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    plasterer improver

    hi are you still looking for plasterers I don't have a lot of experience put looking to work with someone and gain more experience cheers
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    plastering improver

    Farnborough Hampshire cheers
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    plastering improver

    recently got made redundant done a plastering course b4 u say it's done now rightly or wrong thing to d but looking to work with plasterers to gain more experience and get showen by people that do the job cheers
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    Looking for more experience

    Right or wrong I've done what ive done now just wanted to c if there's any one who could help cheers
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    Looking for more experience

    Hi recently done a plastering course course looking to work with some to gain more experience in the job only looking at 3 days a week as I have a part time jobs aswell cheers
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    looking to work with an experance plasterer

    hi I've only been plastering just over a year after doing a course I'm looking to work with a plaster not expecting full time maybe 2 3 days a week also have a part time job in the evening and week ends as I say not looking for everyday 3days a week would be great cheers
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    looking for experance

    I qualified at City and Guilds level in plastering and would like to work along side a team of experienced plasterers or just one person. I want to be on the tools improving my technique on a daily basis and gaining that vital experience. I am based in Farnborough Hampshire have own tool and...
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    Improver wanted

    hello m8 are u still looking would be intrested cheers
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    looking 4 a break

    sorry m8 can't pm u do u want my number cheers
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    looking 4 a break

    how do I message him
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    looking 4 a break

    Farnborough Hampshire
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    looking 4 a break

    I'm new to plastering I got made redundant last June and done a City&guilds course in plastering done about 10 jobs would like to get more experance working with a plasterer have my own tools and car cheers
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    plasterer looking for work in Farnborough and surrounding areas

    hi I'm new to plastering been qualified for about 7 mth have own tool and transport just wanted to no if anyone want to take someone like me on so would like to get more experance cheers craig
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    new to plastering

    I just wanted to know where is the best place to advertise on many thanks craig
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    hi all

    I'm based in Farnborough Hampshire
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    hi all

    hi my name craig I've done my city guild plastering course about 6weeks ago I would like to try and work for my self I've had about 6 jobs and all have gone well just don't know if I should go and work for a plaster for the experience of someone that's been doing it for some time or just try and...