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    Advice re lime render/lime wash

    He don’t what he’s doing
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    Lime plaster on damp brick walls

    am in Hertfordshire
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    Lime plaster on damp brick walls

    use cow s**t works every time
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    lime plaster skimming how to do corners

    make sure your backing is spot on & don't put the finish on to thick
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    Render on a Victorian Terrace

    do it in 3 coat fat lime it will be perfect , you will never get anymore problems again
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    Render on a Victorian Terrace

    that done surprise me
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    Lime skim on listed building

    its not easy to skim over old lime ,there is not the suction required to get o good finish , two coats of fine stuff first let it dry then 2 coats of 50/50 , but not easy
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    Gable End Damp Roof or Brickwork???

    is the pointing done in sand cement maybe / and roof slate missing on the verge
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    Victorian property external cement render removal

    call me for a chat if you need to res sean
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    Lime ceiling follow up

    3 coat lime putting all the way
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    Hair cracks in render

    Give me a call
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    Limelite high impact plaster

    Skip the lot that gear is cement based crap
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    Questions about lime

    Yep have to be run instiu . Feel free to ring me eazyjet to tell you info then write it all down
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    Damp Job sovereign recommend

    get the rubbish off let it dry and lime plaster it
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    Cleaning old PVA off brick

    scape the surface of the brickwork no easy
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    Questions about lime

    you can use timber angles, work well can get a crack detail , or set up rules and do hard angles does take time ,or run insitu plaster paris corners look nice but all down to what you want to spend .yep do the inside depending on background for which type of lime to use fine stuff good gear just...
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    It's just sand and lime
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    Lime plasterer required in Salisbury

    Take it all off . Re pack the bricks in lime mortar and three coat lime plaster
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    Lime botch job?

    Don't no what to say
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    What's best; Vandex, Dryzone, or something else?

    Fix the problem first out side , then lime plaster it
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    Internal lime plaster

    Am going reinvent the wheel 000.333/kk- //@
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    working on a jacobean house in cheshire

    Well that's the key to it
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    ashlar lines nw1

    A bent screw driver
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    lime render

    Just a brand ,,, come across them that could be painful ha ha
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    Lime render advise please.

    Over to the experts,,,,,,
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    Lime render advise please.

    No need to do that ,no need to do this ,re invent the wheel ha ha .But need to go back when failed
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    Lime render advise please.

    Just knock the lime up first , the add the sand a little hair in the scratch coat helps . Just use a wooden rule ti foam the corners . And float finish we wooded use a sponge on lime
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    Lime Mortar & SP +

    Fat lime will work well
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    Lime plaster setting too fast.

    What's 2,5,1 mix ?
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    We could show you how to do that
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    Soot marks coming back through the lime

    Or water down the the cow s,,t first paint it on and let it dry is does work and not a joke
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    Like rendering over stonework

    Well Haired fat lime scratch coat dub out any holes first
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    Tanking a 400 year old stone cottage

    Nhl 3.5 is hydraulic lime
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    Tanking a 400 year old stone cottage

    just done a job in putney london, job just like yours wet black mould etc . this was soft red brick 9 "we hacked off the killer sand cement dried it out for 4 weeks .plastered 3 coat inside fat lime. Outside nil 3.5 and quest what its now dry as a bone should make video one day .
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    Vandex disaster

    just lime plaster it, mould won't form on lime it an alkaline its as simple as that
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    Fibrous work

    Give me ring I,ll come help you we can run that instiu rgs Sean
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    Re skim with lime finishing plaster

    All ways better to start from scratch really ie three coat work. You will have all sort of problems with that one .Its not that easy to just skim over as people think