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    brush or spray bottle?

    no water is best, all in the timing :RpS_wink: never use water in winter
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    bout 10yr ago i plastered a 8ft+ stiletto heel, which ended up in meadow-hell, sheff :RpS_w00t: the bends the fcuking bends:RpS_lol:
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    good internal trowel

    yip they are shite:RpS_biggrin:
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    Truly Shocking.

    just been on a site wi poles, i had half my tools nicked including best skimmer :RpS_cursing: i went mental got banged up 4 12hr, cleared site though:RpS_thumbsup:
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    The Plasterers Forum Labourers Discussions

    Yes this is the way forward. At least somebody wanting to give the trade a go, won`t be charged like on these courses instead will earn lolly from day one and if the bloke or bird??? shows willing they will learn bucket loads. In-fact any body in the barlbourgh area is good to no for me.
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    interfering know it all joiners grrrrrrrr

    i do complete loft packages from start to finish, and the flak i got off other trades was a joke. In there eyes its as if am plasterer fullstop!!!! steel work, floors the job lot all a peace o piss also smashing the time it took, which pleases the customer no end. And then at later dates these...
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    paper bags

    mm cement is cheaper? mastercrete don`t seem to have issue with packaging, for xucks sake postcrete comes in plaggy bag, and all you av to do is dig a hole an throw the xunt in:RpS_w00t: Ad pay an extra 10p at merchents for plaster in plastic, the companys would soon get there money back from...
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    Multi finish

    B&Q own brand pva is made from cow piss am sure:RpS_blink:
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    paper bags

    Is that why they call u DUSTY DAVE????? :RpS_biggrin:
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    paper bags

    It`s about time all plaster came in tough plastic bags! Am sick of picking bags from merchants up wi holes or small tears in em:RpS_mad: labourer pulled bag of multi-finsh out back of van this morning, threw it on his shoulder it split clean in half. He was covered also van, road, pavement and...
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    Thistle spray finish

    Well all them machine systems using multi-finish on video on the net ad beta kill there thread then:RpS_scared: could it go to a liable??????????????
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    New plasterer seeking advive and bit of guidance

    How many i`s did you count?? Wot a croc a dog shite:RpS_biggrin:
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    where do I start part II

    am going 2 do a vid, s**t in a bucket watch that smell fly on wall:RpS_biggrin:
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    where do I start part II

    x 46 sec in shows the finished product on the wall. shambollic :RpS_biggrin:
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    80 boards a day

    Yip blame european work force for smashing uk pay structure, then the cheeky basxxxxs throw on dole. never rite
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    New plasterer seeking advive and bit of guidance

    free advice for a novice, buy yourself the biggist an best sander you can afford
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    where do I start......

    well i`d rather mix the gobbo down wi a bit of water or add powder up. And saying all that its bollox , just bang it on wall, get paided an fxxx off 2 pub
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    i used to get that buzzin of e-asy t-iger down road, but now av grown out of playing games
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    a few more goes, an you`ll get to next level
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    private jobs wi hand ball k-rend, we found it better to put on afternoon scrape down morning. also mix 2bags a time rough, throw em in large barrel base 6ft across 2ft high. throw bout 12bags in rough mixed, let it stand 10min, then mix up the lot a 2nd time. If u only mix it once it go`s DROP...
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    Lintol repair

    in the past i have replaced the lintels. Then looked in to what causes the problem, usually find out that water as persisted in the area( ie, unstable guttering or downfalls, sills above even cracks around the problem etc etc) summer n winter temps will find there weakness, where ever waters...
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    New video ive had made

    looks good:RpS_thumbup:, don`t think be too much call for it in BARNSLEY though:RpS_biggrin:
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    i can just imagine em:RpS_sneaky: filling there ears full of sh-te that will be £350 cheers bud. Next idiot please (do u no u can earn £100,000 a year)
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    spray finish

    just viewed video again. Are they promoting the spatt or the gobbo??????:RpS_biggrin: 3 men on that lift ain`t going to make much wonga:RpS_biggrin:
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    spray finish

    spatting sound on flat walls. no good on uneven ceilings an walls
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    spray finish

    sound video is that:RpS_thumbup: need more like it
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    RITMO L on Website

    so that means £6600?:confused:
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    RITMO L on Website

    Wot be the price then????????????? cash on the nose:confused:
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    2nd opinion on this one

    yip if e got the doshi that the way, av done a few:RpS_wink: laser spinning:RpS_lol: bit of steel up:rolleyes) BINGO:RpS_biggrin:
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    plastering joke

    Na we can`t blame gov-ment for this, they are our leaders?:RpS_bored:there`s a Fckin soup dragon sat at the top wi a s**t load of clangers stuck rite up his arse:RpS_scared:
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    plastering joke

    well have i had my head stuck up a hippo`s arse or wot:RpS_scared: tommys going global, skimming all of 6yd. has e had face lift? dropped some weight? an chanced abit of botox:RpS_laugh:
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    Need a hand with K REND in BRISTOL

    am based up north av bin tryin to plaster for 20 years and i still don`t have a fcuking clue:RpS_biggrin:, will somebody show me how to do it:RpS_biggrin:
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    Bristol, external rendering of Victorian end-terrace approx 200sqm

    when left over time, dried SBR a nightmare , like rendering on glass:RpS_scared:
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    New system scaffold for rendering!

    cheap n nasty :RpS_drool: must get some. Save some dollar on next job:RpS_thumbup: hows it bolt together then ?
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    plastering joke

    well at least i sold a pair a stilts wi that post :RpS_biggrin: na where was we:RpS_confused: P. L. A. S. T. E. R. I. N. G. :RpS_biggrin: J.O.K.E:RpS_biggrin:
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    plastering joke

    well ad love to see end result:RpS_w00t: my way thinking the trade is slipping slowy down hill:RpS_thumbdn: next thing be a fuxking tommy walsh video out, buy this an you`ve passed your plastering test:RpS_blink: £300 please! (take note please watch the whole of the video before u go on site to...
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    plastering joke

    other week priced a full bedroom reskim ,bit a patch round skirt. Got call they got someone else. Thought fair do, it were a 12x12 ceiling+walls. just heard on dog n bone a numb nut did for £80, an made a rite mess, e went bak next day to sand it down to get paid. an still a mess.
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    Word of mouth?

    sit in booza at the bar wi a top on saying plasterer, continue this routine of getting pissed till somebody taps on your shoulder to give you a job or knocks u owt:RpS_biggrin:
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    To load or not to load

    If you cut board`s in half, piss easy to get em up then?
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    To load or not to load

    have seen it before, called stealing the trademens pennys, saving em 2 labourers pay to load up.The fxxxing coxk suxking mother fuxking penny pinching LOW LIFE CUXTS:RpS_mad:
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    Just qualified looking for work Bedfordshire area

    gota B a £7per hr. An good at mashing tea:RpS_biggrin:
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    ritmo spraying multi

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    generator for machine

    am no computer wizard on links?
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    generator for machine

    on ebay there be honda generators @ 15kva power output. Are these suitable for the various plastering machine around??????????????????:RpS_unsure:
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    Eating on the job

    Snack times break the momentum of the job in hand. Early finsh n xxxx off
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    ARTEX wonder??????

    worked in appleton, warrington way still using it in 89-90, 500k pads. builder called GORDON BENNET:RpS_biggrin:. They wa the days. The last we used it freddie mercury just died. Used to get it in plain brown bags.
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    ARTEX wonder??????

    just make sure to wear a mask when scrapping down lads:RpS_thumbup: some firms quote around £2500-3000 to remove 12ft x12ft ceiling,:RpS_w00t: that`s food 4 thought
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    ARTEX wonder??????

    just thinkin other day,while sat on shxter, all the house`s around the uk who had artex done in the past, and certain brands had asbestos in the product, JEFTEX wa one, :RpS_w00t:.
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    mtec 100 for sale

    will the the new ritmo L spray skim???????????? Also wot price will it be?????????? this machine business is getting a bit confusing :RpS_unsure: also will it put k-rend on