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  1. Fishyfingers

    Why did clout nails go ?

    I seem to remember using gyproc clout nails in the ninties ,they were a form of ring nail,I remember me old dad telling me he could lath a ceiling quicker than I could board one,that was in the days of horsehair ,oh dear,every post I make ,I'm sounding like an old fart
  2. Fishyfingers

    Leeds plasterer new on here

    Ahoy there,worked for b and k in Leeds for a while,worked with some right characters,big kev,paul shithouse?
  3. Fishyfingers

    Holiday stamps

    Evening chaps,do you remember when we worked on the books and we got holiday stamps?Every year I get a letter saying I have a pension fund with them,apparently worth thruppence hapenny,for those younger than 40 ask your dad,now what I'd like to know is should I invest said thruppence hapenny in...
  4. Fishyfingers

    The Plasterers Forum App

    And there was I thinking tapas was them little Spanish nibbles you get in cosmopolitan wine bars, think I'll stick to me Guinness and a pickled egg :-)
  5. Fishyfingers

    Alcohol and drugs in UK construction industry placed under spotlight by Considerate Constructors Sch

    That's quite normal,but I'm sometimes extra careful driving home from the pub after said 10 points,don't forget a quarter of accidents are caused by drink driving,so three quarters are caused by sober drivers,so statically your safer driving pissed
  6. Fishyfingers

    Is it just me???

    One of my regular customers is a loft conversion company,at this time of year it can be like working in an oven,but generally speaking I find the amount I perspire is conversely linked to the amount of Guinness I consume the night before
  7. Fishyfingers

    Board Finish

    Float in the morning,skim it in the afternoon,unless it's lamitex or sand and cement,with board finish,that there multi finish is for puffs and girlies
  8. Fishyfingers

    SBR for skimming

    I was told years ago bicarbonate of soda will slow set time down,we had a batch of board finish years ago doing an old peoples home and it was of like f**k,we sent lad to Boots,got bicarbonate and it did seem to work
  9. Fishyfingers

    Ahoy there

    Was reading up on weber pral and come across your forum ,so thought while the missus is stuck with her head in Facebook,I'd say hello.little bit about me,54 ,been plastering since I left school and started with my dad,he was a spread too,oh the tales he told about the old days,so I've been at it...