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    thirsty and i need a lurker

    I'll go for you. Wanna send me your credit card?
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    Probably the biggest house I’ll ever do.

    Might want a labourer or 5 for this :)
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    Its good to be back

    Herpes is more fun... Or catching it is anyway.
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    Best way to cut aqua panel?

    I'd do it this way. Use a blade with high tooth count
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    Plastering in Leeds

    How long did the job take? Go back and key the wall for a reskim
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    Probably the biggest house I’ll ever do.

    Got any update photos yet?
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    Having a brain fart...

    Otherwise known as a vomit bench
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    Its good to be back

    Once a spread always a spread it seems.
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    How to lime plaster?

    Will do. Thanks again
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    How to lime plaster?

    Thankyou. Will try a load of fat lime then.
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    tiger stripes

    Seems like a nice guy... Nothing like shouting at everyone to make people like you
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    Tool insurance claims

    How does that even work.... Why would the lights be connected to the locking system anyway . Stupid system..
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    Bosch pro tools around half price.

    Link looks broken to me anyway
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    Expensive trowel

    How on earth did you manage that? Id just throw myself off the lift if I did that
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    Skim Painted brick

    Tried that. Didn't work.
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    Skimming neat and tidy without spat/speedskim

    How does extra time compare to just using nice cheap cream of tartre?
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    This is what happens when a group of men get together and talk about measuring and leveling things.
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    They are both the same virus but come out in different ways
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    cork handle or similar

    Plastering gloves? Otherwise known as gloves?
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    How to lime plaster?

    Just to give a little more info. I have a room in my 1850s home and the outside wall is painted. Unfortunately. I don't have the cash to strip this currently. Its a massive wall. But the paint is in good condition and mortar looks intact. The previous owners let the gutters overflow for a long...
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    How to lime plaster?

    Anyone got any good resources to find out about lime plastering particularly on heritage properties? Some places recommend NHL2.5 but others say that I should use fat lime as the 2.5 is likely harder then the mortar previously used therefore a softer like should be used to aid permiability...
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    St Tropez all the way!

    Pffffft.... And I'm spending my Sunday sat in my own mess....
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    Meet and greet

    I can imagine a plasterer vs skimmer scrap on a night out
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    Shingles is the devil .Takes forever to go
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    Designing logo

    He won't.... Its the wash basket :p
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    Im married. Nothing let's me pull
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    And they look sexy too
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    EBay 20% off until 6pm today

    Missed it. That made me sad
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    Andys Gs Mrs here!- He dosent do computers so introducing the Old Patcher!

    Everyone can do everything thanks to youtube.
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    New trowel case coming soon

    I don't think enough things double as a kettle. Marshtown permaflex kettle..... Would be awesome
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    Plasterboard question

    Just dot it. Will be fine
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    More tools vince

    Is that Aldi or lidl...
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    More tools vince

    I might buy two
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    Designing logo

    Im sure it will. Might wanna attach a disclaimer too
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    For all the lurkers!!!

    35 posts per hour for 57 weeks
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    Cracks in Newly Skimmed Over-Boarded Ceiling

    Not true... I always guarantee my work will crack.
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    Designing logo

    OK I'm done having fun now :)
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    There's nothing quite like a sauna s**t
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    Every time I get like that... I pull a muscle and cant work for a week. Like today.
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    Worst disasters

    Well today I forgot to pva a wall.... It's all on tho. And still stuck. :)
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    Been caught out

    Ohhhh mixer Now sell it and go to disney land
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    VW Electric Vans by 2022

    I do honestly forsee car parks full of charging points and nobody's car is parked at thier house.... The car drives away... Enters a secure parking facility. Charges itself. Then returns to you when you want it. Never needing to search for a parking space again. The car will know a bay is free...
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    VW Electric Vans by 2022

    I have a friend who drives a leccy as its a business car and they have green emissions targets as a big business. So they don't care about the cost. That's mostly who will be driving these.
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    VW Electric Vans by 2022

    I don't see how people can charge who don't have thier own driveway. We need self driving cars that can drive to thier own charge point and dock