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    Need a have

    Social interaction?
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    York in morning

    It’s like the online equivalent of watching a blind football match (its a real thing)
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    Drink driving

    If this tit spent as much time spreading as he does posting b@llocks on tpf he could be a millionaire Rodney...but then again a million quid would probably make he feel all sad inside *sniff*
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    Bathroom s

    Best reply ever!
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    Don’t squat with your spurs on
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    hello from me

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    Some people.

    There isn’t a TV that could cover this shite up... Customer: “I thought he was cheap but he said to get decorator to sand it before painting, can you sort it out?” Me: ‘I can sort it out with a chisel and start again” Customer: “I thought you might say that, I’m on a budget can you do it for...
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    Plastering machine for skimming

    If anyone could relate to a c**t it’s Andy G...
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    Plastering machine for skimming

    If any one could relate to somebody brain dead it’s Andy G...
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    New boy

    Hi pal.
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    Thing about leaving forum

    Who the holy f@ck has time or inclination to make fake accounts on a plasterers forum?! There is an even bigger d*ckhead behind the d*ckhead!
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    Sick of poor joinery and brick work

    Should have worked harder in school.
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    Thing about leaving forum

    Seen. I suppose we all have a d*ckhead around somewhere! If you don’t know which one they are then it’s probably you! Just a shame the forum is drowned out by all the pointless blah blah posts he sticks on...
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    Thing about leaving forum

    I’m pretty new on the forum but one thing is clear.. This guy is a d*ckhead.
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    Salutation to all

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    Hello from a new member.

    Hi Pal. Welcome.
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    Is it wrong that this entire thread has made me hungry?
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    Back again...

    Chesterfield/Sheffield area Pal. I tried to get away but missed waking up coughing with achy elbows!
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    Back again...

    Roger. Good shout.
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    Back again...

    Ah gotcha. I too am a bit of a tool but a different tool!
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    Back again...

    Explain please?
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    Back again...

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    Back again...

    Labouring and learning how to put on from a team of top guys for 6 years. Done waterproofing and rendering. Not a top class spread but working at it and watching the guys that are pros. Time to up my game!
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    Back again...

    Morning all Back on the tools and on TPF after getting laid off a cushy ‘normal’ job. Actually looking forward to mixing up with Popmaster on the radio! Based North East Derbyshire/Sheffield and working with a mate who is a cracking spread. Give me a shout if anybody needs a chuck. Stay safe...
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    Plasterer/gang required asap

    Hi If this work is in north Derbyshire area I would be happy to come and take a look. Thanks Seedy
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    Full-time position available in Sheffield

    Thanks, Damp yes Timber not so much, all staff doing the CSSW and CSRT surveyors quals with the PCA to get the skills.
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    Full-time position available in Sheffield

    Office is in Heeley S2 so as long as they can get there every day...Thanks for the support
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    Full-time position available in Sheffield

    Open to both really, anybody who wants to raise the profile of tradesmen through good attitude and hard graft!
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    Full-time position available in Sheffield

    Both drained cavity membrane and cementitious (Sika) work. Full jobs from start to finish.
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    Full-time position available in Sheffield

    Thanks Yes from Sheffield
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    Full-time position available in Sheffield

    Hi Basement conversions mainly. Thanks
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    Full-time position available in Sheffield

    Hi I am looking for labourers/starters for full-time long term work in Sheffield. Need switched on folk who want to be part of a good team who work hard but have a good time doing so! Positive and professional attitudes and a desire to progress are a must! Thanks
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    Trainee/Labourer Mansfield or Chesterfield area

    Hi. Are you interested in work in Sheffield? Thanks
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    labouring or apprentice work LINCS/NOTTS (willing to relocate)

    Hi. Are you interested in work in Sheffield?
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    possibility of work in sk17 area

    Sorry, sorry was posting on the hoof! Bothamley & Widdowson Plastering of Sheffield - Premier Plasterers All details on the website if you need! Good luck with the job regardless Jay.
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    possibility of work in sk17 area

    Hi Jay We work round Matlock and surrounding areas a lot, if you struggle to find single blokes let us know, we've got about 8 blokes working for us most of time (ALL work is 2 coat and top standard. Cheers
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    Bathroom Skim, Derbyshire/Notts

    Dude. Leave your number. Out.
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    Van van vans!!! :(

    Just bought a 2005 swb tranny (van not bird with stubble) with 100k on clock for £1800. First van and well happy so far. It's the 85bhp 280 but got plenty of pull thanks to a reconditioned turbo. Spent half a day ply lining and putting a raised platform in so it can take 20x 8ft boards under...
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    Rotherham / Sheffield painter/decorator

    Feel free to drop me a line on 07590074076 and I'll put you in touch with him pal
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    Rotherham / Sheffield painter/decorator

    Ey up What size job you looking at pal? A good mate of mine is a P/D but works on his own
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    Ey up. Nowt better than chips on the beach at Clee...
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    Greetings all

    No No No No No. Go to a happy place, go to a happy place... *rocks back and forth*
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    Greetings all

    Sorry BigFella, no take-backs.
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    Greetings all

    Cheers all, forgot to say, south yorks based. Up the blades.
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    Greetings all

    Hi All, New member, been labouring for a firm of plasterers for a while now, decided to jack in the well-paid office job and get mucky full-time! Going on a four day plastering course out of my own pocket to show commitment to the firm as they will be training me up from then on, thought id...