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    has anyone been knocked for payment before?

    Can we have our ball back? :chica:
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    has anyone been knocked for payment before?
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    The blow job was invented long before you got some pure finish. Now wipe that cum off your chin.
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    They will do Gary, I’ve ran full length of the country trying to find some pure finish.
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    Pull socks up
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    Work boots

    Hard to pick up his fork in boots.
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    Plastering gone off too quick !

    Probably whipped it off your washing line and wacked some sleeves on it.
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    Eze k4

    I think you’ve bought his monomix mate, it was on its last legs 7 year ago. Hope you didn’t much more than scrap for it. It’s practically a wheelbarrow with no handles.
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    Render and lights

    Meanwhile @John j ’s
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    New Media wall to be replastered/skimmed - Essex RM8

    He’ll have to wait for you to get back to sort it.
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    New Media wall to be replastered/skimmed - Essex RM8

    Round about the same time @Cockney1 flew out to cypress collecting glasses @John j
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    RIP Robbo?

    He had three (3)
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    RIP Robbo?

    Might be the same bloke that was on his, ruffling feathers. Nevertheless part of the TPF family
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    Pink dri wall adhesive

    Are you sure it wasn’t the sun rising that made it look pink at 20 past 4? Did it stick like dry wall adhesive?
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    Hi DIYer with weberpral m questions

    Use timber or composite clad, you could even extend it higher so your not looking at the back or cars so much. Remember you can screw a screw in half way and it still be the same the day after. You mess that up with render you’ll be looking at it till you can afford to do something else with it.
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    Hi DIYer with weberpral m questions

    Do yourself a favour and leave it as brick. Will look shite in 18 months
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    DIY plasterboarding?

    Did you send the missing words to Andy?
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    DIY plasterboarding?

    @John j actually does jobs like this. @essexandy will back me up on it because I imagine he gets bombarded off John to.
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    Monocouche rendering - has a poor job been done?

    I’m more puzzled as to why you’ve been called out to look at it. If you don’t know if it’s a good job or not.
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    He’s done his back garden, it looks like a golf course. The part in the rough.
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    You could always get into turfing. :rolleyes:
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    Water shortage

    Does this make you applecidervinegarasexual?
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    Water shortage

    That’s Carl
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    Monocouche Render on Exterior House

    Flat backed head brigade could of done this.
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    Smooth life (+ limewash)

    Boards and screws adhere pretty well when used together.
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    Grey plasterboard on ceiling under wallpaper

    It’s grey skim Rodney, you plonker!
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    Skimming around chimney breast

    Thought it was a typo and you was skimming a round chimney breast. That would of been interesting. You need to put pictures up.
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    Plaster advice

    Sweet Mary mother of Jesus, you just devalued your home. Or someone else’s poor abode.
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    How would you plasterboard this steel beam?

    Be more bothered about skimming that ceiling with the odd screw and washer holding it up.
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    Plastered ceiling dips at one end

    Plaster over the bricks. Shite anyway
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    Loading your Hawk….

    You say it like you don’t already
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    Loading your Hawk….

    Being on the forum 24/7 isn’t a sport.
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    K Rend rising damp problems, desperate for a solution!

    This job has been on before @Danny
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    Spray Cork

    Are you still dishing out free balloons Ryan?
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    I do wonder where he gets his habits from. :birras:
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    How many coats did he give it Chris? :rayos:
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    Timings of skim

    Poor c**t has forgot his password too now, can’t get back on to read the sound advice. :pcmala:
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    Electric switch covered in plaster, now light doesn't turn off

    Not brilliant and not the worst I’ve seen, you shouldn’t need to sand new plaster before decorating. Looks like they’ve struggled on fresh boards. Hope it’s being coved too.
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    What is causing this?

    Wet as an otters pocket, cavity could be full of s**t, rain coming in around the windows. Leaking pipe outside. All sorts, what’s on the other side of that?
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    Help Needed to save this Pls

    Chuck a couple of handfuls of dot in it.