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    How much accelerator to add spraying thincoat?

    Any ideas on how much accelerator/ water to add to full silicone this time of year? We are using fassa rsr421. ?
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    Delaminating thincoat on renderboard

    Thanks for replies, resistant rep has been down and wrote a report. Boards are perfectly fine of course. The fitter has built it wrong . Not proper ventilation at bottom n top. Which I understand has to be right . We have rendered it wrong apparently. The board must of had dust on it. We put it...
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    Delaminating thincoat on renderboard

    Got a problem on a thincoat job we did 18 months ago. We thincoated 3 houses on same street by the book and no problems at all in Johnstone’s. Then one of the customers had a timber frame extension built which was renderboarded ready for us. We had to obviously use Johnstone’s to match the rest...