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    When a customer try's to plaster them selfs.

    I was cringe when I get a phone call saying I've tried to plaster myself self and it's gone wrong the usual. Today when I went round it was a massive German woman that tried to plaster a ceiling first not even a wall when I asked her what made her give it a go she said well I'm very good at...
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    Plasterer in newcastle under lyme needed.

    Have messaged you direct
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    Artex walls

    Same as nisus always seems to be fine for me even though I'm not a great fan of the scraping part
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    Wed 18th December Knauf Day Out

    I would be interested in a day out up north looks like it would be good and I'm sure the night out will be eventful haha I'm using The Plasterers Forum Mobile App
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    Annoying quips

    I don't like the colour I'm using The Plasterers Forum Mobile App
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    Limelite plasterer bit of advice needed plz

    Hi I'm having to do a bi of damp proof on a house for a builder the walls have been injected. Now he's insisted I use this limelite plaster. I've worked with it years ago but I was just doing a little bit. This time I need to do the bottom of 2 walls 1m high but the the rest of wall needs...
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    How many layers on a ceiling?

    2 coats. Put a first coat on then the second coat is just to lay it in so not as much plaster is used etc.
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    New tools

    Where does every1 get there tools I'm gonna treat my self to some new trowels etc just wondering where everyone goes. I like working with marshalltown if that helps cheers lads
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    Skimming on gloss walls

    Where do I purchase the blue grit sounds like good s**t
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    Anything is worth a try mate good luck
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    Advice please (non payment by customer)

    Thanks for all the help lads r let u know if I sort it I'm gonna be professional but if I see him face to face all the professional side will go out the window and are go on a mad 1 haha hope I do see the fat c***
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    Skimming on gloss walls

    Hi just wondering how every1 goes about skimming on walls with gloss paint on. I know there's gypbondit s**t but it's so expensive. I've seen people say they use Pva and sharp sand??? Any suggestions or tips would be great lads
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    Advice please (non payment by customer)

    Cheers guys thanks for all your replys. Par of me wants to kick his c*** in but I'm gonna be professional and send a few letters etc then go through the small claims court.
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    Advice please (non payment by customer)

    Hi I just looking for some help as this has never really happened to me. The other Week I plastered a kitchen for some1 I done the job over 2 days the first day the guy was there the second he was away on buisness. I finished up and posted the keys back through the door (big mistake should of...
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    Loosing jobs

    I wouldn't call it to dear you dear each to there own and if you think your worth more than the next man then charge more than the next man
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    Loosing jobs

    There's alot of under cutting going on. I priced a job and was told I was £300 over the last plasterer but I talked the guy round as every 1 knows Pay for quality
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    Never made my self know

    Yeh usually I keep it till I'm back jus sometimes I get a last minute selection to fight etc so it's always good to have a back up if I have to let a customer Down
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    Prices for plaster, render etc

    As long as you can eat and have a roof over your head your rates are fine
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    Never made my self know

    I do judo so takes up alot of time but I have to work as there isn't all that much money in judo. No I don't no Casper is he a plasterer on here? Im looking to meet another plasterer in Edinburgh as when I'm away fighting etc be good to have some1 I know to pass work on to
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    Never made my self know

    Thats good ive been self employed for my 3rd year now and every year gets busier than the last. Ive done a bit of site work but I also train full time in my sport so it makes it a bit awkard with the site agents as i usaully start work mid day and work till later at night but all the builders i...
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    Never made my self know

    Hi DMplastering I'm good cheers work has been busy so far this year in Edinburgh quite alot of my work have been repeat customers from last year so think I must be doing something right. Work going well for you? Cheers
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    Dirty clients

    That sounds dirty. I've done a Few jobs where the rooms have look cleaner after I've finished. The worse was a job that had 5 people living in a 1 bedroom it smelt so bad that I had to lay on the wall n sit outside between trails lol
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    Never made my self know

    Hi all been on here a while never said hi rude i know. Im graham from edinburgh. Love the website and the banter
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    Scrim tape (I just want a good roll)

    are give the silver scrim ago. Allow the cotton scrim im 26 not 80 lol
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    Scrim tape (I just want a good roll)

    Cheers mate are give that a try its really cheap aswell so cant go wrong
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    Scrim tape (I just want a good roll)

    Just a quick 1 where does every1 get there scrim tape cause BnQ tape is doing my head in. cheers
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    part paid/unpaid invoices..... again

    Get the claw hammer out and start hacking it back there soon pay up
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    off to a flyer

    I always think about doing it. Alot of people don't trust things that come through the door but hope it generates some business for you let us know if it's worth doing mate
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    smooth render onto house brick

    Hi i have to do 2 little garden walls smooth render over house brick. Judt wondering if i jus go about things as normal scratch then top coat or not? should i just put waterproofer in the scratch coat? cheers graham
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    so does pimping the van up with signing bring in more buisness

    Hi just wondering on peoples views on this. im getting my van all signed up next week. does it bring in much buisness does any 1 know. I pretty busy as it is im just getting it done to look the part abit more. but of course more work is always nice
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    damp proofing> sand and cement onto a plastic membrane

    Cheers lads I told him I wasn't doing the job unless i done it in plaster he accept and It's taken me alot quicker for the same cash. I couldnt Really show him the comments on here but your right he isn't the brightest haha
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    damp proofing> sand and cement onto a plastic membrane

    thanks i wanted to bond it but builder is insisiting i use sand and cement. It is a plastic woven with mesh. should i use waterproofer in he scrach coat. and should i use a little sharp sand in the scratch coat. im gonna use plastering sand aswell for both coats cheers graham thanks for the help
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    damp proofing> sand and cement onto a plastic membrane

    hi i just need a little help on what mix to use on a plastic membrane. The builder has fixed a plastic membrane to the wall its like an egg box pattern. Do i just do a 3 and 1 mix for scratch with a bit of water proofer and a 4 and 1 for top and then skim it. the wall as been treated its only...
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    Old fashioned NHL 3.5 Finish on farm house

    how do u get all your tools over to barbados
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    fixing cracks in sand and cement render???????

    thanks mate just got to find the stuff now hopefully bnq will stok it. your a ledgend
  36. GTplastering

    fixing cracks in sand and cement render???????

    yeh I suggested that but they just want me to touch it up and then there paint it. what process do you do if your repair cracks? is there a filler or do u use a sand and cement mix
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    fixing cracks in sand and cement render???????

    Hi i have to touch up some old render for someone who is selling a house. whats the best way to patch in redner? repair cracks? and is the an outside filler that can be used? cheers ??? ??? ???
  38. GTplastering

    Need a few questions answered help would be great

    Cheers i think the render will jus fall over if i disc cut them so im jus gonna hack it of to brick work scratch coat walls and then top coat. How much sand and cement should i order to cover 60m2 ? And what is everyones prefered mix
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    Need a few questions answered help would be great

    yeh i hate rendering too but i have promised my mate so cant let him down. are you going to hack the render off back to the brick then?
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    Need a few questions answered help would be great

    Hi i am doing a rendering job soon i usually do the ocational bit of rendering but this is for a friend so doing most of his little house. Anyways the the total area is 60m2 and here are my questions 1) There is painted render on the walls some is damaged some is ok, can you go over painted...