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    my new van

    very smart
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    walking on stilts

    £250 youve been framed oportunity missed there then ::)
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    Forum Upgrade and Changes

    speedy recovery mate
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    Forum Upgrade and Changes

    oooooooooooohhhhhh betty! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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    18" trowels

    my trowel is considerbly larger than yauwers Stanley!
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    walking on stilts

    for what its worth I havent fixed mine yet either
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    walking on stilts

    bloody hell Ste, you were the one that sent me the link to fixin em as well
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    walking on stilts

    try cuttin a sponge in half if your legs are too skinny and puttin these down the sides where the straps are.
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    walking on stilts

    yeh no probs but I walk like Frankenstein. With trainers on its just like walkin normal. No good for site though ;)
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    walking on stilts

    easier to use em with trainers on. Boots are too stiff.
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    multi finish / board finish

    board bored board ;)
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    Forum Upgrade and Changes

    yeh, wanna buy a dvd of me doin a chicken ???
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    Account keeping and business records

    rock on tommy , soz I mean John ;D
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    Forum Upgrade and Changes

    its were you get to bum things
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    How to render!!

    lazy....he should be throwing it on the wall.
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    Price of a new bucket.

    saw a fella usin a dust bin the other day. the old style ones. think you can buy em in bnq.
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    Forum Upgrade and Changes

    oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh get her :D
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    Criticism welcome

    thats 1 L Ste ;D just working every hr mate ;)
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    Criticism welcome

    dont worry about it mate. I bet once its painted it'll look even and thats all that matters, .....the finished result.
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    few pics of my old work

    yoo hoo hello ducky :-*
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    new boy says hello

    your my wife now Dave ;)
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    kraft trowels

    handle looks like an estwing
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    yeh bet that felt good
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    Faces to names

    cleanest spread award goes to.......... ;D
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    21 TODAY!!!!

    thats andrex dogs mate :o
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    21 TODAY!!!!

    congrats, is that gone through or still got?
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    Learn the trade or do something else?

    sounds like your average living room. ;)
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    Learn the trade or do something else?

    have you ever had a go at plastering mate? Try it first before you part with any may hate it :o
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    spot board stand

    riddles riddles. piss ant troubles.
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    spot board stand

    small minds
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    spot board stand

    come in handy though for ceilings when using the old stilts
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    Ford Transit Connect

    nice one ste, the bigger the van the more crap you drive round with. their like sheds and garages.
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    Hi folks..

    no worries ;)
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    Hi folks..

    hello and welcome :)
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    Stilts on domestics

    I'll use stilts for the lot, none of this swopping from hop up to stilts. Although sometimes I will use the hop up to get on the stilts!
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    Ford Transit Connect

    thats a good price and a good van. Only thing is boards but just bung em on the roofrack and carry a tarp for rain as said. Not that big a deal plus you can park it dead easy and good on juice. ;) good luck.
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    Free help

    good attitude mate. The very best of luck to you.
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    Hello all

    Bunch of wankers ;D welcome
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    Plastered in France

    at least you'll have the option. ;)
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    Plastered in France

    is the house just gonna be a holiday pad or are you gonna move permanently once its finished?
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    Plastered in France

    Mr Stay puff ;D
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    expanding foam and an exhaust ;D
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    Skimming large angles

    Just do one angle at a time.