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    Full-time position available in Sheffield

    I would be interested in this.13 years experience though not a new starter if thats any good. Give me a call 07736034926
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    mechanically fixing boards over existing plaster

    Thanks for all the replies after quite a lot of convincing he is now going with the batten out and insulate option but now wants 40mm insulation , one extreme to the other. Am I the only one that sometimes hates the customer?
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    mechanically fixing boards over existing plaster

    A customer of mine has asked me if I can fix boards directly over the existing plaster with screws and plugs rather than dot them on.i suggested batten the wall out but doesnt want to lose the space is this possible with some sort of washer to hold the board or is there another type of fixing...
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    Two man team available

    Persimmon homes are advertising for plasterers in york if thats any good.its on the job centre website
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    Protecting exposed beams

    Any suggestions or ideas on an easy way to protect old beams in ceilings while I'm skimming so not to get any skim on them as they've already been treated and blasted so are a finished product. do this kind of work a lot and fed up with the usual masking up so just wondering if any of you guys...
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    Cleaning brickwork

    I've warned them iv no idea what the brickwork will look like wen render is removed but as its cracked and hanging off in places they want it removed but don't have the money to put it back on so just wanting to try best for them on there limited budget.places were render has fallen off already...
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    Cleaning brickwork

    Got a customer whose asked me to remove some render and clean the bricks as she doesn't want it replacing,my question is what's the best way/product to clean the bricks without causing damage or discoloration.I'm thinking brick acid or something similar but never removed render before so wanted...
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    Trowel protection

    Thanks for the replies
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    Trowel protection

    Looking for sum ideas on how to protect my collection of various sized trowels while in the van,looked all over the net and asked around everywhere with no luck so far. I'm not always in my own van so I'd prefer independent protection rather than the shelf/rack I currently use. Thanks in advance...
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    Solution needed

    Johniosaif not used cement board before how would I fix it to the wall and then what is the best way to finish the cement board can it be skimmed or would it need a coat of bonding first? cheers
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    Solution needed

    Thanks for replies my first thought was sand cement but thought I'd seek alternative solutions first to keep the customer happy,batton out and board isn't an option due to space.
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    Solution needed

    Looking for a solution to a problem wet wall,bit of info.It's a Window wall in a kitchen that also has the sink on has been removed and all plaster knocked off back to brick wall was soaking wet I've got de hu midifiers drying the wall out and solved the source of the damp that's not...
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    My Speedskim on a pole vid

    Nice video pal,been thinking about getting the Speedskim myself,is it really as easy as u make it look to use?and does it really increase meterage? Thanks
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    looking for work in doncaster

    From Barnsley and in the same position pal,been dead a while for any long term work round these parts.There is a scheme called green deal installers offering free training in the new render systems going on council houses iv enquired about it through a company called scs based in wakefield but...
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    Hello all new to forum but not to plastering,have ten years experience under my belt and experience in all aspects of plastering from simple skimming work to new work (board and skim, float and set ).set up on my own a year ago after working for several large company's had a good year so far but...