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    Shaddow gap lighting skirting board

    Hi have any of you guys have any pics of shadow gap lighting at skirting board height and how do you finish of the gap below or do would you use Track lighting got a job where the client is asking for it
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    Gots a Nelamax

    Jess They are good a lot more stiffer than a midi which I use a lot the only down point is they are a bit heavier than most
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    Lodan I did c&g level 1 &2 2 nights a week for a year on fast track course be ready for your head to explode with ohms law . Eddy currents .volt drop and a load more s.....t to be honest the practical side was easy for me but the classroom s...t you dont even need to know half of it
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    Black bits.

    I always love to see Greg's comments it makes my day top bloke
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    SPEEDSKIM® – Thanks Plasterers News!

    Whens the new ox speed skim pf being launched the one Scottie had been trialling
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    Eze spat blade replacement

    Cheers Scottie I will give it go tommorw
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    Eze spat blade replacement

    Has any body else had problems when putting and new blade in the eze spat because mine just keeps falling out put the old one back in perfect I use my spat a lot and never had any problems before with the blade coming out
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    Lower Back ache

    Stop leaning back for your selfIves and bending over reading the backs of plaster bags for instructions (y):)
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    Flexi tubs

    They are the best flexible tubs I have ever used so strong and handles still good
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    First use of a s*p*r*lex

    If you want to shine your walls like glass just use a saints trowel no effort 1 pass and shine Im a matt and flat man myself
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    Worst disasters

    The one for me was with a wash out bucket triped up over the customers flip flop on the bottom of the stairs dirty water every where I said who put that there 3 hrs later still trying to get the walls and carpet clean
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    Out of date multi

    Multi bad enough to use in date never mind out of date :frenetico:
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    Sponge float!

    I think I might have a blast with the sponge dose it have to be sprayed with water before you sponge it or just when its pull in a bit zombie could do with a quick video to see what's what
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    Insulated boards

    That's what I think at least 8 per board I think the insulation part is a bit of a overkill 100 mm every where
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    Insulated boards

    Just been to a job that just needs skimming out all the walls and ceilings have been boarded out with 100 mm boards all wall boards have been screwed to batons with normal drywall And the same with the ceilings with the odd board hasn't meet tight they have ramed rockwool in the my question is...
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    Birmingham new st parking

    It's a nightmare coming out of brum you need to be on the way home before the school run anytime after 3.30 and it's just bumper to bumper traffic
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    Gypsum domestic scheme.

    Don't even mention the black bits what ever you do :frenetico::estudioso:
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    Gypsum domestic scheme.

    It's just a nightmare and always seem to be when you have a nice steady gauge to put on and you end up working your knackers off to keep up with it :muyenojado:
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    Gypsum domestic scheme.

    Multi today was full of white little bits and it flashed set in places its been ok for the last couple of weeks and bang he we go again the sadist part of it all they hold the monoply of plaster and with have put up with it so we can provide for our families while they take our knowledge and...
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    Pva issue?

    I always love to see your posts the fourm wouldn't be they same without you marshy :numberone::risas::risas:
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    Multi is it really that bad ?

    Looks like that needs neat pva :maraca:
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    Problem with a Plaster ceiling I just hired out... Any advise?

    This type of thing I hear a lot of late the biggest problem is people think they can plaster because they watched some you tube videos :bananahappy:
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    I will take the super shine saints off you scottie that will free up some space for you (y)
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    Why did clout nails go ?

    Vince Why would you want to use nails lol is beyond me collated screw gun all day all long in my eyes it's a key part of your tool kit once you have used 1 you wont go back to thinking about nails or single screws you can pick 110v ones off flea bay for less than your bucket brush but I would...
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    Needing a 3rd arm for Eze spat!

    If it was not for you and your pointers greg I would of just put it in the garage to collect dust I think the main reason people can't get on with spats is that it dose take a bit of time to get use to them but once you have there's no looking back on big ceilings it's a dream just make sure to...
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    Needing a 3rd arm for Eze spat!

    Greg have you tried the speed sKim and if so what was the difference
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    Needing a 3rd arm for Eze spat!

    It's only slightly less angle greg but it dose make it the finish better and keeping it clean as you know
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    Needing a 3rd arm for Eze spat!

    It's all in the angle of the spat close the angle down on each pass
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    Needing a 3rd arm for Eze spat!

    I love my eze spat 600 i found is the best size all round 800 on big ceilings I just mist with a spray bottle to finish with walls I finish with medi just flatten with the spat I hold mine with the pole attach ment on so I can use one hand if needed it took some time to get to grips with but...
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    Calling all Birmingham plasterers!

    Don't know if they sell any shandy though lol
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    Making a corner square

    It makes you think when you have had few the food good though if you can get a table
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    Win An OX Trowel

    Os and crosses has been used for years to keep us from playing with something eles when board
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    Speedskim or eze spat?

    Spat for me I took me some time to get use to it with some good advise from marshy it paid off for me and never stays in the van keep them clean and more you use it the better it will be
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    Multi problems

    Can't beat that bit of extra time in the mix it really dose make it nice to spread :coffe:at the moment I'm having good bags so no need for it I just hate it when you start mixing it up knowing get yourself ready what's it's going to do :boxeador:
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    Multi problems

    This happened to me 3 times in a month and I wear glasses as well don't know how It finds the little gaps so I brought some full eye safety glasses to lay on with them i take them off and put my other glasses on to flatten and trowel up with can't belive I didn't buy some years ago and for the...
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    skimming over woodchip!!!

    I seen it been gone over loads of times with a spread I used to work with no fear ste sand and pva bang straight on it he said never on a celing though walls only and it's never come off wish it would of done just so I could of told him so lol
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    Is there anything wrong with adding cement to bonding.?

    Can't beat a bit of dirty water on a Friday can make you sweat if you put to much in 60 minutes for get that
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    Time saving plastering tips.

    Have a look on here and see if I can save some more time where's Greg and his milfs pictures lol
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    Multi problems

    I know he's 10 bag scottie but only 5 out of the pallet is worth a mix lol
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    Multi problems

    I take my hat off to scottie 5 bags of the unknown all mixed up together and he still manages to get a good finish but I think he bangs his head against the wall with 5 bags of it
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    Multi problems

    Over the last 3 weeks I've banged head up the wall thinking to myself what a pile of s...t this multi is you just know as soon it's getting mixed it looks like it's more glueer and full of grit I've had to put a 3rd coat on some walls because of its inconsistencies I find the last couple of...
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    Is this artex?

    Would that be a concrete ceiling It looks like it the way it's peeling
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    Top films

    Man on fire London fallen Law biding cisterns
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    Hi build cheaper opinion

    Cheers Dan's
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    Hi build cheaper opinion

    I'm just wondering what's the cheaper alternative to sandex hi build render someone just asked me
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    Achieving a solid colour when dry

    It just seems there is no consisernt with multi half a wall needs different approach will that's who I find it lately then you see pics of scottie work and then I think what going on take my hat to spreads like that who bangs loads on and still that's that kind of finish
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    Achieving a solid colour when dry

    Went back to a job had to skim a celing so I thought I would have a look at the dining room I did last week 3 walls looked ok but 1 wall had water marks all over it i was like wtf can't get my head round its got to be something but what
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    Paramount holes

    Silly foam job done
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    West Midlands members

    You didn't need to lock your doors you just needed to turn back round no unfinish for the west side boys :bananahappy: