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  1. kemp

    This a bad price ?

    where abouts was that
  2. kemp

    labouerer mansfield area

    lol i not been on for a bit i miss the banter lol
  3. kemp

    labouerer mansfield area

    hi not been on here for a while ( i pop on every now and then though) what about an apprentice? a women in the warehouse where i work son is at college doing plastering i think he looking for a placement
  4. kemp

    Who I'm I? Superman plasterer?

    been there done that mate why i hardly doit now lol
  5. kemp


    they look comfy where they from mate how much etc ?
  6. kemp


    i used to use a stapler i broke it oneday garbed some spry adhesive of carpet fitter never used one since
  7. kemp

    B&Q whats is the point

    hi guys not posted for a while but keep poping in etc anyway went to b&q after work today to pick up some decking boards for my garden gave them my trade card and it knocked sweet FA of the price why i asked them is it only for certain items yet on Wednesday my dad can get money off...
  8. kemp

    Plum, dot and screed :-)

    guy that taught me made me do all my walls like that when i first started so i new how to get them spot on etc takes a bit longer but the walls are straight etc
  9. kemp

    New mixing drill?

    get one of these ya cant destroy them
  10. kemp


    it is but you cant grantee its not going to crack when it drys i used to leave it few days but sometimes time is the issue and you have no choice but to do it id just say if it cracks due to shrinkage its not your problem etc though that right thick masonry paint covers a multitude of sins lol
  11. kemp

    worse trade ever! nowadays

    yeah mate its ok made some good friends and there loads of top notch fanny working there been there nearly 2 years now im alot happier now less stress etc though i must walk min 5 mile a day lol like you lot said at the time if the job getting you down and you stop caring about it its maybe...
  12. kemp

    worse trade ever! nowadays

    i went into a warehouse just had enough lost interest etc still do odd bit though folks at work always asking me to do a ceiling here or there etc must say i like the fact that i know what time im finishing each day and im not getting my car covered in crap all the time lol
  13. kemp

    Youtube Videos Learning

    its called jonathon bagshaw rouge plasterer mate :RpS_thumbsup:
  14. kemp

    Hillside: Fireplace Removal

    WHY has he pva'd it its only been on a few hour ??
  15. kemp

    80 boards a day

    why i packed up
  16. kemp

    no wonder coarsers get criticised

    aint plastered for a few weeks but i agree i prefer to do lids but if u cant do them there something wrong lol I HATE rendering avoid it like the plague love tyrolining though
  17. kemp

    Plasterers grit .... Can you dilute ?

    EXACTLY any plasterer worth his salt would no this
  18. kemp

    Plasterers grit .... Can you dilute ?

    no it doesn't makes no difference
  19. kemp

    been a while

    id only given it one trowel cos it were wet through i used the stuff that was already on the job think it were dodgy gear
  20. kemp

    been a while

    like just 2 min away the ceiling was hanging for ages was gone five min max not the first time its happened lol and iv was in the game long enough to know when to leave it and when to stay just one of them things sorted out after work the next day no probs customer well happy thats all that...
  21. kemp

    been a while

    its going ok thanks mate i still doing the odd wall here and there my wrists dont hurt as much now and theres loads of top notch eye candy in the wearhouse there sending me to scotland for a few weeks to help out at the place there
  22. kemp

    been a while

    did a ceiling today for a joiner mate (first since i stopped doing it full time) it stayed wet ages was getting bored lol went to shop bloody thing flash dried on me gutted got redo it after work tomorrow night now remember now why i packed up lol
  23. kemp


    most cheap boots from sports direct are crap
  24. kemp


    plastering wall - YouTube
  25. kemp

    Plastering window reveals video

    13 min and 11 secs of my life im never going to get back
  26. kemp

    No angle tools

    personally i hate using corner trowels prefer opp walls etc was trained that way i can use em just don't like to unless i have to
  27. kemp

    Out of date multi finish

    do you work for BG ?? lol
  28. kemp

    BG to supersede uni finish

    iv not seem any ether places i have been to say its to expensive to buy in etc
  29. kemp

    Need a new drill..

    thats a rifina with adiff label on it lol
  30. kemp

    Need a new drill..

    ya cant beat the refina mega mixer had mine years has never let me down and to be honest cant remember if iv ever had it serviced and its still going strong i mixed everything with it browning bonding s&c the lot even that heavy x-ray plaster and it just laughs at it lol i had the belle before...
  31. kemp

    Still concerned I'm not fast enough...

    did a patch other day for a mate on my day off took me an hour but did have 3 cups of tea a read of paper play with my mates kids transformers and then cleaned up
  32. kemp

    Plasterboarding over Wooden Cladding?

    yeah be fine that crack on i say
  33. kemp

    The First Plasterers Forum T Shirts

    how much are they danny ill have a couple of them bad boys to wear round the warehouse
  34. kemp

    Lack of Overalls

    last bloke who told me i couldnt have a brekfast at work got a handhawk full of browning in his snapbox
  35. kemp

    What to do?

    i never beg for work and good on you for not sitting on the the rock and roll iv met to many folks that wont work and dont want to quite a few where iam now aswel i only work there cos i have mouths to feed and do want to go on benifits i still plaster when i get the jobs iv just passed 1 on to...
  36. kemp

    What to do?

    no got 2 days off
  37. kemp

    What to do?

    youth i think ya have me all wrong if u want to get in to the trade they fairplay to u but ya have to be able to take the banter or ya want get far lol i dont plaster much anymore cos there not much work about round my way and my wrists have about had it so i got a wearhouse job to get a regular...
  38. kemp

    What to do?

    i HAVE all the respect in the world for any1 wanting to get in to the trade keithuk
  39. kemp

    What to do?

    iv givin up the trowel only doit part time now work in a warehouse now unloading lorry's and placing stock on shelfs not the best money but its every week and i have picked up some plastering jobs while there lol
  40. kemp

    What to do?

    stack shelfs youth it pays more lol
  41. kemp

    Skim before tiling?

    what do YOU want and WHAT does the tiler want if u and he say skim it then thats what ya plasterer should do no arguing personally i always skim it then lightly run me scratcher over itto give tiles a key etc
  42. kemp

    Imprefections on newly plastered wall

    what kind of imperfections do you mean ?
  43. kemp

    storage heater

    get some gas
  44. kemp

    Do you need to use waterproofer with frostproofer outside rendering?

    some1s just asked me to do some rendering on my days of think i going try talk him out of it lol #
  45. kemp

    Work picking up!!!!

    lol no i bite my lip and most have a laugh with u so its ok