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    Labourer wanted Lincolnshire Full time

    Full time position Bourne, Lincolnshire Must be age 17+ Full UK driving licence essential any previous experience welcome Must have a CSCS card or be willing to acquire one Email:
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    accident be careful

    Me and my brother were skimming a very large very high ceiling in a fire station both on stilts to the highest. Brother trips on some dreaded cables splayed all over the floor, he goes flat on the floor and managed to get the blade of his trowel stuck in his hand behind the bottom of 3 of his...
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    Bits in your multi-finish

    Recently I've been finding little black lumps of grit in the multi in the odd few bags feel like little bits of metal or very hard stone no more than 1 or 2 mm but annoying just the same i have worked on sites 5 days a week for the last 7 years if your finding big lumps of hard plaster...
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    speedskim 1200

    i agree learn to put on and lay in neat as if its already had a trowel no problems no messing neatness and speed means more time to raid the dinner bag :)
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    Mixing Drills?

    Hi my Eibenstock mega mixer (refina) has finally given up anybody rate any other makes of mixing drills? cheaper than refina perhaps? Thanks
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    Plastering window reveals video

    omg this bloke is the dogs! only criticism is the mix had a few mash tates in it!
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    Thistle Trowel???

    ive noticed trowels by thistle going really cheap and wondered if anyone has tryed one and what they thought i have only ever used marshalltown and am weary of using others thanks
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    fkin electricians

    how many of you have done a reskim to be told there is no live wires in the sockets first coat straight over one and bang an aching right arm for the rest of the day bldy electricians making my private jobs dangerous
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    grey scrim

    grey scrim (red bag ) sticks very well but sometimes is so sticky that when pulled starts that annoying fray on the edges that does my nut in! my fav is a tape by 4Trade keeps its shape and usually sticks well