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  1. Squarehead

    Never do favours for friends

    Job for a friend. Stairwell, scaffold needed. Told him no one else can work on the stairs that day as need a clear run. Got there to a spark second fixing on the stairs with the plumber back and forth through the scaffold fitting rads. Phoned 'friend', no answer, on beach in Spain. Constant...
  2. Squarehead

    PVC on wet plaster...

    It won't be a problem, it will dry.
  3. Squarehead

    Speedskim causing long low spots

    I think the guy questioning the thickness is onto it. Tighter second coat and think the indentations would lessen. For what it's worth, I follow pretty much you trowel up pattern. Lay in, speed straight away. MT permashape 14x5 without water, then one with water. Final dry trowel with MT 18"...
  4. Squarehead

    Weber ocr problem

    Agree with others it's probably suction, but can it be confirmed that render mesh was used in first pass? My experience is that even if something is sucking like hell, the mesh tempers it and prevents the crazing.
  5. Squarehead

    Bostick plastering stabilising primer ( grit)

    Yes, but better to slide than shell. I whack a bit of render mesh on it if it slides, sorts it out immediately.
  6. Squarehead

    Bostick plastering stabilising primer ( grit)

    I stopped using grit on silky surfaces as used to be able to peel it off and it didn't fill me with confidence. I now only use pva and SBR . I like pva as it re-emulsifies with the wet plaster and then re-sticks itself to the substrate.
  7. Squarehead

    Workboots If you like dealer boots with no laces to cake and crust I recommend these. £44.99. Keep their shape well and just bought a new pair after about 18 months out of the last pair, beats any other boot I've had by a...
  8. Squarehead

    Fireplace with log burner installed

    Use ewi mesh in whatever you use. I used it in standard sand and cement in my own house as an experiment and no cracks 4 yrs later. I use it on front of breasts too.
  9. Squarehead

    Lafarge and Isis.....,

    God bless capitalism
  10. Squarehead

    SBR/PVA Mix

    Stabilising primer day before if you can, kills it dead. Then PVA . Wickes do a cheap one.
  11. Squarehead

    Radio 4

    Good to hear the pink plasterer on radio 4 this morning talking about charging the rate you're worth. Good on you Steph. Also pleased that it was the female decorator and not the Plasterer saying 'men don't always know how to speak to customers' ..... Sexism can work both ways.
  12. Squarehead

    Metal edge beading showing.

    Take the bastad axe to them
  13. Squarehead

    Metal edge beading showing.

    I used to have a good little number with a conservatory company years ago and the customer on one job complained to them that she could see the bead edge even after I told her it was a sign of a neat job but she wouldn't have it.
  14. Squarehead

    Grit fail

    Biggest overboard issue for customers is coving that has to be removed and cost of tops of walls made good I have found over the past 20 years.
  15. Squarehead


    Been going 20 years next year, busiest year so far. Unprecedented.
  16. Squarehead

    Painfull hands

    This one for past 3 years, it works for me, but I'm sure there are others on here that know more about the best one to take.
  17. Squarehead

    Painfull hands

    It does, Darth Vader helmet cheese.
  18. Squarehead

    Painfull hands

    I'm 47, similar aches and pains. 2 things - glucosomine - made a massive difference. Secondly - been using a professional massager used by chiropractors called a thumper. Expensive but it's a brute and a game changer.
  19. Squarehead

    Summer styles

    De Walt shorts for me
  20. Squarehead

    Roller for reskims

    Little bit of batten screwed into Van base ply around perimeter of scuttle, slot in each time, roller stays in PVA, bit of poly over it in summer. Not tipped up in 20 years. Had plenty of new PVA tubs squashed and punctured by boardlifter to flood the back enough times though.
  21. Squarehead

    Are plasterer selling them selfs short.

    That really fucks me off. 1) a cat's natural instinct is to roam outside, so f**k**g selfish having them indoors 24/7 typical arrogant human 2) keep your f**k**g pets in a room where I can't let them out by accident when I'm working.... That is the f**k**g customer's responsibility. Absolute...
  22. Squarehead

    Are plasterer selling them selfs short.

    That makes me feel better. I thought they charged a higher rate on the whole.
  23. Squarehead

    Are plasterer selling them selfs short.

    I can understand needing papers causing a differential, but why do tilers/tree surgeons etc charge more? I've never understood that.
  24. Squarehead

    Hair line crack on old plasterboard

    It's only after advice on here that I knew about the strength of paper tape. I always thought it was tape and joint only. If I think something's prone to cracking I paper tape first and cut render mesh on top of that. Vastly improved on call backs. Some will laugh at this, saying things like...
  25. Squarehead

    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    Had transits, got sick of size (domestics, parking etc) so bought a Caddy maxi, custom retro rack for sheets, beads in downpipe through plastic bulkhead into ceiling shelf. Use Forte diesel cleaner to keep injectors from sticking. Beautiful to drive, get around town in, black with alloys, 66...
  26. Squarehead

    Religious plasterers

    Quite. In not interested in investigations purely for that reason, I don't like some of the things that go on, seances etc, it's dabbling in potentially dangerous areas. But I'm really interested in people's experiences, I've had some of my own. I feel by hearing people's ghost stories it might...
  27. Squarehead

    Religious plasterers

    Great post. Agree with you. I think God is outside of time, hence he can be omnipresent, all seeing etc. It might also explain ghosts in different dimensions and time slips and overlaps. Religion does get in the way sometimes and mass cult like following without ever questioning it is moronic in...
  28. Squarehead

    Religious plasterers

    I remember my nan telling me the same thing when she had a heart attack, up on the ceiling looking down. She met her mum in the light who told her it wasn't her time. She didn't want to go back.
  29. Squarehead

    Religious plasterers

    Yes, most scientists are atheists I would guess, but I heard Brian Cox say we don't know what caused the big bang, therefore we don't have all the answers. So atheism involves some faith in a theory, but they laugh at people who have faith in God .... It's hypocritical. They also look down at...
  30. Squarehead

    Religious plasterers

    Scientists cannot disprove God. Atheism is a leap of faith
  31. Squarehead

    Old school vans

    Would imagine the steering kept the arms in shape?
  32. Squarehead

    Old school vans

    What I would've given for one of these. Please can we get one? In your dreams son. Insurance was more than the car.
  33. Squarehead


    I take it you've put your customers back then? How long have you delayed them? I'm thinking a provisional re-start date of Feb 1st .
  34. Squarehead


    I'm under pressure from wife to stop and it's looking like I will for the foreseeable. I hope the criteria for 3rd grant will change to allow us to do the right thing.
  35. Squarehead


    I'm under big pressure from the wife to put January back. Current SEISS grant criteria states 'reduced demand' only. So to do the right thing and stay home, means no grant, no income... at the moment. Will it change?
  36. Squarehead


    Should we?
  37. Squarehead

    DIY SOS Children in Need Plasterers wanted

    I did a temping job when i was a student in her office for the southern electric board, before she became famous. She's a right midget and strutted round the office like a right snob. Her mother was the manager and was a pain in the arse if I remember rightly.
  38. Squarehead

    Amazon lights

    f**k Bezos
  39. Squarehead

    Work light

    Love the moomins, read all the books with my daughter. Went to a moomins exhibition at the Southbank in London. The author tove jansonn was a genius, did the illustrations herself too.
  40. Squarehead

    some tunes on a tuesday afternoon

    Ok thanks buddy, busy like most so can't complain. Bauwer light job next week which is a bit easier on the body. You?
  41. Squarehead

    some tunes on a tuesday afternoon

    Have the same thoughts Hector. Saw Bob Dylan and Neil young at Hyde park last summer (big Neil young fan) and thought, these guys are coming to the end. Must've been amazing to see them early on, or Bowie in a working men's club when he was first starting out. 25 years ago today I saw him play...
  42. Squarehead

    War on the horizon

    Drag the c**t out the white house by his nappy in January, pay per view, proceeds to the Mexican kids thrown in cages.
  43. Squarehead


    Hopefully the profiteers unsellable remnants of their last lot of multi is stacked high and rock hard in their living rooms now.
  44. Squarehead

  45. Squarehead


    Reassuring statement from BG on their website that they're staying open and that there's no reason to panic buy.
  46. Squarehead


    Hopefully get a statement from British Gypsum. Think construction would be unaffected so hopefully the plant will keep running.
  47. Squarehead

    Bond It Failed

    No problem and knowing eibenstock it'll probably be a step up from my one.
  48. Squarehead

    Bond It Failed

    You hold it in on wall and push slightly, it to flexes a bit like a plunger. It grips really well so doesn't skip about the place. It's hard work because you're holding something fairly heavy up in the air, but that's probably just me being a weakling.