overboard a ceiling
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    How Easy is AeroTherm To apply?

    Wonder will there be much call for this ,as I contract to local authorities and as they say on their blog local authorities, can't see them spending money keeping their tenants warm
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    Chance for the 29,500

    That labourer that keeps scraping the mixing bucket is my pet hate in plastering
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    Painting Questions

    wickes do a swirling roller
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    krend training

    Keith which is the most widely used render then
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    krend training

    Right lad's, done a lot of sand cement rendering in my time, just wondering have any of ye done the krend training in Ireland, Belfast, or is there anywhere I could do it in Uk ,something I'd be interested in doing
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    Uxbridge area for July full house skim and outside rendered

    hi dave I could come and have a look if you want ,I'm staines based, email me on
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    19 and looking for work very keen!!!☺☺

    where are you based leebo, I'm in staines
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    Sponges, spats,plazis and speed skims

    run a drop of boiling water over the protector to soften it then push it back on the spat and it should mould on
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    Non scraped krend

    no kitch I'm the same as yer self ,sand cement rendering, I'm here in Uk so long the 1st time I seen hardwall was over ,that krend looks easier on the body than s/c render
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    Non scraped krend

    kitchy I'm from irl as well, ,it's sand lime and cement render ,you float it up and bring up the fat of the lime with water and nap it with the float or napping sponge similar to artexing
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    labourer improver

    seemingly not Danny, jaysus been through a few donkey's now ,,have to be on their case all the time
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    labourer improver

    As above guildford an surrounding areas long run of work tel john 07988594189
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    labourer improver

    As above wanted in guildford and surrounding areas, long run of work
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    bambi on ice

    Right lads I'm nearly 51 bought myself a pair ofmt stilts today ,as the heading says bambi on ice ,never been on them before, must need the head examined any tips on getting used to them
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    we have a place in Costa blanca fortuna murcia right out in the sticks ,love it over there, can't wait till the economy picks up and move out there for good
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    Costa me bollox
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    stirl lookin

    I had my daughter with me on n off for 2 yr good as gold ,her cleaning up was thorough, compared to the cnuts I've been through in past 6 mths
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    which Costa is that a plasterer
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    stirl lookin

    agree there lads sometimes I wish I could walk on site lay on all day ,and do not have to worry about sheeting everything up and keeping everyone happy
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    stirl lookin

    bit like the one looking the other night ,from Hampshire never got back to me on my offer, don't know why we bother
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    looking for work

    do have some bigger works now n then I'll keep in touch big k
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    looking for work

    may be able to help you out guildford / ash areas pm me ,cheers john
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    Co Cavan

    hail u must know cousins of mine Sean o'grady the mall bar and ward's shop
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    We get it all the time old folks in council houses , set in there way's overboard n artex cause the rest of house is artex
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    What is this?

    yep laced with cement ,
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    improver or plasterer

    give me a ring tmoro 07988594189 cheers mark
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    improver or plasterer

    no I didn't advertise on Gumtree mark but still looking for someone mate pm me cheers
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    improver or plasterer

    saying that been advertising last week plasterer improver n zilch
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    How much could I earn

    No he's starting his new job Monday with his company van zolco, ffs bring tears to a glass eye
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    How much could I earn

    he'll be sitting on his arse Tuesday morning looking out the window with his dog the bollox when yer man sees what he turns out ,get seasick looking at the waves in sunlight ffs
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    How much could I earn

    Just like the donkey who has just left me , testing the water last Monday ,600 quid a week now company van he was offered, never worked as hard all this week as he did in 7 month's ffs, if he thinks he's coming back Monday Bo, ,ox he is gold trowel trained as well
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    plasterer /plasterer improver

    As above in guildford and surrounding areas, local authority work mainly in occupied and void properties ,long run of work ,must have own transport and tools ,ring me on 07988594189
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    Not when u get my aches not pains, stiffer getting out a bed than I was getting in
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    jaysus this is some gobs hit e would bring tears to a glass eye
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    anyone known it to rain so much

    Same yesterday and Saturday, condensation everywhere on pva not sets, nightmare
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    have only napped twice!! :( need help

    I used to love doing knap ping back home in Galway ,it was nice to stand back and look at it lovely finish with the corbels and quoin stones and patent reveals all done in laths art in itself
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    returns 4 times a year

    Couldn't see it rossi
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    returns 4 times a year

    On da beer already algee more next week in spain ķidneys and liver having a punch up lol
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    returns 4 times a year

    Has anyone heard about this, self employed doing tax returns 4 times a yr , does that mean accountant getso paid 4 times ,fcuk me he gets enough
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    getting ridiculously under cut.

    That's why I left the west of Ireland all them yr ago