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  1. Groove37


    Oh s**t schoolboy error sticking your number up
  2. Groove37

    Tubs. Trugs.

    They look good
  3. Groove37

    Thistle pro finish

    You need to see the bead pic :aburrido:
  4. Groove37


    Any basis behind that comment
  5. Groove37

    Electric switch covered in plaster, now light doesn't turn off

    That was done for £300 cash and bag of bon bons
  6. Groove37

    Help with me shopping list

    Maybe a handboard/hawk or you planning on throwing it up with a shovel but that’s not on the list either
  7. Groove37


    f**k that I would’ve left out of respect for the situation obviously got a few issues going on
  8. Groove37

    Coloured scrim tape??

    That one from jewsons novipro whatever it’s called is pretty s**t aswell
  9. Groove37

    Pricing up a job

    Daddy issues
  10. Groove37

    This is what you get

    Holy f**k that’s rough
  11. Groove37

    Speed skim

    But that’s not the saying it just doesn’t work
  12. Groove37

    Taking Mads Fishing

    You gave a false name and f**k*d up pretty sharpish I presume
  13. Groove37

    Cracked asbestos artex ceiling

    Were you based? Someone on here could possibly quote it for you but most are busy I should imagine if all else fails call @Casper the friendly bodger
  14. Groove37

    Advice please... The plasterer said I create ridges and ripples by handsanding

    I can’t get my head around a project manager saying that’s fine? Was said manager on drugs?
  15. Groove37

    Dot and Dab - damp circles thoughts??

    Weight in gold? I’d be worth a fortune
  16. Groove37

    Plasterers mixer (keeping clean )

    Yeah they’re crap
  17. Groove37

    Looking for advice?

    Would rather have coloured hair than no hair @Casper
  18. Groove37

    Log burner

    Speak properly ffs
  19. Groove37

    Multifinish problems

    Thankfully I have none of them lol
  20. Groove37

    Multifinish problems

    What’s wrong with tattoos??
  21. Groove37

    Starting to bite.

    Licence yes filthy sometimes peasant no
  22. Groove37

    Starting to bite.

    Probably put wrong fuel in ya old badger
  23. Groove37

    Garden room

    @Bigstevehammer will have to put the beads up for him
  24. Groove37

    Garden room

  25. Groove37


    I’ll donate the s**t I got if they can get a decent finish with it I’ll give them jobs
  26. Groove37

    At my wits end

  27. Groove37


    I’ve been called it a few times
  28. Groove37


    Shouldn’t be though should it making us look c**ts
  29. Groove37


    I might try that mate see what happens although the customer has been and got more bags
  30. Groove37


    It’s like glue again mate going black everywhere but still feels wet and greasy really getting the urge to jack it all in and do something else
  31. Groove37


    And here we go again!!! Absolute joke Merry f**k**g Christmas
  32. Groove37


  33. Groove37

    skimmers asap

    What flicking his bulb or yours??
  34. Groove37

    Plaster coming off from ceiling

    You can’t bead properly so I doubt you can skim properly
  35. Groove37

    Plaster coming off from ceiling

    Failing that give @Casper a shout
  36. Groove37

    Here we go ….

    Well pay it then!!!
  37. Groove37


  38. Groove37


    Mine finished decent aswell I lost it
  39. Groove37


    Decent knife that
  40. Groove37

    Johnny whonny!

    The scum been the same for years lucky f**k**s always get the decisions etc