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  1. smedhead

    Rendering to ground..... do or do not?

    Base coat looks terible and the fixing pattern is wrong.
  2. smedhead

    Monocouche finish

    Looks like a double bead on the door reveal as well WTF
  3. smedhead

    Channel Partner Introduction

    We do require a 25% profit share of your business however for this the list of support and advantages is endless
  4. smedhead

    Please help - why is my ceiling like this?

    Cumulus/cumulo most likely
  5. smedhead

    Anyone help with this

    Don't like that wall light, the block effect is good though:LOL:
  6. smedhead

    Turnover test - 5th Grant

    Budget 2021 Dear customer, The UK Government has today announced that the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) will continue until September with a fourth and fifth grant. We will contact customers who may be eligible for the fourth SEISS grant from mid-April to tell them...
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    3rd self employment payment

    Worth a read. How your trading conditions affect your eligibility for the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme - GOV.UK (
  8. smedhead

    Maradona dead..

    One of the best footballers ever, but not a true Professional and a cheat.
  9. smedhead

    External rendering advise

    Monocouche is a type of rendering. Krend is a manufacturer of renders. Your welcome.
  10. smedhead

    3rd self employment payment
  11. smedhead

  12. smedhead

    Bad plastering

    Come on Casper, play up Casper!
  13. smedhead

    Mates rates

    Is that Richard the III ?
  14. smedhead

    Third sole traders support payment

    It's updated.....
  15. smedhead

    damp brick protection

    Cordex, heavy duty staple gun into muck joints.
  16. smedhead

    Hi, I’m David a plasterer in Cambridge

    I remember back in school this stood for raving arse case! or was that just me:confused:
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    Fit right in with that great grammar, I all thinks
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  19. smedhead

    Full mesh coverage, or just stress areas? Johnstones silicon enhanced

    stress pads where needed then all area 100%
  20. smedhead

    Poor K-rend - suggestions for fixing

    Never heard of mesh being "nailed on" :wtf: it should be embedded in the base coat
  21. smedhead

    Noob: Skimming

    Joey Deacon:LOL::LOL::LOL: blast from the past
  22. smedhead

    constucton lives matter

    How and why:mad:
  23. smedhead

    Thin coat removal

    Heated power washer.
  24. smedhead

    social distancing on sites

    Might as well go and work with asbestos and earn big bucks if you have to clean shave everyday:D
  25. smedhead

    social distancing on sites

    Same old same old, tick the boxes, get everyone to sign, cover their arses. Then just get on with it, like Cockney said. Like the red spray over the ply board:rayos:
  26. smedhead

    for sale

    Sounds good still.
  27. smedhead

    Self employed payment

    So HMRC took my average monthly figure based on 2016/17- 2017/18-2018/19 on declared returns, multiplied by 3 then 80% of that. I have just got £2880. PS I didn't work 1 of those years for 9 months due to illness
  28. smedhead

    Boris says....

    It makes no difference if you need to work along side people from outside your home unit!
  29. smedhead

    K Rend or Weber

    I think Weber is a better mono to use. There is not much difference in them, K rend gives a slight sparkle effect in the sun light.
  30. smedhead

    K Rend or Weber

    Mono or thin coat finish?
  31. smedhead

    Is this a bad job?

    oh dear oh dear time! that is bad
  32. smedhead

    UK lockdown this friday

    Going south on M3 this afternoon saw a army vehicle and a few soldiers stood on bridge looking about.
  33. smedhead

    Self Employed

    Yeah sorry should have said "minimum"
  34. smedhead

    Self Employed

    Overview You can get £94.25 per week Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) if you’re too ill to work. It’s paid by your employer for up to 28 weeks. That's all you get if you are employed, still guess its better than nothing.
  35. smedhead

    Flat and Matt or glass ??

    Luke or Matt, Goss:LOL:
  36. smedhead

    Jub Nano or STO Lotusan

    Also Sto normally only sell to approved contractors, and are top of the price list.
  37. smedhead

    weber pral m , scratch

    Is this a wind up ?
  38. smedhead

    Advice on rendered wall

    FUEL TO FIRE but DPC ?
  39. smedhead

    Render to New Build - Is it ok

    Rendering looks good. A drip bead would of been better. The pointing and the setting out are not good. Whack some clear silicone in to stop water penetration. Or more expensive option, make a feature band that incorporates a drip detail.