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    Win A Dewalt Cordless Mixer

    We don't have electric in south east England so it'll enhance my life massively
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    sealing a ceiling

    Artex sealer mate I use but always use to coats and it controls suction not a problem. However if you really are not sure, then use pre grit can't go wrong.
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    Poor workmanship in Mold

    Jesus Christ
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    wet cutting

    The only thing I have away from rubi is a QEP bench cutter. That bloody thing has lasted 7 years and there's times I have mullered her beyond what a tile cutter should be mullered... She has stood strong in the face of abuse.. I call her Bernie the bench
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    Anyone famous

    Vladmir Putin. I'd like to see if he thinks david Cameron is a complete fanny aswell.. & kelly brook in the evening
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    Looking for a Plasterer in the Sevenoaks area

    Fro, have tried pm you but it keeps telling me Iv reached my quota .... I'll email @Danny find out why ? Jimmy
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    Plastering stories

    I use to be a plasterer is always my favourite, as they put there high viz on and head off up the airport to do there 12 hr shift as a baggage handler
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    Looking for a Plasterer in the Sevenoaks area

    Haha not bad from flynnyman. I have no reply to that
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    Looking for a Plasterer in the Sevenoaks area

    Hi @fro I'm from East Grinstead/Crawley way so isn't a bad commute for me. Give me a shout if your still looking Jimmy
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    Rubi cutters

    Yes cassie, I'll be up. Where abouts are you holding it? Will be good to come and meet a few people. In other news if any of you have ever used Tile Depot, from Monday they're going to be doing decent trade deals on bal and Mapei. I just got the leaflet through.
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    Rubi cutters

    I do Plastering and Tiling mate, only tools Iv ever used are Refina mixers, Mt trowels and rubi cutters. Saying that if you have been to the latest CTD trade day they was hitting everyone with a sigma cutter offensive. Was a good pitch but never had a problem with rubi. If it ain't broke, don't...
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    Rubi cutters

    @cassie, if you'd like any help with equipment or anything on the training day, please give me a shout. Iv got the full range of rubi Ts cutters and a large bench cutter that I'll be willing to bring along and let everyone have a go on, Also just finished a few kitchens and bathrooms so have a...
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    Pebble Dashing

    @malc the best thing Iv seen round my way far too much is people trying to dash and using angle beads
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    Pebble Dashing

    Just done a big gable at a dashing job, one plasterer had attempted it and there was three different lifts on the scaffold and each one had about 3/4 joints in the dashing. The plastering company that done it were called Baldwins. Ironic
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    Discount on cutters/tools

    @cassie please keep me updated as to whether this comes to anything please. Cheers
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    Magnetic Plaster Frequently Asked Questions

    Danny you must surely agree the price is a bit ott or am I being a tight ass
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    Rusting Metal

    The previous plasterer has used galvanised beads rather than stainless I'd say. As suggested above
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    Is this acceptable, or poor work?

    I think this guy was the same one I recently see, he turnt up with his guide dog and started swinging the poor fooker around by his lead... When I said Oi what you doing? He replied just having a look around.
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    The Makita UT1600 1800w Plaster Mixer Review

    That eibenstock is exactly the same as my megamixer I can't tell the difference.
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    Magnectic plaster

    @Danny did you 2 coat with it? Also after you flatten it do you only give it one trowel
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    The Makita UT1600 1800w Plaster Mixer Review

    @Danny nice legs, errrr I mean mixer there haha. If you want me to have a bash with it let me know. I'll let you borrow my new mega mixer and you can compare
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    Is this acceptable, or poor work?

    Hi all, I know I haven't posted much on here but this post does grind my gears. I know people on rated people and another one called service magic, where I think you have to pay for each individual lead, to be frank the vast majority are chancers. But the one that really bothers me is...
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    Iv just seen this @Danny, let me know where you are in West Sussex. I want to have a play around with this magnetic stuff so give me a Pm Jimmy
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    The Renovation #17: Getting Stuck In With Magnetic

    @Danny what's the price for the magnetic plaster
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    Has anyone any Idea where you can even buy this? I'm down West Sussex way and can't find uni finish it The magnetic plaster
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    smoking trowels

    No old people - excellent
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    Other spreads working methods

    Nothing I hate more than dirty water buckets just makes all the crusty water stick to your trowels and hawk a lot quicker... I no it might be anal but I get through 2 splash buckets a hit and I always clean my trowels dry em and wd40 them every night. Maybe why I ain't married yet
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    New to the forum

    I'm not that pretty
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    New to the forum

    Hi guys my names jimmy and im from Sussex/Surrey area iv been plastering 10 years and am obviously new to the forum. also my name is Gawjus as I'm quite often told I'm an ugly fecker
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    Exterior rendering in Forest Hill

    Hi feel free to contact me on 07784051935 Jimmy
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    Looking for a plasterer in Surrey, Epsom area.

    Hi all. I am new to this forum and don't want to wind anyone up but if this poster still looking for some one feel free to contact me
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    FREE plasterer - who wants him?

    Never work for free mate although your intentions are spot on plenty of people will take full advantge
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    Magnetic plaster

    Cheers @Danny I could always volunteer my services as love to try new things but I am sceptical after the uni finish palava
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    Magnetic plaster

    There would be no better way to gauge whether this will be feasible then possibly handing out a few bags to maybe 10 different plasterers. No one will figure the product out better then the people slinging it up a wall every day of the fricking week
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    multi finish price

    I find B&Q best bet just for how the plaster is stored and kept its £4.99 with vat on my trade point card in Crawley branch