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    New (professional) plaster job - lots of hollow patches... Help!

    Yea should of just been taken back to brick and re done, old house with worn out walls should not be just re skimmed. Depending on your budget I’d advise take it back and re do properly otherwise you going to be thinking about it all the time and u will get issues down the line in that room...
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    Plastering work - not impressed what shall I ask for to sort

    Should of videoed him saying that, then give it to specsavers for their next ad
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    Skimming over SBR

    Personally would not trust they did it right. Prep it yourself for peace of mind, it’s a ceiling!
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    Skim over existing plaster, what to do on existing angle beads?

    Just be sure to use a level to make sure they are square. Good luck
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    Artex sucking way too quick

    There’s been a few threads on this, it’s a risk going over artex and if you had issues with the small ceiling you will struggle with the big 1. Explain to the customer the issue with artex and get it over boarded. Give yourself a good chance of getting the job done right, if they are tight and...
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    Skim over existing plaster, what to do on existing angle beads?

    Stick new beads on over the top, use abit of multi mixed up to bed them on, make sure you put a coat of pva on before you put beads up
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    Dry wall adhesive in multi

    How much time does it give mate? Do you use it with 2nd coat 2?
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    Hi mark cracking dot dab

    I nearly ran out of breath trying to read it lol
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    On a scale of 1 to 10 how knackered is your body?

    Im 33, been plastering for only 6 years now but my mentor ( 54) been plastering for many years. He loves it, keeps him active. RSI is usually what affects a lot of guys plastering obviously but if you can do stretches and keep good mobility with your joints you can go for ages. Also good manual...
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    Bostick plastering stabilising primer ( grit)

    Sorry John j, I didn’t see the pic attached thought you was on about the green grit. No haven’t used that product.
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    Bostick plastering stabilising primer ( grit)

    I did I used it over a glossed area and old walls, it went over really nice and controlled the suction well.
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    Bostick plastering stabilising primer ( grit)

    So best stuff to use is BG bond it? I used the green stuff few years back when doing a kitchen, had so issues thus far fingers crossed.
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    Takes proper skill to leave the bead like that
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    Is this good quality plastering? Am I being ripped off? Advice

    True but if they were subbed out to do the job maybe it was just a few bad eggs. Whoever owns the business might not be aware of the finish.
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    Is this good quality plastering? Am I being ripped off? Advice

    You need to be honest and tell them your not happy with the finish! Everyone on here can see its shite. If they have any decency then they will sort out there mistakes, if they get pissed then report them to trading standards. Don’t pay them anything until it’s sorted. Good luck
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    Large ceiling - can I split over several days

    Do a rolling set to make it easier for you, break ceiling down into 2 parts, Wack on first section, mix up 2nd section put that on then flatten 1st then 2nd section etc. That way your using fresh gear makes it a lot easier.
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    Mental Health

    I think it’s definitely a big issue nowadays with how society is and the pressures from inflation and rising cost of living. Being a hard worker doesn’t guarantee anything now and people are always looking to exploit to get ahead in life it’s sad really.
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    No architrave question

    We used stop beads up against the linings, creates a nice neat finish.
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    Drunk driving

    Well yea worst case scenario in all cases that’s right but….. lol
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    Drunk driving

    I’m not saying that Speeding isn’t dangerous of course it is and I’m not the type of person who speeds often, but if you look at the law if your pulled whilst drunk you get the book thrown at ya and if your pulled speeding ( depending on how fast your going) you get a ticket or points on licence...
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    Drunk driving

    Everyone speeds that’s a fact! And yea experience plays a big part of this, as to whether you can control your vehicle. Look at Germany they have no speed limit on their main roads. Your trying to compare speeding just as bad as drunk driving but it’s no where near the same level.
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    Drunk driving

    It all depends on the experience of the driver with regards to speeding. When you drunk and behind the wheel all your senses are compromised, total inability to control the car and react to hazards etc. but they are not in the same league.
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    Drunk driving

    Sorry for your loss bud, it’s so difficult isn’t it? Sometimes I just start crying out the blue it never really gets easier, you just learn to deal with it anyway you can. 2017 was my hardest year as my mum died of cancer in the January then he died just before Xmas that same year! It fucks you...
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    Drunk driving

    My best mate died when he decided to drive home drunk, also caused severe injuries to the people in the other car. I was so angry at what he did and how his actions changed so many lives that night but I miss him so much. I now play golf regularly with the firefighter who was on scene that...
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    Using SBR before skimming

    Ignore him bud he’s a dick head.
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    Artex ceiling

    Theres many companies that can test but if it’s council house you may be able to get them to do it?
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    Artex ceiling

    What year was the house built? Any house built pre 1980s could contain asbestos. I’d get it tested to be safe.
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    happy xmas

    Merry Xmas all. Have a good 1
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    Is this job satisfactory?

    It’s careless to leave the wall in that state. How thick was the artex? Did you guys agree to just skim or did he advise to overboard? How much did he charge?
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    Likes on Facebook page

    Iv had a lot of work through FB tbh, but I live in a close knit community so word of mouth works really well. I think where you live helps as in a big town or city your like an ant in a forest to start with. Iv never really paid for boosts but keeping it updated etc helps and always good to put...
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    High suction on plasterboard joints??

    Could be the adhesive between the joints? Sometimes they dry a lot quicker, especially if the board work ain’t great. Or maybe they used the cut sides to butt up against each other which again can suck in moisture from skim
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    Boarding ceilings

    Yes sorry I was referring to the board lifters @smoother09 posted.
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    Boarding ceilings

    Iv had 1 few years now, great bit of kit if your working alone.
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    When to use speedskim

    anyone tried the PF version for final pass? Leaves a lovely finish.
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    When to use speedskim

    I agree with you when it pulls in quicker in summer but in winter it hangs like hell so I like to leave it 5-10 mins, just my preference.
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    When to use speedskim

    Let it pull in abit before using it on final coat, but it still needs to be workable otherwise you can get it too late. It will be abit of trial and error to start with but you will know the timings once you done it a few times. If you use it straight away on second coat you run the risk of...
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    asbestos worries

    If it comes back positive cheapest solution is to overboard and skim. Otherwise it will cost you a lot to have it removed. The holes in your airing cupboard could be glory holes? I had this issue I’m my house.
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    Plasterboard suggestions for the ceiling of a small en-suite

    Try using a wallpaper steamer on the grouting, only hover it over the grout, this will make it a lot easier to remove.
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    Plastering advice please

    Looks like close up pics of the moon! Terrible. As stated above needs re skimming. Could be poor trowel technique or improper use of plastic trowels used too soon? Get another reputable plasterer in, don’t let the builder pull the wool over your eyes.
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    Plasterboard suggestions for the ceiling of a small en-suite

    Do you have an extractor fan fitted? If not get 1 as will help reduce mould/ moisture buildup
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    Fireplace help advice

    Done a repair job recently, inside area was skimmed, generally ok but the top section just cracks from the heat so had to disagree. The area had over 100mm clearance.
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    Kick in the nuts

    Atleast you get a good tan lol.
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    1st job nerves.

    Just relax and engage with the customer, sheet up and keep everything clean and tidy. Don’t over do it and do what you can handle! Speed comes with experience. Good luck
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    Kick in the nuts

    Yep I hate plastering in the heat, especially when doing lofts.
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    Renovation of bathroom

    Remove and re do is best option.
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    Difference between a Darby and a Speedskim?

    Try the plastic flex version on final pass, works a treat!!