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  1. whitebeam

    New builds- do you charge per m2 or per day?

    What!!!! Was it a Wendy house ?
  2. whitebeam


    The ceiling and walls should be sealed with an Artex sealer before applying any mix to avoid your situation.
  3. whitebeam

    Sand, cement, lime internal

    Put finish on the next day when the render is still green....
  4. whitebeam

    Feel like jumping out the window

    Biggest I have is the 120 max cut, do like the klick klock handle though which one of my cutters has.
  5. whitebeam

    Feel like jumping out the window

    I've 4 of those cutters, different sizes obviously .....good bits of kit.
  6. whitebeam

    Anyone desperate.

    Competitive wage always bothers me :sorprendido3:
  7. whitebeam

    Dot and dab is this wrong

    I was taught to perimeter seal all boards holes etc to stop any air flow on external walls, iternals just fixed with dabs. Been a long while since I've on site though.
  8. whitebeam

    How flat & level should it be?

    Dry line it with plasterboard or use Marmox boards which are waterproof.
  9. whitebeam

    Dabbing foil backed board.

    Haven't a clue what C10 is mate, only used to screw them to stud or ceiling timbers...
  10. whitebeam

    Dabbing foil backed board.

    The standard dri wall adhesive won't hold it up on foil backed board....
  11. whitebeam

    Skim coming off S&C undercoat help needed

    That is a load of tosh from BG, I've done enough sand/cement work over the years and the finish should be applied when the sand/cement is still green to aid suction which a multi is, a low suction plaster. Should have rubbed with a devilling float not a tilers trowel which allows no grip whatsoever.
  12. whitebeam

    Well that escalated

    Run forest run....
  13. whitebeam

    New plaziflex

    As above 10 years....
  14. whitebeam

    Nowt wrong with that

    Think people need to change their light positions....
  15. whitebeam

    Sand Shortage

    That buggers Trump and his Mexican wall then :sorprendido3:
  16. whitebeam

    nice local advert

    It's a housing trust and direct for them.
  17. whitebeam

    nice local advert

    Just glad I have a regular job now, all void work and hardly any visits from any managers.
  18. whitebeam

    Best way I have found to clean trowels!

    Try black mamba gloves, best I've used.
  19. whitebeam

    Tools where can I buy walk in and buy?

    Can't find there prices though....
  20. whitebeam

    5kg Battery Breaker

    Cheaper to hire and when.
  21. whitebeam

    Sand and cement anyone ?

    Think he could have protected the brickwork:frenetico: Get a couple of art students in , then make a mint.
  22. whitebeam

    Looks like a new van might be on the cards

    Driving in London will be electric only at some point.
  23. whitebeam

    Looks like a new van might be on the cards

    Worst idea in a van I've seen was in a Peugeot MWB 2013, it had a row of buttons on the dash and one was to unlock all the doors including the side and back doors. :sorprendido3:
  24. whitebeam

    How We All Doing For Work Lads?

    Work on the cards now, plastering voids which suits me for £30,000 a year, van supplied and fuel card, nothing to pay out for.
  25. whitebeam

    Developer kings Langley seeking plasterers

    Hemel my neck of the woods but working.
  26. whitebeam

    Am I being paranoid?

    Had a few of those over the years and keep thinking I'm going to lose out and when money does relieved from their tight fist it's usually some petty excuse, I don't work for them again.
  27. whitebeam

    How can this bloke have just disappeared??

    Mate of mine who I served with in the Army went awol, can't remember if he was caught or handed himself back in. Asked him why and he said he got disillusioned so decided not to come back after leave but we was serving in N/Ireland at the time.
  28. whitebeam

    How can this bloke have just disappeared??

    If he decided to go awol it could be years before he's found if ever, the longer the time goes by the less anyone will recognise him if he's still alive.
  29. whitebeam

    Plastering hand

    looks like the hands of a pianist...
  30. whitebeam

    Win An OX Trowel

    How are you supposed to win one of those trowels, answers on a post card and I want one because....
  31. whitebeam

    Thought I would share

    The jackers journal or the evening standard, jack a job in London and pick up a standard on a Thursday and your'll be working the following week. No cscs cards those days though.
  32. whitebeam

    Should I be worried?

    Don't understand why not finish on sand/cement the next day?, done it for years with Siriphite and that was site and refurb work.
  33. whitebeam

    Float and set reveals

    Use one of those metal things you describe....
  34. whitebeam

    Terrible skimming competition

    I think it be nigh on impossible to replicate that plastering no matter how bad anyone was.
  35. whitebeam

    I finaly cracked this morning

    Had a few good hidings in my younger days but it was the norm then.
  36. whitebeam

    Sand and cement

    Did you see anything of that strange species "The Sturgeon", with an English speaking voice the bunker could have been your last resting place :reloco:
  37. whitebeam

    New mixer.

    Can I get my money back on the Nela mixing stick as the customers dog run off with it :loco:
  38. whitebeam

    Merry Christmas to you all

    Merry xmas to yourselves...your delivery is fast, nice one.
  39. whitebeam

    How to set your stall

    My old Dad use to call Luton the arshole of Britain and that was in the 60's, hasn't changed much then.
  40. whitebeam

    Plaziflex spat

    I haven't but last time I looked at Refina's site they were sold out.
  41. whitebeam

    Speedskim or eze spat?

    Very good, had a couple of lines from the corners but just rounded them off bit more. Couple of guys stated I was cheating....lemons.
  42. whitebeam

    memory lane.

    Yep (y) Only on small amounts rather than drag out the electric paddle.
  43. whitebeam

    Speedskim or eze spat?

    It was the blue ST mate.
  44. whitebeam

    Speedskim or eze spat?

    I'll give my 600 speed skim tomorrow for a ceiling, just hope I don't look like a muppet.
  45. whitebeam

    memory lane.

    50kg bags of plaster remember them with fondness but now struggle with 25kg up the stairs.:confused:
  46. whitebeam

    memory lane.

    Still keep a plunger in the van in case of smaller mixes rather than bring out the paddle.
  47. whitebeam

    Forum errors and issues

    Couldn't sign in earlier....ok now though obviously.