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    Lancaster - plasterer with Bauwer products experience, or similar

    I just wondered if Bauwer and Vimark and still active in the UK, their Facebook pages are out of date. We used their products previously and was thinking of again.
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    Arenino blanco

    That finish looks great, I had asked about your customer's choice of colour before. You said they'd gone for the white although they wanted an antique white just as I do. In the photo I must say it looks a good colour, contrasted with the windows and fascia it would appear to be a more...
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    Vimark or Parex over painted render?

    Hi, Did your client pick Arenino finish? I was looking for an antique white also. Sample of ivory looks a bit of a cream colour. Don't know whether it's worth getting a bag to see the colour on a larger area.