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    Ewi225 base coat

    Been having a go at silicon thin coat system Done a couple of jobs now using ewi 225 base then primer and 1.5 top coat Not been going to bad just get the odd patch on the 225 base coat doesn't seem to rub up great any tips or advice Also seems to pull in quite quick when I'm embedding the...
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    Ewi 225

    Cheers been told to put primer on 1st so should even out suction
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    Ewi 225

    Has any 1 used ewi 225 base coat straight onto brick /block iv been told it is applied 6mm with mesh embedded just checking is 6 mm OK Gonna top with silicon thin coat Newer used the ewi system only used ecorend or Johnstones and they both state 10mm thick Just seeing if any done 6mm...
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    Insta stick with foil backed plasterboard

    Did you use Foilback board I know its ok for normal plasterboard just not sure on foil backed cheers
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    Insta stick with foil backed plasterboard

    Has any1 stuck foil backed plasterboard with insta stick Got a little porch to plasterboard the outside wall has no cavity the wall has been battened so that's all good but there is a small reveal to plasterboard but don't wanna dab it with drywall adhesive as could have problems with damp...
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    Wood fibre boards meet plasterboard

    It's an internal wood fibre board on the pitched ceiling and the external walls and meets an internal stud wall which is in plasterboard
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    Wood fibre boards meet plasterboard

    Yep great thanks for the amazing advice
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    Wood fibre boards meet plasterboard

    Hi I'm doing a job using wood fibre isolair topping with baumit rk70n on the external walls There is internal stud walls with plasterboard where they join what is the best to seal the join between the 2 Fibre tape or pavatex win tape Cheers
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    Job in rugely Staffordshire

    Hi I have some cornice I need applying Square room 4 internal corners Room size approximately 5mx4.3m Cornice is from plaster ceiling rose Traditional Victorian Plaster Coving London 150MM LPC072 Iv done the plastering and can do normal coving but not really done much fancy cornice so want it...
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    Parex parlumiere

    Was looking for some1 to quote to do the job not looking to do it myself as never used that gear Was more looking for some1 with experience with using that product
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    Parex parlumiere

    Has any1 used parex parlumiere clair and topped with parlumiere fin Any advise welcome Having to price up a job for a client I do alot of work for Any 1 local to rugely who as used this product What would be the rate per m2 would you think to charge labour only Thanks
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    Parax parlumiere clair

    Has any1 used parex parlumiere clair Parex parlumiere fin What's it like to use How thick do u apply the clair How thick do you apply the fin I'm gonna contact a parex rep to get some info but best to get some info of people who have used it thanks
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    Recoating silicon render

    Iv never done silicon thin coat done monochouche s&c ocr Been told its piece of piss but never done it looks easy enough and been told its easy just after a bit of advice to start with they've gone below the damp so that needs sorting
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    Recoating silicon render

    These are the 2 pillars they seem to have alot of cracks on and what's the best way to sort along the lead ideally wants a bead as looks wank want a nice straight line
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    Recoating silicon render

    There's no areas that have come away or need filling its just looks wank so needs to be done better then there is a bit above the lead flashing they haven't used a bead they've just tried to blend it in where the lead goes into the wall looks crap all needs a bit knocking of I think and a bead...
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    Recoating silicon render

    Been asked to sort some poor silicon thin coat out done by some1 else Only 2 small pillars If there is silicon thin coat on already but needs to be done again does the original need to be removed back to brick or can it be rebeaded based and meshed primed and topped with silicon render Or...
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    Skimming in wombourne Wolverhampton

    Hi need 2 plasterers or 1 plasterer and 1 labourer To complete a bottom of a house for me On a day rate as there is 2 sections which is off a tower so a bit awkward probably about a weeks work if any1 interested
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    St astier R100

    Hi has any 1 used the r100 any hints snd tips would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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    Timing on float coat

    Hi iv go a little lime job just wondering How long do you leave the float coat before floating up and devil floating any advice appreciated thanks
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    How much you say is fair

    Just can't see any of my clients paying it Some jobs I price I still don't get the jobs so can't see getting more work charging more but will have to see
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    How much you say is fair

    Might have to tell the lads I'll try and charge more for jobs if I don't get no work then no work for them either
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    How much you say is fair

    5 lads Just getting ear ache of them saying they should be on more money which I understand every1 wants to earn as much as possible but not worth all the agro if u don't make anything for all the effort
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    How much you say is fair

    I charge out £170 per day I do alot for small builders so I give my lads £140 per day If I charge anymore i won't get the jobs Do you think this is fair
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    How much you say is fair

    I make £30 a day out of each lad b4 tax just seeing what people think is fair
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    How much you say is fair

    I have a small plastering company and I keep the lads who work for me in work all the time I get all the work I provide all materials and do all paperwork if they finish at 1 and the jobs done I still pay them the full days money what would you say is a reasonable amount of money to be...
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    Plaster coming off when using wallpaper steamer

    Take of what's loose then ask the plasterer to come have a look or send him a couple of pics not hard to sort
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    Universl gypliner wall system

    Ok cheers wasn't sure but thanks
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    Universl gypliner wall system

    Hi Does any one know when fitting this wall system what is the process when the ceiling is sloped how do you get round not having the GL8 track fitted to the ceiling Thanks
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    What to use to level out bowed wall..hardwall?

    Best of knocking it all of lathing it out with treated lath then cellotex and board which is cheaper or put thermal boards on a bit dearer Then skim job done never had damp mould issues again
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    Ideas for fixing to steel cladding ?

    Just build a timber wall with LBrackets fixed to the block wall add wool insulation between timbers then plasterboard Skim
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    Using marbelite

    Any 1 used marbelite before iv been asked to top a swimming pool in it wondered what its like whats the process how long before it firms up rub up/ trowel up Cheers
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    Long hop ups on offer at wickes

    Good hop ups these best 1s iv used
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    First paying Venetian wall

    Did u go on a course or just have a go
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    First paying Venetian wall

    Looks good iv never done it before was looking to get into it what products did you use
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    Silicon thin coat render advise

    Would you do both coats of the x32 in 1 day or do it in 2 days as for the cold weather or do you think its not to cold yet If it was done over 2 days do you scratch the 1st coat as iv been told no but seems a bit not normal to me as normaly any base coat is scratched to receive the top coat ??
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    Silicon thin coat render advise

    Hi lads Instead of putting 2x coats of ecorend x32 with mesh embedded in the 1st coat then a primer then silicon topcoat Could you put base coat of k11/ rend aid with mesh then top coat of x32 followed by primer and silicon top coat I was looking at doing this as the bricks are not the best...
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    Colour matching

    Can any1 tell me the closest colour match for K rend thin coat silicon in colour linen What would it be in weber pral m scratch finish Cheers
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    Cracking plaster on chimney breast above wood burner

    Ocr is good aswell but is a slightly rougher finish than skim so I find cement board and fill beads and tape give the same smooth finish if painted
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    Cracking plaster on chimney breast above wood burner

    I cement board the whole front of the fire place tape and fill then plasterboard and skim the sides of the chimney breast
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    Cracking plaster on chimney breast above wood burner

    If you've got a log burner u shouldnt use anything gypsum as its combustible and will crack I always apply cement board and tape and fill any beads and joints
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    Hi I'm new here and looking for work within Wolverhampton Walsall Birmingham areas. I am very experienced in plastering.

    Hi Abdul drop me an email I work around cannock Stafford and Burntwood areas if your still looking for some work drop me an email to discuss thanks
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    Does that pure finish go on and trowel the same process as multi finish
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    Working out plasterboarding price

    U should be looking to do at least 15 to 20 boards a day minimum If it's easy and straight forward and 2.4 m high could easy get on 30 + a day
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    What to do with these walls?

    Render mesh and tight bonding coat Pva the walls 1st
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    On it

    How much of that do u put in per bag Ta
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    Permanent work in the midlands area?

    I have a new house ready to skim on m2 price in stourbridge think it's ready now but will have to double check let me know if ur intrested thanks
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    Pink grip or plasterboard adhesive

    Drywall adhesive all the way get 2 bags mixed at a time get it on a spot and stand easyer on the back Foam is s**t the insulated boards want to bow in the middle foam ain't got no grab Never used pink grip to be fair but can't see it working that well
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    Skimming on mdf

    Yes he's probably trying to put 12.5 mm or 9.5mm plasterboard around the edge needs 6mm contour plasterboard
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    Skimming on mdf

    Can't you plaster board it and put 6mm plasterboard on the curved edge then use a plastic arch beads on the curve