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    Knauf Ready Mixed Plasters

    irish_spread, great point and one of our daily challenges Conversations with distributors / merchants usually go something like this "You create the demand, send the customers to me and me only, oh and i want to make more money selling yours than i do BG otherwise i wont stock it" Like i say...
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    Knauf Ready Mixed Plasters

    Nisus, what surface are you looking to spray on to with a one coat. I have seen lads doing it onto new plasterboard after preping the joints, and the results are ok ... just takes longer to dry Cheers Michael Knauf BDM Finishes 07767118988
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    Knauf Ready Mixed Plasters

    Clemo, we have recently tweaked the formula of MP75 to give greater control over the working times etc. Let me know if you want to try some Cheers Michael Knauf BDM Finishes 07767118988
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    Knauf Ready Mixed Plasters

    Morning Malc, The ready mix plasters are air drying products. Usually dry to touch in 90 minutes, fully cured in 24 hours. By introducing air flow (open a window or a fan) not heat, these times can be accelerated. Hope that helps Cheers Michael Knauf BDM Finishes 07767118988
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    Knauf spray finish

    Hi Cassie, as discussed please watch the following link to view the Knauf Airless video :- Readymix Plasters - Knauf This link takes you to the website where you can also download product data sheets etc. I will post a seperate Thread later this month detailing the key beenfits of...
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    Machine Newbie Help

    Hi Martin, give me a call for a chat Michael Anderson 07767118988 Hopefully hear from you soon Cheers Michael
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    Airless Vid

    Hi ds1990 the products are manufacturered by Knauf ... the machine can be a Graco Mark V or Wagner If you want more info just give me a call 07767118988 Regards Michael Business Development Manager - Finishes Knauf