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    Email only

    I get a lot of jobs through my website, therefore it's all done through online contact application and then it goes to my email. I mean it's easier as I can schedule everything a lot better, if I speak to someone on the phone sometimes I'll forget the day and time we agreed on to look at job...
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    Body is telling me to quit plastering...

    I always wanted to drive hgvs, if I ever have to stop plastering I'll definitely have that in mind, long hours but money is OK and you get to get away from the missus
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    Which bath

    Just get mixing bath, f**k all wrong with it, you can always take it out to knock up some hardwall
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    aSking for your money !!!!

    I got a bonus of being able to see if they viewed the invoice, so no shitty stories "I haven't received it yet " etc. I don't take deposits as I only do domestic and its not worth the hustle, never had issues to be fair with payment, normally you can tell if someone's dodgy c**t. I try not to...
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    Electric switch covered in plaster, now light doesn't turn off

    Holy f**k mate, that's rough af, we all had walls in the past that either sucked like cheap hoover and didn't come out as great, but that's far beyond acceptable. I'd definitely not paid him f**k all for that as he just f**k**g destroyed your room instead of making it better. And if this was on...
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    Plastering done

    Uneven background bleeding through, not thick enough if you can feel it when you slide your hand across. Stretch marks lol
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    ULEZ and alike

    So glad I upgraded my van few years back, everyone was talking me out of it. I'd probably get my money back if I wanted to sell it right now
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    Help with me shopping list

    Decent brush, time will tell which one you prefer, so worth buying few different ones
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    Line and plaster inside fireplace

    Multifinish inside fireplace is most definitely gonna crack. The pink knauf plasterboard is not fireproof, it meant to delay the fire damage but its not fireproof. Don't use it inside fireplace. You need hetas approved boards...
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    Line and plaster inside fireplace

    If you line it up properly and get the nice edges bang on tight then there's no point even plastering it inside. You want hetas approved boards, there's loads of them about, victas do their own range. If you really want it plastered then use the victas plaster but be prepared for a lot of...
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    I wanna be a spread

    I think of scenario, he goes to skim a room covered in distemper, thinking its artex he just puts it on, looks s**t but he trusts his good old 2 day old flexi. Then around 11 o clock ceiling starts bubbling and he doesn't know how that happened. All of that on Monday...
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    Sky .com

    I just switched from sky to talk talk, got the hub but no Internet for the past 2 weeks, but they managed to send the first bill wankers
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    Coloured scrim tape??

    Bg tape is the stuff you want, it's orange and that's my preferred stuff, don't buy p1stopshop tape, it's shite. What you want is different sizes really as I prefer 4inch for corners and 2 inch for joints
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    New to self employed if anything
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    New to self employed

    I'd suggest investing in a proper website, with uk or com domain. Once you got that you can set up your Google account and analytics. A lot of people won't trust some random company with dave@btsport email and no website and only mobile phone. I mean its worth spending some money to get it...
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    Dotting on to cement boards

    Ah sorry mate didn't read it all
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    Dotting on to cement boards

    Oh and mate, be careful with these boards, they snap really easy, one tap or even if you cutting it on bench and it'll snap, I used them few months ago, specified by log burner installer, I snapped one luckily I could use it on the sides as its £120 a sheet
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    Dotting on to cement boards

    You want flexible tile adhesive and do s**t loads of small dabs, not massive ones and then just level off as normal.
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    4 f**k**g screens and second phone. Would you recommend That's by far the best phone case I've seen, they literally tried to break expensive phones in multiple ways and not even a scratch. I'd give it a go if...
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    Dewalt flex volt batteries

    9 amp definitely, had mine few months and love it, saved my ass few times too (sparky turning electrics off)
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    Log burner

    Thanks guys for the info. I already contacted course centre in Gloucester so might be able to do it soonish. I do like to challenge myself every now and then, even if nothing comes out of it at the end it might be beneficial for something else, I got pretty bored now of just plastering, so I do...
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    Log burner

    Thanks @Tinytom very informative reply. How long did your course take and how much was it mate if you don't mind asking. I got few ideas for how to grow it to get more customers, I got pretty well established around my area, a lot of cotswold villages with plenty of old cottages so I'm sure...
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    Log burner

    Hi, I recently thought of changing direction or adding new skill set to my portfolio and was thinking of starting to actually install the log burners from scratch. I'm thinking of doing a hetas h003 certificate. Anyone here is doing this sort of thing? I've done shed loads of fireplaces this...
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    It might be, but it also is how people look after the vehicle, my mechanic can't believe how well my van performs and how well it drives, but he told me once also that I'm he's only trade customer who gets stuff done as when it needs to be done, servicing, tyres, brakes, all the fluids right...
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    I got 17 plate one swb, all around Nice van, looks good, especially in dark grey, they are fairly powerful and got a eco mode which saves me a lot of money in diesel when I drive around town, the only thing is, it goes sluggish as s**t once you in eco mode. I never had issues with the van, well...
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    Thin coat wont go off

    So I got a ecorend top coat on Thursday morning, today it was gone off rock hard, no accelerator. It was around 5 degrees in the day and bit frosty at night
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    At my wits end

    Why won't you try one of the ready mixed undercoats for bare plaster, screwfix does the no nonsense one. I reckon you used wrong ratio of water and paint in the first coat and it didn't prime it properly hence why is sucking like a cheap hooker
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    Thin coat wont go off

    Doing a fairly big area in ecorend today, hopefully it'll dry fine, no rain forecast for good few days though
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    What's gone wrong here?

    It should be left for good few weeks to dry between coats, in the meantime sprayed regularly and covered in damp hessian, thats the way we used to do it, small cracks in scratch are nothing to worry about but yeah not the topcoat
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    Here we go ….

    They coat beads in oil to stop them sticking and rusting, coat of stain block and it'll be fine
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    Plastering inside a fire place

    I started doing them like @Tinytom , I use the hardie backer boards though, I got a lot more trust in this method than s&c
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    Job Cancellations

    I have promised myself that next year I'm actually gonna get out on it. I stopped riding about 3 years ago, when my little one was born, just didn't have time and only just went self employed so finally I think its time, I do love it especially in the winter as its f**k**g hilarious sliding all...
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    Cordless mixer

    In those 2 weeks I owned de walt it saved me few times, also thing like working on loft conversions which I do a lot is a game changer, especially stairs as you literally can set bucket with gear on 1st floor, bucket in the loft take the drill, mix etc. So versatile and as someone mentioned...
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    Cordless mixer

    So I finally switched to dewalt cordless one, 2 weeks now and I can't see ever going back to normal mixers
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    Stays greasy af for ages, I started slapping another gauge on whilst waiting for it to be right for hard trowel. On Average about half an hour it takes, but yeah we slowly coming to that time of the year again where going to early means rippled f**k**g shitty finish ...
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    Hi all! Plaster newbie needs help

    If you are diy guy and you think of floating the wall with hardwall then I would really recommend employing plasterer for a day as it'll go horribly wrong if you do it yourself...
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    Work boots .trainers.

    I bought these, really comfy, used to just wear trainers but I thought I'll go safe this time lol
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    How to finish off this stair winder?

    I do agree, only doing what customer wants but I wouldn't want in my 2 bed semi lol
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    How to finish off this stair winder?

    Mt stands for marshalltown trowel, as per finishing it with easyfill, you'll be using bags of it and it'll get messy each time you apply a coat (there'll be a lot if them) and because I've never heard of anyone doing it that way, may still look crap. Your best bet is to look for someone to do it...
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    How to finish off this stair winder?

    You'll definitely need a plasterer for this kind of job, it looks easy but it's not and it a unusual feature in your house, if you get that wrong it'll really stand out
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    How to finish off this stair winder?

    Never used plastic but might give it a go if it works.
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    How to finish off this stair winder?

    I do a lot of them, batten (loads of it) mesh, bonding (don't go to crazy with 1st coat) then skim away using mostly front end of Mt, finish off with dry or little bit damp sponge (just brush it gently)
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    Please help

    I think the same, it bubbles from paint, happens occasionally but he left them rather than leaving it do dry and hard troweling them out.
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    Plastering work - not impressed what shall I ask for to sort

    Because my quote for that room i skimmed 2 years ago was not far off from what they paid for the whole utility, plus roof plus flooring lol just wanted it cheap so f**k em
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    Plastering work - not impressed what shall I ask for to sort

    f**k**g clueless these guys who did your work. How the actual f**k can they have so little knowledge and have guts to do work in people's houses for money. Let's face it, £800 is cheap but for most customers thats a lot of money, but for things to work, it has to be done step by step, you have...
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    Plastering work - not impressed what shall I ask for to sort

    Yes, it's a red flag straight away, company without registered address, dodgy emails rather than legite, no website (I mean proper) and a f**k**g decorator as a labourer lol
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    Kite winder

    Love them, do them roughly twice a month and once you get the hang of it it's really not that bad. I had two even three winders on the go and each time customers love it as its something different.
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    Poor Workmanship.

    f**k skimming shite like this, had few of them, never ever would I go over somebody's work, as someone mentioned before, you don't know what they did wrong in the first place to get it that bad, anything happens after that and you are reliable for it. What makes it worst you actually priced it...
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    Fury v Whyte

    £25 to watch a fight that might last 30 seconds is ridiculous imo, thanks @Dollar