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    Would like a realistic supplied price??

    your looking at around 14m2 all in with screed pump call paul on 07585727688
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    Minimum screed

    church you havent got a clue every screeder i no uses refina screed rules you try laying 150m2 a day using anything heavier than a 80mm ally screed rule you wouldnt be seen for weeks
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    Putzmeister Knee pads

    they do but they are pants the knee pads are good but the straps are pony
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    K screed alternatives?

    tarmac pozement
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    Screed pump clogging up, help!??

    one of the major faults on a screed pump is the down pipe on the outside of the pump attaches to the outlet to pump air in to the screed hose have had hired pumps myself where this was full of screed from previous hire it must be checked every day cause if you block the hose maybe cos of a dry...
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    just lay the thickest part with a sbr screed make a good sbr and cement slurry and make sure you lay on top whilst still tacky will stick like **** to a blanket and then latex the thinner parts
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    Ad hoc sand n cement screeder needed

    hi my name is paul screeding for over 25yrs now if anything comes up contact me on 07899927089 live in bromley
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    Flexi screed F0

    think flexi dry is one of the worst products to use pumping as it just makes the mix to wet if your pumping a distance plus i cant stand the guy who owns the companyt
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    how do i send a private message

    how do i pm
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    screeding work

    based in kent but will travel for the right job and prices
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    screeding required

    hi just wondered if you still looking for a screeder pump no problem im based in orpington so burgess hill not to far away call paul on 07899927089
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    screeding work

    im a screeder with over 25yrs exp looking for work as a cancellation in work has left me with a gap to fill so anything about please contact paul on 07899927089:RpS_thumbsup:
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    hi louis its paul firminger screeder spoke to you on friday if your looking for good suppliers donw my way london / kent got a few suppliers you might find handy if interested give us a call monday 0789927089
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    Is Cemex Supaflo screed cheaper than buying pre-bagged screed and mixing it myself?

    just the comment about liquid screed being a better conductor of heat absolute nonsense screeding for 25yrs now so many main contractors turning away from liquid screed back to traditional especially housing where they want the screeding done these days with no roof and no windows in
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    screeding labour prices

    hi im a screeder in the london/kent area is it me or are screeding labour prices getting tighter been in the game 25yrs and though worked all through the current climate never been so cut throat having to smash down 150m2 a day in a 2man gang to make a decent wage:RpS_scared::RpS_scared::RpS_scared:
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    Looking for a decent box rule.

    one member was right im a screeder and the best thing go on refina site and get a 2m or 2.5m screed rule will cost you about 35 quid