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    Guess who's back on the trowel

    The bath room celling only had 2nd trowel over it
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    Looking for work anything will do desperate

    I'm a labour been on a plastering course so can plaster but can't find no work around Essex area if anyone knows off anything even if it's a day please could you help
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    Any one looking for a labourer Essex

    looking for a labouring job
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    Improver looking for a new teacher

    Cheers lads still ain't had a chance yet
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    Improver looking for a new teacher

    Hello my names levi and Ive currently have just come out of a plastering labouring job I am doing a private nvq course and would love to learn the trade but don't want any just to say they will teach me and not I'm in the Rayleigh area in Essex if you want to know more give me a call on ‭‭ 07903...
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    Anyone looking for a plasterer improver

    I'm currently doing my nvq2 and have been labouring and doing bits for the last year and abit and would like to find a improver job I'm in Rayleigh area please give me a call ‭‭07903 369985‬‬