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    Ain't been fishing for ages

    The bit I'm finding annoying is I'm allowed to go fishing but not allowed to travel the 45 miles to the cost that I need to go fishing.
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    TPF Official Fishing Thread

    Which, doggies or thornies?
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    TPF Official Fishing Thread

    It's at Perch Rock on the Wirral. Get there 3 hours before low tide, use mackerel as bait... Or squid and Sandeel and good chance of landing a decent thornie.
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    TPF Official Fishing Thread

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    Padded straps for stilts

    I had some room and had just built a land rover.
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    Padded straps for stilts

    It's the Land Rover badge.
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    Padded straps for stilts

    Anyone know where to get the velcro style padded straps for a set of stilts? Using my stilts more and the straps are crippling my legs after a few hours. Wearing shorts makes it a lot worse but I don't want to sweat my Knackers off in long trousers.
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    Have you got a link to the straps you bought? I'm after some that don't cripple my legs.
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    Bathroom help please

    Thanks folks. Ended up using tile backer boards around the bath/shower and blue grit painted moisture boards everywhere else..
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    Bathroom help please

    Hi folks. My boss has tried taking the tiles off in his bathroom, I was going in to just re skim it (was a plasterer for years but been out of it a long time now). Anyway, everything has come of back to blocks. Some areas will be tiled (shower area etc) ad done will be painted. Things change/...
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    I had a petrol transit a few years ago, I'm sure you can still get them. Problem is, once everyone dumps diesel and switches to petrol the tax on that will go up more. Years ago the government gave you a grant to get lpg fitted. When I had that on my 3.5 v8 110 it was 29.9 p/l..once the scheme...
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    Box Sets

    Ripper street Strike back New tricks
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    complete plastering tool kit ?

    Get one what for 109? A half decent mixer and transformer is more than that.
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    Got myself a new trowel

    I've used worse.:LOL:
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    Looking at birds

    I just say to Wife Face "why don't you look like that?" The usual response is "At last I'm not ginger like you!"
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    This years Christmas pastime

    I just couldn't get into Breaking Bad at all. Same with Game of Thrones and Prison Break. I seem to be the only person on earth who doesn't like them.
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    This years Christmas pastime

    What about The Six Million Dollar Man or Automan or even The Man From Atlantis. I'm halfway through Kolchak: The Night Stalker.
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    My sons 21st

    G Shock. He can wear it to work and it'll look cool covered in s**t. Throw it in the sink and it'll look cool underwater. Wear it again and it'll look cool. Indestructible and a million styles/ prices to choose from.
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    How did i get here ??

    I know Terry from Discharge. Not well but enough say hiya. I know the Broken Bones lads as well.
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    Skimming done recently

    I can't see how anyone who's been doing it for 10 years can think that's acceptable.
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    Anyone else ever leave notes

    I found a few old Roy of the Rovers comics on top of some boards when I ripped a ceiling down a few weeks back. Not worth much and a bit dusty but interesting.
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    Using stilts for ceilings

    Boarding ceilings is how I learned on them. If you feel yourself going there's always a joist or sommin to grab onto. Give it an hour and you'll be wandering round like it's natural.
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    Using stilts for ceilings

    I tend to put ceilings on from a hop up so I can mix and dump it on the spot. I'm too old to be climbing about with buckets. Once it's on the spot it's impossible to get from on stilts. Once the skimming it's all on I strap myself in and trowel up from stilts. I find they make it miles easier.
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    van camping

    Oh right.:LOL: Well, carp fishing hardly counts anyway. Lol. You need line the van with insulated boards. Your gonna bloody freeze.
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    van camping

    Where are you heading to? Real fishing or pond/lake/river?
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    New trowel

    I used an oilstone to get my last carbon trowel started. Still need a bit of work though.
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    bloody stuff

    Yeah, it needed sealing (ha..ha..) Looks like first coat did a good job anyway. At last it's ready to skim next time.
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    bloody stuff

    I got to a mate's house that I'm doing right through at 9 this morning. I stuck pva on the hall ceiling about 7 last night then rolled second coat on first thing today. It's now almost 1 and it's still wet and slimy. Bah! Sod it for today, I'm giving up. This was going to be the last mix...
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    Money on the side

    I always used to do small welding type bits and bobs until the firm I worked for went bump. I'm now a full time engineer/welder/dogsbody and do plastering on the side to make extra cash.
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    Plastic trowels

    I actually like using the Refina white plastic ones made for white cement work. Final trowel and polish with it. That's the one.
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    does anyone know anything about mixers

    If it works fine once it's going but won't actually start turning on it's own it might simply be a capacitor blown. Have a toy round underneath any covers by the motor for a cylinder type thing and look if it's gone fat. If the sides bulge it then it's a 5 min replace job. Not sure if mixers...
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    New twitch ( corner trowel)....

    Bah! It seems I am an idiot. Cheers mate. I'll need go buy a 90 now.
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    New twitch ( corner trowel)....

    Hmm...... I thought it was a 90...I'll have to check it.
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    New twitch ( corner trowel)....

    I bought a new Marshalltown one a couple of weld back. Bloody thing is horrible. Leaves terrible lines down the corners. I'm going to have to put a bend in the wings I think. It's easier to do wet corners than to mess about filling in lines.
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    Why would u even turn up

    Haha, it's always a giveaway when they turn up with a brand new set of perfectly clean tools. We had one gang working on a school in Northwich who actually told us they'd bought the tools off eBay the week before because they heard it was good money and "didn't look to difficult to do". They...
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    Why would u even turn up

    A few years ago we were doing a few barn conversions and the company were pulling in subbies to help push them along. We had an old bloke turn up with a young lad. Plasterer was over 70, labourer was 19. The old fella was saying how he'd been plastering all his life and was just starting to...
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    What aspect of plastering do you enjoy most?

    I quite like it when the customer gives it the " it really makes a difference" line. I like walking into a bare brick room that looks like it should be condemned and in a day or 2 turning it into someone's pride and joy.
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    jute /hessian scrim

    20 odd years ago I was working on a maintenance contract on RAF Stafford. Any new build we did they insisted on the walls having a coat of bonding, Browning on top and Carlite finish as final coat. We had to dute scrim all internal corners on every coat. Madness.
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    Handle question

    Thanks for the offers. I'm still not 100 percent getting one, if I do (99 percent) I'll definitely give you a shout. Very kind of you both.
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    Handle question

    Haha, cheers folks. I've tried Tyzak and Ragni and don't like them, actually slung the Ragni, been using M/town for about 24 years now so think I'm just set in my ways more than anything. I used to work with lads who had trowel handles covered in plaster, dried and wet..I used to cringe. Haha...
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    Handle question

    I'm toying with getting a Nela s*p*r*lex but I don't like the cork handles. Can they be swapped for a durasoft handle? I want to take it off a knackered trowel, it's well worn in and fits my hand nice.
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    late payers but a freind

    Could be best 200 quid you ever spent. Ask him direct for it. He don't pay up then fcuk him.
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    Whos doing what today?

    Just dabbed a room out and said balls to it..I'm now gonna go sort the brakes on my land rover.
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    External bead problems

    How are you fixing the beads? If you are using finish to stick them it's it causing the skim coast to bubble? Does it do it if you fix the beads with nails?
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    Skimming and joint taping tapered edge boards

    Just scrim the joints and skim in board finish.
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    When a customer try's to plaster them selfs.

    I love it when they've tried themselves. You can charge a bit extra cause they know they can't do it. Went look at one room and there were lengths of cove everywhere and loads of offcuts. The bloke had had a quote to fit coving and said piss off I'll do it myself before paying that. He didn't...
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    Youtube Videos Learning

    Does anyone actually put plaster in a bucket like that instead of tipping it in? And be there all bloody day mixing in yellow buckets. 2 handboards and it's gone
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    How to finish boarding my ceiling splayed edge

    Easy...board the flat section and lane the board an inch too long. Rest the raked board onto the back of the flat board and fix. Cut the flat board off in line with the raked board. Plasterer should simply fix a 3mm stop (bendy) bad along the edge and high you'll get a perfect finish.
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    Road Tax

    Yeah, obviously very slowly in my case.haha.
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    Road Tax

    I've got a battered old land rover....approx 15mpg.. 2.25 petrol....12 months road tax...£0.00. Lovely.