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    New toy.

    This might never happen again I'm genuinely intrigued...what is it?
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    Work Predictions 2023 ...

    Its a narnia thing
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    Ain't even got money for Thursday big shop at minute
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    Boyfriend tramp
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    has anyone been knocked for payment before?

    Not reading all that
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    Yeah both s**t
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    Render and lights

    So bored of this question if looks right in normal day light it's right.... Thread closed
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    How to avoid artex skimming failure

    Yer not 1st person that's said that funnily enough
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    How to avoid artex skimming failure

    Ffs when did customers start telling the spread how to prep the job that there quoting for. I'd listen for 10 secs zone out and be gone so would anyone else that's decent and not desperate for work Ffs aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbhhhhhhhh
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    How would you go about it?

    Tbf skimming looks shite also
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    Render ruined by rain

    Never happened
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    Render ruined by rain

    What's your conscious tell you
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    Multifinish v Tape and Joint

    Rather boil my own head
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    Anyone had their work scrutinized by this s**t yet

    Im not jokin if he rocked up on our sites hed be going in boot
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    Business Cards

    Havent handed a business card out for probabley 10yr i just assume people store your number in there bad?
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    Rolling Gauge

    Nice short story that
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    Rolling Gauge

    Lets see him put 18 bags on then instead of talking about it
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    My coving

    Snake...f**k all wrong you melon
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    Even longer story
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    No van

    Not reading all that
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    I wanna be a spread

    Not reading all that
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    I wanna be a spread

    Gisa job
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    Newly Skimmed Plaster Blown?

    Because hes a nob
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    Whys it called Euro scrim??

    Also known as what every builder supply scrim
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    What to do?

    Push trollys in aldi no stress and why not
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    Silicone render

    So why you bothered
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    9.5mm boards

    Want a false plate
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    9.5mm boards

    What were it?...learn nowt from me unless yer @John j then the only way is up init
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    9.5mm boards

    Best thing BG have done is put on there bags that skim is a 2mm finish love poi ting that out to nobheads
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    Staple guns

    And its 1 coated chunk
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    Staple guns

    Do more work then fatty
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    Staple guns

    Be time to go home by the time youve beaded a house up like that
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    Staple guns

    Lets be honest they all break in 6month regardless
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    9.5mm boards

    That makes no sense what so ever
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    Staple guns

    Got to admit think ive tried them all and dont no any that fire straight through metal
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    Staple guns

    Supposed to fire through the holes
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    Awkward t**t

    Look s**t painted & seen price of stop beads nahhh...
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    Re plaster - hallway

    No hate at all
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    Re plaster - hallway

    Still cant believe this products not a wind up
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    Help info needed

    Needs a smaller bath then
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    Help info needed

    Whats the question