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    Pallet of white parex EHI

    I will have it sounds just enough for a job iam doing at home iam in york 07711012238 and i will pick it up
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    Has anyone heard about any plastreing work going on in germany
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    hi wigan i would be intrested in going back ring me on 07711012238 i still have all paper work for working out there handswerk card witch is re in manhime
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    ds dave

    Saw a job on the web plasterer wanted £8.00 hour must have tools and van be time served with reffrences be able to do every thing for screding to runing cove tiling etc think there taking the fu--ing pi--
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    WOW! Some people are ******

    kids should be at school
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    Per hour plastering jobs

    like i said months ago lets get a list up of all the sh-- payers etc fu-- off
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    I'd like to try marble plastering

    so would keep us posted please
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    bucket scoop

    i agre
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    2 warm 2 work

    whats it like now,is it better fof you
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    i would say let them do it good look. iv had this then had a phone call to say they have made a f--- up iv said not my problem
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    i allso worked there in the 90s we worked direct to a german firm manly doing gips on insides the firm we worked for dont have much inside work anymore but plenty on outsides witch im not to clued up on but they are always looking for gangs they are based nere spyer mannhime, my mates keen to go...
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    Fantastic opportunity

    so how or how knows how to put up a black list of firms taking the pi--
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    wheres the thread about germany mate
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    Fantastic opportunity

    some firms like taking the pi-- we should black list them all on here make list put it up some where on here or up there back s----
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    dryliners/plasterers/renderers required throughout the northwest

    did they say the rates where any good my give them a ring , got a couple of weeks may be longer in front of me but allways on the look out for the chance to earn more doe
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    dryliners/plasterers/renderers required throughout the northwest

    so no one knows what they are paying yet ,
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    dryliners/plasterers/renderers required throughout the northwest

    hi the reff here are they paying good money or do they just want monkeys,
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    jobs to start

    reff hi its the reff i live in york any good to you phone me 07711012238 thanks
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    plasterers isle of white

    IM intrested done plenty of machine plastering num 07711012238
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    putzmeister gipsomat

    I uesd one in germany they are a lot better than a g4 never brake down there like an old mogi 1000
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    MP 75 in grimsby

    when i was in germany we did 150m a day start a 8 finish 4.30 that was 2 of us
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    using A DARBY?

    how in the right mind would use a darby on skim
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    skimming onto dry PVA - will the plaster blow ?

    YES BOTH WAYS ARE fine I like to pva the day before .
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    A cross to bear...

    iv heard it all now
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    skim rates

    i worked on a barn converstion a couple off years ago the owner had the lithuaneas doing all the building work borading brikieing roofing the they tried to skim they made a rigth f--k up i got phone call to have a look it was the worst i had ever seen kids could of done better , i got a very...
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    Collated screwgun

    I use the senco been great had old model first the got newer one after six months. that was six years ago could do with some new batteres now but they will do for the moment
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    Cracking UP

    What I would do is pva then carlite bonding thin coat that takes the dryness out of the old sand cement
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    i use what ever is in the back of the van
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    Hello lads

    well come mate do you follow rugby league
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    my be it was something to do with the beer you han the nite before
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    Machine plasterers wanted

    hi wiganlad its nice to know they were paying that sort of money the northen warrior told me your not a wind up merchant when I spoke to him on the telephone. it would be nice to have a chat on the phone sometime, my number is 07711012238, its just you hear so much misleading info. I have also...
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    Machine plasterers wanted

    what intrestead me was the price you said you where getting the firm we used to work for are only paying 5.50 but they have no inside work at the moment.they have plenty of outsides to do but we havet done a lot of the german stuf outside we manly did gips on the insides now if we can get...
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    Help! Rate this plastering

    was he eastern european they can f--k a job up
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    Hi everyone

    yes it looks like its only going to get wores an when you get something they chip away at the price
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    Too hot for plastering!

    you did right i was in loft today like been spain
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    water pumps for g4

    ok mate, give us a bell if you get offerd any good bends in germany would iove to give it a ago over there again
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    Machine plasterers wanted

    thanks mate,
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    Machine plasterers wanted

    how do you email him warriorupnorth whats a pm him
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    Rock bottom prices!

    you did right £2.50 would better 300 more like it .some ones making money out there and its not the workers
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    water pumps for g4

    iv got 1 in my garage you can have for nowt give me a ring 07711012238
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    Machine plasterers wanted

    hi wiganlad if you get any good jobs out there in germany could you share a bit a info im up for it at 8.50 meter . i was there for 5 years even managed to get the handworks card an its still ok regersted in manhime, so lets have a bit of your good look thanks the reff
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    Machine plasterers wanted

    hi whitbyandy the reff from york on about germany just thinking worked there in the 90s may be wiganlad is just winding people up iv apliyed to adds on the web heard nowt
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    Machine plasterers wanted

    reff any contacts for germany worked there in the 90s