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    Anything sticky would do I reckon..
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    Christ are they all like that stateside.....
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    They have gone mega brittle and the paper de laminates dead easy...its not you mate
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    andyg opinions

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    Febond blue grit

    Thanks mate I'll try that never had probs with the grit actually prefer it to PVA but they never give me enough time on those jobs
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    No hope for us up north if its like that for you there mate..
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    Febond blue grit

    I do a load of insurance work over big distances so don't often have the luxury of being on these jobs for longer than a day..
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    Febond blue grit

    Its the 24 hour wait that irritates me..
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    Feel like i having a break down

    Nice choice Andy I like the Beatles but I think its the Eddie Cochrane song you meant
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    Rated people

    Sorry Danny..they forced it out of me....
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    Rated people

    Hmm true..personally I've thought from the start that Andy g is in fact..Danny....
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    Rated people

    Oh ok mate..its just that I was gonna suggest you use it ON the walls and not throw it at them like cockney demonstrates..
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    Rated people

    Cud make you quicker Andy..
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    Rated people

    U use speedskim....
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    Rated people

    It cud be that they made that up Andy..maybe they were a bit put off when you rocked up with that chimp on your shoulder...
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    Just buy a job

    Yep shud have trouble was I mixed the butty into the skim and laid it on with the second coat....took the cucumber out first obviously....
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    Just buy a job

    With you there mate, one knocked my sarnie off the window ledge into a bucket of skim yest..tried to sneak off..made the turd go to the chippy for me ...he was gonna deny it till his mate grassed him up...
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    Broken digits

    Ive laughed so much I forgot to final trowel the upstairs ceiling..Could be a job for lurpak if I don't get a move on...
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    Broken digits

    Lol I wish.. I enjoy that music.. It winds the lads up ..genuinely rubbish I'm afraid..
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    Broken digits

    To be fair you're right it only gets properly bad in this weather..its helped the skimming tho I've now improved the standard to average...
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    Broken digits

    Ouch for you jess..didn't do mine plastering . Helped a mate slab a patio I picked one up I tripped and trapped the hand underneath broke 3 and split one like a tomato.was furious had to take two weeks off not played piano since lol
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    Broken digits

    Have got two taped together on my trowelling hand once Ive got a grip it needs a crowbar to separate hand and trowel..
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    Gaps between boards

    Probably just a personal preference then mate. I just can't see the paper tape being as strong as the fibreglass...
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    Cold and damp

    How the hell do you do a packet...I only had one once and it nearly liffted my hair off...
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    Nice piece of 4x2 Hardwood..
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    Mental strength

    There used to be proper characters on site 20 years ago when I first started there was a mid aged Belfast accent brickies labourer.linked after 6 of them great guy if a bit strange.He came to work in a Norman wisdom suit..would take off the jacket and get stuck in.Site manager for no particular...
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    Plastering trowel

    Is that Andy g s lad moonlighting.... If you could only have one trowel with you ..Mt stainless will do it all start to finish
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    A few prizes being redrawn..

    Ieave me out ta Oli,Am chuffed with my win,have never used a flex before, A big thanks and well done to you,A Top effort
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    Working with my chimp

    Is he your labourer mate...could be your own fault for paying him peanuts..
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    Check this wall out....

    Did everyone in the bar have a go then....
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    Plasterers Wanted - Nottinghamshire

    By eck.Melanie Sykes...
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    Its time danny?

    Lol is there a story behind this.?
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    Its time danny?

    Is this the unifish that does not require you to PVA.?. Not seen any yet asked in jewsons and they laughed not seen it either..b/q wud be ok ..not to be confused with their one coat..vile stuff
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    Rooms/ walls you love ones you hate

    Ceilings are my thing I suppose had a big run on them recently.. Thought it was cos I was good..nope turns out its just cos I'm tall the boss told boys must have plenty of patience for that kitchen stuff..
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    Labouring, starting out

    Keep the faith mate.well done and good luck
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    Plasterers Wanted - Nottinghamshire

    No I'm North Wales mate..I just thought it was funny when it said good rates for Notts..implying that usually the pay there is crap lol
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    Plasterers Wanted - Nottinghamshire

    I won't..I want to know what a good rate for a notts plasterer is and whether that is in keeping with the test of the jobs criteria..
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    Plasterers Wanted - Nottinghamshire

    Me too aparantly didn't realise you could cherry pick the talent here lol
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    We all had to start somewhere..good luck mate
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    Expensive Quote?

    Hmm I think we've seen o few of these..Today its am I being ripped off ..Tomorrow its there's a blob of mortar on the window shud I pay him...Meterage rates are for sites and have little relevance in pricing small domestic jobs..
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    Anyone purchased a van from an auction?

    Just don't buy one that's had the word plasterer taken off the will have had a very hard life already...
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    Nela ss premium

    They come and they go..but if you were only allowed one trowel it would have to be an mt
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    Stone roses v happý mondays

    Good question..Mondays just
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    Was googling and stumbled across this forum

    I'm up for it just watched Auf Wiedersein pet...
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    Went to a loft bord out few years back they'd cut the boards to get them thru the hatch..hundreds of em looked like it had been its the way firward
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    Unusual pebble dash to repair

    I think you've nailed it there rigsby...we sometimes use the small grades on ewi jobs but I would follow your advise sounds very reasonable
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    No bog brush?

    Deciided to skip First time in 2o years ive decided to skip breakfast....:endesacuerdo: