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  1. lazer

    Speedskim blade removal tips

    set it on fire for 1
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  3. lazer


    Which pArt of t country do you live no wonder people are trying t do it themselves I live in north east and if I needed any tradesman t do a job for me and they quoted them prices I'd tell him t fcuk off
  4. lazer

    What is this?

    Why don't y just ask him
  5. lazer

    tiling on wooden floors

    wooden floor
  6. lazer

    tiling on wooden floors

    hi lads i need a little help here,im starting to tile my bathroom floor it runs out of level by about an inch ive put 9 mm boards down on half the room should i put 18mm on the other half or should i make it up with adhesive cheers mates
  7. lazer

    what do u use to cut angle beads?

    just bought some milwauki,s from home depot in usa for 9 dollars and a pair of wiss for 13 dollars
  8. lazer


    if theres any of you lancashire lads on here looking for a speed skim theres a couple cheapies on fleabay its collection only looks like the old blades
  9. lazer

    Nearly 50

    so can the hawk fly now that its had an injection in its shoulder
  10. lazer

    recent job

    looks like a nice house
  11. lazer

    Is it dry yet?

    if you look at it carefully it looks like a face of prince charles in an angry mood
  12. lazer


    is that toad or to ad or is it just a frog?
  13. lazer


    learn to spell
  14. lazer

    Tennis (plasterers) Elbow.

    dont you mean the hawk was dead on the cement poor thing did bury it
  15. lazer

    What tools

    me labourer hes a tool
  16. lazer

    Speedskim blades

    put it on a fire for ten minutes it works a treat
  17. lazer

    New Speedskim

    I used an angle grinder
  18. lazer

    Your wife's job....

    mines an executive head teacher she earns pots more than me thats why i only work 3 days a week
  19. lazer

    New guy

    are them haggis easy to catch and do they lay eggs
  20. lazer

    rubbish where do you dispose

    instead of putting y rubbish in a garage and moving it twice hire a skip and put it on a site where they rent containers and have the skip tipped when its full make sure you get skips with lockable lids otherwise you'll need to have it tipped every week thats how my mate does it and it works...
  21. lazer

    waste of a day

    You got t be taking the piss
  22. lazer

    waste of a day

    i once went to a council house to do a bedroom the bed the wardrobe and a set of drawers were still in the room with the ornaments on . there were pictures on the walls and one wall was still wallpapered i just turned round walked down the stairs got in my van and went home .i never heard from...
  23. lazer

    Get rich..

    I bet y boyfriend likes looking at that
  24. lazer

    The colour of thistle multi finish

    chuck some grey paint in it if y want t break the week up have a rake around in the knicker drawers see how many different sizes colours styles you can get in a week or if y that board change y job maybe theres a vacancy for a knicker sniffer somewhere
  25. lazer

    competition Time :-)

    how the hell do i do that I'm an old man how do i message you
  26. lazer

    Speed skim

    y cant buy one for love n money at the moment anywhere
  27. lazer

    Pricing help!!

    just tell them 500 pounds a day and then give them my number
  28. lazer

    Hello, total newb so go easy.

    looks like someones been chucking there cornflakes up there
  29. lazer

    size stilts?

    only used stilts once smacked me chin off the wall then the ground never wore them again me lad took them to a car boot fair think he got 5 quid for them just use hop ups now
  30. lazer


    hello mate
  31. lazer

    New plaster

    which country are you from just wondered
  32. lazer

    manic time

    gone a bit quiet not bothered though it gives me a bit of time t do me books clean me van out catch up with me pals who are also quiet happy days
  33. lazer


    hello and welcome
  34. lazer


    y don't live in a river do y
  35. lazer

    gain experience

    welcome mate hope someone can get y a bit of work soon
  36. lazer

    speedskim blades

    i if y can get the grey ones out i couldn't so i hoyed it in the skip I'm a dirty t**t like
  37. lazer

    Private messages?

    Was that private message or private massage I'm diclestic cos I'm up for one of them
  38. lazer

    Stripping woodchip

    if its only a small ceiling pull the coving down overboard it skim and replace coving
  39. lazer

    Looking for experience

    welcome along connor are you related to the late laura brannigan
  40. lazer

    Has anyone ever ??

    ye i got one stuck in our lasses throat once
  41. lazer

    Not enough hours

    did y shag her twice like
  42. lazer

    s*p*r*lex review

    What kind of gloves are them I struggle to plaster with gloves on but they look quite thin where do yo get them from. By the way the job looks soooooooper
  43. lazer

    Was thinking of changing van

    I had a Vito about 5 years ago came home one night and it wasn't on me drive I phoned the cops and a right clever cnunt came round accusing me of getting rid of it right b*****d I thought I wasn't going to get paid out for it luckily our lass is mates with chief cop and he made the shithead...
  44. lazer

    Full Face Dust Masks

    Wish I was home without the bother mate
  45. lazer

    Full Face Dust Masks

    What the hell you up so late for Danny can y not sleep I'm sat in Orlando airport getting pissed cos the flights been delayed it's going to be a long night
  46. lazer


    that wall would look fantastic pointed up and brushed
  47. lazer

    plastering fireplace

    if y don't what y going to poster to?
  48. lazer

    competition Time :-)

    Is the competition still on Danny I've got to be in with a shout if t prize is something good I'll get her to turnover
  49. lazer

    Easter break

    looks nice what kind of engine is it