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  1. duke163

    Really is it worth the risk.

    Used a bag in a bathroom today , went off pretty quick but did the job Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  2. duke163

    Last room before holiday

    My mate saw a couple of bags in the basement so grabbed one , knocked up and put it on no problem.... turns out it was dated 7/2016 !!! F#ck me that was a hard hit , changing colour as I gave it first trowel [emoji34] oh well holiday time now Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  3. duke163

    Last room before holiday

    Why does this have to be my last room ??? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  4. duke163

    What kind of plaster is this?

    This should help Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  5. duke163

    Xmas Holidays

    We're 25 mins up the coast in puerto de santiago but will be going to siam park with the kids at least once . Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  6. duke163

    Xmas Holidays

    We're out there too from 22nd for a week Can't wait [emoji274] Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  7. duke163

    Bonding Compound on Sandtex?

    Pre-grit and dab it Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  8. duke163

    It's all ready to board n skim

    Turned up to start an extension today , no windows or doors and sparky has surface mounted 40mm deep boxes for every switch/socket ! 10 bags DWA to stick 13 3 metre boards .[emoji34] Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  9. duke163

    joys of plastering

    Got some of this stuff and no cracks so far this year Medicated Barrier Cream Hand Protection (5L). Protects The Skin From Winter Cold & Prevents Dermatitis - Comes With TCH Anti-Bacterial Pen! Sent from my SM-G920F using...
  10. duke163

    Siniat compound

    What did you put it up with ?
  11. duke163


    Arse , fanny and weeping sores ?
  12. duke163

    Trout is the new mackerel

    These gambling ads can't be a good thing for the forum . Is 34 still available????
  13. duke163

    Polished plaster Hertfordshire

    Cheers mate send it over and I'll pass it on .
  14. duke163

    Mist coat bubbling

    Gable end apparently
  15. duke163

    Polished plaster Hertfordshire

    Any of you guys know a good venetian plasterer Hemel Hempstead way ? Job is a feature wall in a bedroom for the wifes niece in the new year . Cheers
  16. duke163

    Gyproc FibaTape Perfect Finish

    A builder supplied some similar tape on a job recently and the weave was so tight the finish was barely touching the plasterboard through it so we binned it.
  17. duke163

    Mono renders... what to do with the dust?

    I tried re-using the dust collected when drywall sanding years back, my mate was crying laughing calling me a tight c#nt and to be fair it was pretty shite
  18. duke163

    Skimming cracking

    Paper tape is less likely to crack
  19. duke163

    refina skimming rule

    I had a go with one good bit of kit felt a bit stiffer than the speedskim
  20. duke163


    It was still better than nothing mind
  21. duke163


    Had 3 days of smooth last week on builders radio was like listening to an old tape over and over again
  22. duke163


    We usually have 6 on , lots of new stuff and good old stuff too.
  23. duke163

    Vimark plastex GB 1

    fine sponge not too wet before first trowel worked for me
  24. duke163

    Vimark ocr

    And the beton rinzaffo, some sort of rendaid ?
  25. duke163

    Ox corner trowels
  26. duke163

    whos in charge while gps is away ...

    Do we go straight to the pub after work Jess ?
  27. duke163

    Ox corner trowels

    We use the ragnis , I prefer it to the 90 degree ones . I just pull the internals on the 2nd coat perfect tool for me
  28. duke163

    Nike SFB

    Combine all 3 by getting some old bird pregnant at line dancing :D
  29. duke163

    float and set near Hook

    Kept in the back with the other tools ;)
  30. duke163

    Fire partition regs

    That looks fooking terrible although I've skimmed worse . Can't imagine what fire rating it would have , 10 seconds ?
  31. duke163

    float and set near Hook

    Let me know if you struggle getting digs as l know a couple of places in Basingstoke that might be available . If Danny is labouring I might even jump in for a day for a bit of 2 and 1 action.
  32. duke163

    float and set near Hook

    My brother also a plasterer does regular milf hunting tours on a friday night lol
  33. duke163

    float and set near Hook

    I'm just up the road if you fancy a few pints .
  34. duke163

    Top deal for mixing drill

    The bosch will mix 5 bags dwa no problem its a beast and last for ever if you maintain it.
  35. duke163

    Top deal for mixing drill
  36. duke163

    Tacking machine

    Yeah £600 absolute bargain he said :)
  37. duke163

    Tacking machine

    Picked myself up one of those fancy tacking machines :D
  38. duke163

    Plasterers get less money

    Personally I don't do any work for someone elses rates or day rates. I have done in the past when working on sites and earnt good money but have worked hard to build up local business without paying any advertising or checkabuilder fees.
  39. duke163

    Plasterers get less money

    I find that people and builders local to me will pay for quality and reliability . Also plenty of house bashers making good money.
  40. duke163


    Thanks guys , I think I'll have a try with a bit before doing it. Its a pretty rough textured finish possibly from sponging
  41. duke163


    Plastic to rub up or stainless all the way ?
  42. duke163


    Thanks Malc , The finish looks like a 2mm bucket coat trowelled. Did you have to use a primer over the base?
  43. duke163


    Has anyone used this product ? I've been asked to quote for 2 blockwork columns on a house that has been built by a german house builder . The main house is a thin coat ewi system but the client has added the columns to form a gateway at the front of the plot . What base coat would you...
  44. duke163


    What would be the point in using it ? I dont see any use for myself on my work .
  45. duke163

    Respotex type wall boards anyone fitted them ?

    I've never used these boards but would it worth plasterboarding the ceiling first (after the battens)to maximise surface for adhesion ?
  46. duke163


    And here's your f#cking hand board :D
  47. duke163

    Speedskim do I don’t i

    Its worth getting off your stilts to use it
  48. duke163

    Vimark plastex GB 1

    No , wet down remix. The plasterboard bits went off quick enough, the re-skim was 4mm to match in existing so hung around a bit I'd say.
  49. duke163

    plasterboard oak beam affect.

    We pulled a load down a few years back , we thought it was timber until we started . Really clever stuff done by a film set plasterer