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    A wall i did

    every nice never came across this kind of plastering before
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    Gold blade m town

    i have 2 had them for about 5 years great trowels
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    problems troweling

    could be number of things laying in to quick and 1st coat hasnt set and is moving spraying to much water i never use spray bottle seen blokes using them to much water for mutli or even applying you plaster to thick
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    Have i been taught right?

    you have to work with the suction of the wall or ceiling there is no set time i like to put it on then clean my edges up then see if its ready for a trowel you now when its right when you trowel and it leaves no lines then 2nd coat it. skimming on bonding has a higher suction than plasterboard...
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    cheers lads just need looking at a few threads
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    Some idiots in the game

    and they say customers are always right...........not.i personal dont think its worth taking the risk get it off go home happy
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    hi lads im new to this site didnt even know it was here else i would of joined a while ago come across it when i was serching for this new plaster that doesnt need pva. anyway i have been in the trade for 9 years since i left school