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  1. Runswithscissors


    Hi - great name!! You asking as an applicator of the render… or the owner of the ass / building after it is installed?
  2. Runswithscissors

    Render options on SIP house

    Hi bud New build SIP houses either have a block and render outside, or have an open top and bottom drained and ventilated cavity between the SIP and the back of a quality render carrier board (created using vertical battens), and then a modern thin coat render applied Think you will struggle...
  3. Runswithscissors

    Can someone help is this condensation or damp. Landlord is saying condensation yet its on the outside of the wall also pics to follow

    If it is condensation, as the landlord claims, you / he needs to ventilate or dehumidify the room… Mold spray won’t stop condensation… Looks more like water ingress, if the outside image is where the inside wall is…
  4. Runswithscissors

    New here! Hi all. DIYer. Advice post flooding.

    Hi buddy You can see you are not going to get a sensible answer this this question…. Reason being - get a good, experienced, time served plasterer, take there advise, and there will not be anything but a square edge with new to old plaster…. Ceilings get reskimmed, or the artex on old...
  5. Runswithscissors

    Internal corner expansion bead

    Give Wemico or SAS a call and ask for their tech team… they have more beads than they show on their website These 2 are the main manufacturers, most of the rest are retailers Good luck
  6. Runswithscissors

    I wanna be a spread

    There are many threads on this topic on here…. Usually late Friday night threads….
  7. Runswithscissors

    I wanna be a spread

    Let’s be honest… this forum makes becoming a spread easy…. Search you situation, find a thread, start reading the posts for useful hel…. Oh…. …. Forget I started this post…. Carry on!
  8. Runswithscissors

    Dotting on to cement boards

    Use cement based tile adhesive when bonding or dabbing cement boards Gypsum dab adhesive needs the water in it to kick the adhesive and cure of the product. Cement boards have high suction and take the water out the gypsum adhesive, cause the cure to be impacted Hope this helps Good luck
  9. Runswithscissors

    Why does every tradesman I met slag off their peers work when they see it?

    As posts on a forum goes…. This one is sh!t….. Lol Your right - egos in the building trade are huge!!!
  10. Runswithscissors

    Learn to spray plaster

    Knauf can offer Ready Mixed Finishing training at either Immingham or Sittingbourne training centres or site training (subject to project type and size)
  11. Runswithscissors

    Redering on eml fix to timber

    Yes - S&C render to EML has been used on TF for years as well… it will crack and fail as the S&C is heavy and brittle…. Why modern, thin coat, lightweight, flexible renders and suitable exterior grade, low or zero organic content boards have now taken over in this application! ….But, when S&C...
  12. Runswithscissors

    Redering on eml fix to timber

    Timber frame structures are natural materials…. They have moisture in the timber. Cladding is weatherproof, if directly applied to a timber frame it traps the moisture in the structural timber, as well as having the dew point directly behind it (or maybe even in the structure), adding more water...
  13. Runswithscissors

    Charge roughcasting?

    If you are looking at getting some roughcasting done, checking market rates…. If the price you have is within your budget (or near), ask for some reference projects to check their work and talk to the people they worked for… If it is good, and with good references, it is good value! You get...
  14. Runswithscissors

    Charge roughcasting?

    Sorry buddy… this forum is a no price discussion zone for spreads…. As someone said earlier… measure your costs and set a price against your worth! ….don’t be driven by a QS or customer - someone will always be cheaper, but what are they getting? Good luck
  15. Runswithscissors

    External render

    Board and modern render is the way to go here without a doubt Do a search on here to get more system info…. As Malc said, find someone who knows what they are doing, done it before and happy to give you references (look at and talk to them) Get product / system help from the suppliers, if you...
  16. Runswithscissors

    EWI Pro thin coat question

    OMG!!!! Danny - close this thread down, pin it to the top of the forum!!! A post has said the supplier is correct!!! Either that, or thumb screws and apology from Gurva Sorry ….. doesn’t happen often….
  17. Runswithscissors

    Sponge render finish on cement board

    Not easy to get a consistent sponge float finish using thin coat renders…. Not really my area of expertise, maybe someone here can advise…. I would usually recommend you talk to a contact at your render supplier of choice’s… ….or, explain to the new customer that they have a different system...
  18. Runswithscissors

    Sponge render finish on cement board

    Loads have used similar products to MS20 onto cement boards…. Almost all do it twice, after it cracks or shells off the first time. They then take it all down and start again using a thin coat render onto a board second time - as they should of done first time around (it’s a learning...
  19. Runswithscissors

    SCiSSORS ✂️

    Please carry on buying …. Times are hard right now… we are sorry… If you are not going to use our finish plaster…. Can I tempt you with some Dutch plaster instead?
  20. Runswithscissors

    SCiSSORS ✂️

    …..I’m Running….
  21. Runswithscissors

    Wood fibre boards meet plasterboard

    Why would an external wood fibre EWI directly abut an internal plasterboard? Is there no door or window ?
  22. Runswithscissors

    Will a gap between render and fascia cause damp issues/blow the new render?

    What is the render applied to? Some render systems need to be open at the top, for ventilation of what is the structure behind… If this is needed, there should be an insect mesh up there somewhere… You can drop the facia down below it, and still leave a gap for ventilation… Good luck
  23. Runswithscissors

    Hi everybody

    Welcome along bud You will find plenty of tools in this forum…. ….oh come on… he set this reply up!!!
  24. Runswithscissors

    Monocouche on render carrier boards

    For people reading this post now and in the future…… DO NOT APPLY MONOCOUCHE OR SCRATCH OR SAND AND CEMENT RENDERS DIRECTLY TO RENDER BOARDS, HOW YOU WOULD ONTO BLOCKWORK !!! These renders are traditionally heavy and brittle and not suitable for direct application to substructures that may...
  25. Runswithscissors

    Aquapanel advice for crumbly corners

    You are going to put tiles on it all anyway and the tile edges are going into those corners - fill the gap with tile adhesive…
  26. Runswithscissors

    Ventec board

    Check with STO, but their board is not a cement based board and will have issues if you use a cement based render on it…. (from memory, their board is a glass and epoxy board, and their renders specifically for the board are all acrylic / mineral based….) If they sent the wrong beads, surely...
  27. Runswithscissors

    Ventec board

    Sure you will need to use a specific STO product… their board is a bit unique, don’t use a cement based product on it!
  28. Runswithscissors

    fixing SS mesh to ply

    Seriously bud - sounds silly… but there are billions of people in the world, and while it is unlikely they will all pass your house and see it… getting someone experienced to render the outside it a VERY wise investment!! More people see the outside of your house, so get it done right by someone...
  29. Runswithscissors

    Cement fiber board

    What’s the board fixed back to? Board for renders are usually fixed to substructures that will move (timber settles, metal expands and contracts) S&C is a hard, heavy and brittle finish… if directly applied to a board, back to a structure that will move, it will crack and fail quickly - maybe...
  30. Runswithscissors

    Sourcing Knauf Interior Skim

    Hi Russ Where are you based? This is not a product that our dealers usually stock - specialist for swimming pool applications…. Give me a call in the morning and I’ll try to help out… Richard Lord Knauf Aquapanel Technical Manager 07918766577
  31. Runswithscissors

    Cement board to drywall

    Get some 2x1 timber to use as studs then… Better to have something to fix a board to, than nothing….
  32. Runswithscissors

    Cement board to drywall

    If there is a batten top and bottom, I would take out what boards are already there, fix vertical studs in between the top and bottom studs at max 600mm centres, fill inbetween with insulation and fix the new boards to them… Hope this helps Richard
  33. Runswithscissors

    Cement board to drywall

    Hi bud Don’t use gypsum dab adhesive with Aquapanel, the suction in Aquapanel pulls the water out the gypsum adhesive so it effects the cure (will work but not as strong) but issue more with moisture from the shower re-activating the gypsum dab adhesive later and tiled boards being heavy might...
  34. Runswithscissors

    Job in France 50min from Calais 20 min from la Touquet.

    Mike wants UK guys to do the rendering…. My French colleague is checking what is needed to clean / replace the boards… Get in there if you want it!
  35. Runswithscissors

    Job in France 50min from Calais 20 min from la Touquet.

    Hi guys Mike has been in discussions with myself (Knauf Aquapanel Technical Manager Uk) ref this job. I advised he should consider looking for UK labour for this project on TPF…. Mike is British We have discussed the fact that the Knauf Aquapanel Exterior boards on this project have been up...
  36. Runswithscissors

    Render on timber?

    hi feel free to drop me a mail and I will send you some details of how to correctly apply a render carrier board to a timber frame As Owls says above, you need a sheathing board and breather membrane to the current structure. The vertical battens tower create a drained and ventilated (top and...
  37. Runswithscissors

    Render carrier board

    Do not use drywall screws outside... over time they will rust (especially if covered in a render) will end up with rust spots coming through, and maybe have the soffit boards fall if the corrode too much...
  38. Runswithscissors

    What would you do here

    Hi buddy I can help and give assistance for this application... all of the advice so far is sound (except Danny’s original post - just no comment... at least he removed and sorted in the end), and your comments ref timber well founded... There are various options: timber or inert noggin within...
  39. Runswithscissors

    Advice regarding metal studs prior to plasterboard.

    45 mm studs....? That sounds like ceiling track....
  40. Runswithscissors

    Full thin coat render price

    There are in excess of 25 Uk based render system suppliers - all supplying thin coat renders.... all very similar, but subtly different... all different specs and price ranges Sooooo many variables - sub-straights and finishes and colours and locations and ...etc, etc.... and you want a price...
  41. Runswithscissors

    Determining the dormer render finish

    Hello buddy what @themucky1 has said is correct.... now that you have the roof tiles on, the only way to make good is by taking off the boards to do the remedial works - you really MUST do this before you put a render on.... Not withstanding the board issues (go search MGO boards - you have...
  42. Runswithscissors

    Anyone need help in Hampshire

    @Dansouthcoast84 been looking....? Hampshire is a tiny county... probably a neighbour....
  43. Runswithscissors

    Mono v thin coat colour difference

    Mono will absorb light and thin coat will reflect it It probably is the same colour... but different textures and finishes....
  44. Runswithscissors

    Rendering quote Bicester

    Go right to the top of the A34.... turn right next to the McDonalds next to Tesco, and then right at the next roundabout ....not sure how I remember that...? Ahem...
  45. Runswithscissors

    Rendering quote Bicester

    Each to their own... this site has all the different build methods and finishes all on one site.... I’d go with a mix of cladding finishes TBH
  46. Runswithscissors

    Rendering quote Bicester

    Right next to the Bicester Village shopping complex Take Mrs Dan up... have a look and hand your cards around... then treat Mrs Dan to the shopping complex (expensive fashion complex really...)
  47. Runswithscissors

    Rendering quote Bicester

    Yeah - biggest site of self build units in the UK Huge development site... had GrandDesigns - The Street on it close to the beginning of the development can buy a plot with planning, the development owner supplies all services to the plot and leave you to it small developers can buy a series...
  48. Runswithscissors

    Rendering quote Bicester

    This was one of them....