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    New fibatape

    Haven't used any self adhesives in years, always paper tape and recently fibafuse(sounds like fibre tape). I run all tapes through banjo saves time and applies first coat. Delko Tools now do the banjo and internal attachment in one package. Check out the vids. Delko Tools | Drywall/Plastering...
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    Drywall Banjo

    Delko Tools now sell the banjo and internal in one box. More it Delko Tools | Drywall/Plastering corner tool for the Banjo
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    wot ever next ,, brothers of the trowel ,,

    zooks are good but expensive. i use a homax banjo and delko for internals simple set up does same job (but requires stilts) and cheap as chips
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    Paper tape

    should be building moving to force paper to tear where as mesh just cracks. need mesh for patches though as paper only bonds well to new board
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    Paper tape

    great to have more variety in taping tools(belmore). homax banjo and delko internal tool best value allround taping package. youtube video by precision taping is good for anyone that hasn't seen them. i thought mesh was illegal i paper tape everything. is this true?