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  1. Richard Drayton

    Does anyone actually love plastering still

    After 30 years plastering i joined the black hats and started supervising! And although i enjoy the different challenges that it gives (t**t agents) nothing beats the reaction of a client when you turn a shithole into a brand new room. Maybe im lucky, always had a good bunch around me and have...
  2. Richard Drayton

    Speedskim® The NEW SF is Here!

    Thanks they had their first use today 35m hit on old crap artex sealed with better contact and it was a doddle apart from laying in barely broke a sweat! Big day tomoz but all on board
  3. Richard Drayton

    Speedskim® The NEW SF is Here!

    Just ordered a 600 and a 1200 any advice on storage
  4. Richard Drayton

    Storing Your Plastering Trowels

    I store mine in a sto bucket I can get everything I need for a days plastering in it.i have a plastering bucket a monocouche bucket and a sand cement bucket and I need a bigger shed!